APY Ch. 140: Famous in Beijing

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Shen Junyu left, he was afraid that if he stayed here any longer, he would get madder at the couple.

She was scolded by Shen Junyu early in the morning and was threatened by him for cutting off their sibling relationship with her, but Shen Qinglan was in a good mood. She actually saw the deep worry and fear in Shen Junyu’s eyes.

Although she didn’t know how this incident spread on the Internet, since Shen Junyu already knew about it, the two old people in the family should also know about it. Just as she was thinking about it, the phone at home rang, Shen Qinglan glanced at the caller ID, it was the number of Shen family residence, Fu Hengyi glanced at her, saw that she had no intention of answering the phone, so he walked over and picked it up.

“Grandpa… Qinglan is not injured… I know… I will tell her, you can rest assured.”

Shen Qinglan sat and watched Fu Hengyi answer the call of Mr. Shen and then Mr. Fu and put the two old people’s worries to rest. After this, Fu Hengyi went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, and did not say a word to Shen Qinglan during the period.

When Fu Hengyi came out after washing the dishes, Shen Qinglan saw that he went directly to the study and raised her heels. He was going to return to the army early tomorrow morning. She didn’t want him to bring the conflict back to the army. Fang Tong said that misunderstandings and conflicts should be resolved as soon as possible and not delayed.

She hugged Fu Hengyi from behind and didn’t speak.

Fu Hengyi looked at the hands on his waist. On the ring finger of her left hand, she wore the ring he had bought for her, which he personally put on her hands the day before yesterday.

“Fu Hengyi, how long will you be angry with me?” Shen Qinglan said softly.

“You still know that I’m angry?”

Shen Qinglan: You are so obvious, how can I not know?

“I know what happened yesterday was because I was impulsive, but I stood up when I was confident that I could retreat.” Shen Qinglan explained that with her skills, how could that man hurt her.

Fu Hengyi didn’t speak, he also knew that the man couldn’t hurt her, but he was still worried.

“Fu Hengyi, I won’t do such a thing again in the future.” Shen Qinglan assured him that she wouldn’t repeat yesterday’s event ever again, but she felt sympathy for the pregnant woman.

Fu Hengyi released himself from her hold, turned around, and took her into his arms, “I’m forgiving you this time but there won’t be a next time.” As soon as she became soft, Fu Hengyi could only disarm and surrender.

Shen Qinglan nodded, knowing that he was frightened yesterday and that she was the one who made him worry.

She stood on tiptoe and took the initiative to kiss Fu Hengyi’s lips. Fu Hengyi’s eyes darkened and he embraced her waist, deepening the kiss.

After kissing for a while, Fu Hengyi was not satisfied with the kiss just now, he hugged her by the waist, and walked into the bedroom…

At night, Fu Hengyi took Shen Qinglan back to the compound.

Yesterday, the incident of Shen Qinglan being brave to subdue the gangsters in the shopping mall not only caused waves on the Internet, but also made news. Later, someone recognized Shen Qinglan and revealed her identity. For a time, the three words Shen Qinglan caused a commotion in the capital.

There were more and more people in the school who worshipped Shen Qinglan now, especially the number one fan of Shen Qinglan, Yan Xi. After she couldn’t get through to Shen Qinglan, she watched the video over and over again, and even ran into the street and bought a copy of every newspaper that reported on Shen Qinglan’s rescue that day, then she carefully cut out the newspaper, and pasted it in a delicate notebook.

Even the leaders of some military districts called Mr. Shen, praising Shen Qinglan’s father for having such a daughter, and lamented about her not being a man. Anyway, they praised Shen Qinglan as a flower, and then, inquired from the side, that since the granddaughter of Shen family was this excellent, did she intend to go to the army to experience training?

The old man Shen smiled and said: “The granddaughter in the family is the treasure of my deceased wife, and she was the most loved by my deceased wife. I respect my granddaughter’s choice.”

In just one afternoon, Mr. Shen received several such calls. While on one side he was proud of Shen Qinglan, he also felt a little pity. He knew that Shen Qinglan was talented in this area, but it was too hard to be a soldier, so he was still reluctant. In addition, Shen Qinglan herself was really unwilling.

Only then did Fang Tong know what happened. No wonder Master Fu was angry and called Shen Qinglan. Knowing that Fu Hengyi had been coaxed, she lowered her voice, “How did you coax him?”

Shen Qinglan’s cheeks were slightly hot, and she didn’t speak.

Fang Tong smiled ambiguously but did not break the silence.

Yu Xiaoxuan also got the news, so she took advantage of the break to call Shen Qinglan, and talked about her admiration for Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan’s photos were exposed on the Internet, and Shi Feng naturally got the news. He looked at the person in the newspaper in astonishment.

When Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi arrived at Shen family home, Mr. Fu was there, and the two old people were sitting in the living room playing chess.

Shen Junyu was not at home, as he was sulking since morning. Knowing that Shen Qinglan would go home today, he was still angry and didn’t want to see his wilful sister.

Shen Xitong also disappeared, but she didn’t know where.

On the other hand, Chu Yunrong, when she saw Shen Qinglan for the first time, looked at Shen Qinglan up and down to make sure she was unscathed, and then she breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s fine, if you’re not injured.”

“I’m fine, thank you mom.” Shen Qinglan opened her mouth.

In response to her daughter’s kindness, Chu Yunrong opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. In the end, she just nodded with a smile, with traces of helplessness in her eyes.

Entering the living room, she greeted the two old people, Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan sat and watched the two old people play chess, while Chu Yunrong entered the kitchen and told Sister-in-law Song to make soup for Shen Qinglan to replenish her body.

Mr. Shen and Mr. Fu didn’t say much, especially Mr. Shen, he was someone who taught Shen Qinglan to fight. Naturally, he knew Shen Qinglan’s skills, and when he heard that Shen Qinglan was not injured, he was relieved, but he didn’t react much, unlike Fu Hengyi and Shen Junyu whose reactions were so big.

The two old people were soldiers, and they had a natural sense of mission as soldiers. Shen Qinglan’s ability to do this was definitely something worthy of praise in their eyes.

And because of this incident, Shen Qinglan’s reputation in the capital was now increasing day by day. No one thought that the daughter of the Shen family, who was so low-key and unknown on weekdays, had such powerful skills.

Shen Xitong was the one who was most dissatisfied with this incident. In the past, people only knew her as the eldest granddaughter of the Shen family. Shen Xitong was good-looking, talented, and had a good temperament. Who would not praise her when they saw her, but now, wherever she went, she was always called by Shen Qinglan’s name.

“Shen Qinglan…Shen Qinglan, that’s enough, isn’t it just doing something that a reckless man would do. What’s worth talking about, and it’s just nonsense her being a woman.” In the bathroom, Shen Xitong said this, and slammed newspaper on the ground, and she even stepped on it with disgust.

She was not satisfied until there were shoe prints on it, and she couldn’t see Shen Qinglan’s face clearly.

After straightening her skirt, she took out a small mirror to take a look at herself, and smiled, thus when she went out, she had returned to being the splendid lady.

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