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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

After the opening of Yufu Family Banquet Restaurant, they did not invite the media to report, saying it was the opening ceremony, and it was just a group of friends gathering to chat, eat and drink.

But the next day, the topic volume of Yufu Family Banquet had exploded, and the news that “The Battle of Feishui” had become the daily box office champion was drowned in the ocean of the Internet.

“Came here at eleven, the Yufu family banquet was already crowded [picture][picture][picture]”

“Hehe, I knew it would be like this, I came over at ten o’clock in line, but! Yes! No chance [Cry]”

“I live in Jinbi Wenhuayuan behind Luyuan Street, @YuSiyang Why does Yufu Family Banquet not sell breakfast [Crazy][Crazy Mad] [Mad]”

“Eh heh heh… I and my friends got the first table~~~~ I will show you the dishes I ordered: Stir-fried razor clams[1], hot and sour fish soup[2], mashed potato cubes[3], lotus seed cakes[4], soup with cabbage[5], personally made by @Yu Siyang the head of the group ~~~ ~~I will post the photos for you when it’s served, hahaha”

Once this Weibo was published, it immediately attracted countless firepower. Netizens were so jealous that they had made the main round of PO on Weibo countless times and countless times.

“The old fan” put away her mobile phone contentedly and smirked all the way together with “Food is not the second goods” and “Why am I hungry again” while waiting for the delicious food cooked by the head of the group.

“By the way, it’s been a long time since I saw “Gourmets can swallow the sky”, she didn’t come to participate in such a grand event, it is unscientific.” “Food is not the second goods” suddenly said.

“Why am I hungry again” said, “Maybe she has something to do. I haven’t been able to contact her all the time. She hasn’t responded to Penguin or private messages.”

“Then leave her alone,” “The old fan” said without any friendship: “We will send her a photo of the dishes you ordered and the bowl you have eaten and greet her to death.”

Ge Rui, the person behind the account “Gourmets can swallow the sky”, was sitting behind the counter as the cashier girl, watching the dialogue between the three inhumane group members during the whole process.

It was really hard to maintain the friendship between women, and the old friendship was blown away like a wind and sand with a meal-Ge Rui bothered at the tablecloth, thinking about whether to charge these three service fees.

When the food came out, the three sisters stopped their fancy mockery of “Gourmets can swallow the sky”, and uniformly did the same action-take out their mobile phone, take a photo, and post a Weibo.

“The product created by the group leader must be a masterpiece. [picture][picture][picture][picture][picture][picture][picture][picture][picture]”

This Weibo immediately attracted a riot from netizens eating melons. The comments were bloody.

However, “The old fan” didn’t care about it at all. She held the chopsticks in a pilgrimage mood and used her chopstick to pick up a stir-fried razor clam.

Sauteed minced chili, garlic, and lemongrass was added to the fish sauce, then the sauce was added with lemon juice, sugar, and light soy sauce, then the razor clams which had been boiled beforehand were mixed well into the sauce, and finally it was sprinkled with some nine-layered pagoda garnish when serving.

Let’s not say whether it tasted good or not, just this exquisite and beautiful plating made “The Old Fan” feel that “eating it was a crime”.

So… don’t eat, just watch?

Of course not!

“The Old Fan” sandwiched the razor meat and put it into her mouth. The strong scent and spiciness rushed to every part of the mouth without concealing the soft and tender taste of the razor clam. The slight sourness neutralized the irritation of the spicy taste. Hot and sour, it tasted especially refreshing and appetizing.

“Too~~~~ good~~~~ eat~~~~~~~~”

“The Old Fan” sighed at the same time as “Food is not the second goods”.

The first thing she had eaten was the mashed potato cubes.

This dish was made of mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were added with ground ham and chicken powder. After mixing, they were made into small cubes. They were slowly fried over low heat until they were golden and crispy on all sides. Then a little chopped green onion was sprinkled on it.

The cubes could be eaten in a bite. The first thing one felt was the crispy skin, and there was a rustling sound when you bit it, and then the flavor of the waxy mashed potatoes exploded in the mouth. If one squeezed it softly in their mouth, you could feel the small grains as well as the diced ham, although the diced ham was small, it was very chewy, and the salty aroma was locked in the meat. With chewing, the aroma was thoroughly mixed into the mashed potatoes, and the taste was very rich.

The other tables that were still waiting for their dishes were tickled by the fragrance and the expressions of the two girls, and they wished to rush into the kitchen and rob them of the dishes.

The only one who didn’t talk was “Why am I hungry again” who just immersed herself in bitterness. When “The Old Fan” and “Food is not the second goods” were filled with happiness, she used the speed of light to wipe out half of the chopped razor clams and the cubes of mashed potatoes.

“The Old Fan” and “Food is not the second goods” reacted furiously, pointing at her for being unjust. When the two of them were accusing her, “why am I hungry again” was leisurely eating a cube and a few razor clams.

Therefore, it seemed it really was difficult to maintain the friendship between women. A meal blew away the old friendship like a wind and sand-Ge Rui endured hunger and came to this conclusion again.

“Sister Rui, teacher Yu asked me to send it to you.” A round-faced helper brought out a small dish of fried rice. “He said you must be hungry. He wanted you to fill up your stomach first and after getting off work, you can eat well again.”

The person who knows me, Xiaoyu.

Ge Rui was so touched. She didn’t go shopping or accompanied her fiancé on the big weekend. Instead, she helped Xiaoyu by being a cashier girl. Sure enough, there would always be rewards for efforts.

The real cashier girl who was sent to serve as a waitress, her sad tears could only be swallowed in her belly.

More and more diners had posted photos of the restaurant’s cooking, and the Yufu family banquet had become really hot.

In the past, Yu Siyang posted the dishes he made on his Weibo, and many black people mocked such things as “made by someone else”, “does it taste delicious”, “dare to expose the dark food” and so on.

But after the opening of the Yufu Family Banquet, the restaurant’s reputation was proportional to the overwhelming business.

“It’s so delicious that I want to eat my tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~~~~~, I’ll pay any price for Yufu Family Banquet.”

“Yu Pang is the conscience of the industry. Although the amount of dishes is not large, but the price is not expensive, the ingredients are fresh and exquisite, the dishes are exquisite and beautiful, and you feel like eating it a hundred times. Also, upstairs, you die, it was hard to get Yu Pang to open a store, who will sell it to you, a person with brain damage. “

“Well … I haven’t been able to grab the number for 6 consecutive days. Isn’t my network so angry?”

“You’re not alone, I can’t grab the same number as well, 500 to receive Yufu House Banquet Dining Number, 500 to receive Yufu House Banquet Dining Number, 500 to receive Yufu House Banquet Dining Number”

“I will sell it for 600. Do you have any friends?”

There would be a market if there is demand, and where there was a market… scalpers would follow.

Yufu Family Banquet was a small store, with limited capacity, and supply was extremely small. Therefore, they made an APP for diners to make reservations. However, the scalpers saw business opportunities. Seeing this situation, Yu Siyang frowned for several days without letting go.

Then, he cruelly, cancelled the appointment system, and put it back to eat as you go, queue on the spot, and wait for the number.

This move was a very effective blow to the scalpers, but there was a lot of protest outside the store when it first opened.

Taking advantage of the prosperous east wind of Yufu Family Banquet, Jade Hotel issued press releases from various channels. The Jade Resort Center being built on Bize Island would cooperate with Yufu Family Banquet Catering Management Co. Ltd. They would be represented by Yufu Family Banquet.

As soon as the news came out, the people who were eating melons were suddenly excited- although Bi Ze Island was a bit far away…

Although it sounded a bit silly to go on holiday for a meal…

But they didn’t care about the details. Unexpectedly for the foodies, there was nothing impossible, there was only unwillingness to eat or being afraid to eat.

People who were eating melons were enthusiastic about when the Jade Resort Center would open, when they would go, whether it would be a group tour or an individual tour, what to eat when they went, how many days to eat, and so on.

However, there was a weak voice saying-

“Do you still remember, @YuSiyang is an actor, not a chef [to finger]”

Although this voice was weak, its lethality was comparable to hundreds of tons of TNT. Weibo exploded quietly.

Weibo quieted down, and the community and Tieba seemed to feel the solemn atmosphere the next day, and the voice gradually disappeared.

By the way…the head/Yu Pangpang/husband/male god was indeed an actor…

That… the head/Yu Pangpang/husband/male god neither has a new movie released nor started shooting…forgot……

I am an old fan of the head of the group: “This is the power of food. Our slogan is-conquer the world with food, the head is invincible.”

Food is not second goods: “Booming”

The senior backbones of the food group had spoken, so the food group started discussing the food more wildly, and there were signs that they were unable to return.

When the foodies were about to unify the world, the shortlist for the main competition unit of the Cloud International Film Festival was freshly released.

“Dead Land” was shortlisted for the Feitian Award, the highest award in the Cloud International Film Festival.

Yu Siyang was shortlisted for the Best Actor Award at the Cloud International Film Festival.

Bu Guanqing was shortlisted for the Best Director Award at the Cloud International Film Festival.

Yan Haiqing was shortlisted for the Best Screenplay Award at the Cloud International Film Festival.

“Dead Place” was shortlisted for the best cinematography as well at the Cloud International Film Festival.

After the shortlist came out, many people shouted that the crew of “Dead Place” had the rhythm to round up all the awards.

And Yu Siyang’s shortlisting for the Best Actor Award had also made the netizens who had been brainwashed by the Yufu Family Banquet in the past few months realize that Yu Siyang was really an actor!

In addition to being shortlisted, the film crew of “Dead Land” was even more happy that their film was screened as the opening film of this year.

As we all know, the Cloud International Film Festival was one of the four major film festivals. The opening film had always attracted much attention, and it also reflected the theme of the current film festival.

They were shortlisted for the main competition unit as the opening film. They couldn’t control their excitement after thinking about it. They felt that the Feitian Award and the box office were already on their way~(≧▽≦)/~

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