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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

“Shocked! The new actor Yu Siyang announced his relationship in public at the award ceremony.”

“The actor Yu Siyang already has somebody in his heart, who is his other half? “

“Yu Siyang made a high-profile confession at the award ceremony, and no one had spoken out about being his love.”

On the day after the Cloud International Film Festival Awards Ceremony, the headline was not “Dead Land” won the Golden Feitian Award”, nor “Yuan Ai won the Award for Best Actress”, and not even “Yu Siyang becomes the new Best Actor”, but “Yu Siyang announces his relationship”.

Yu Siyang made a high-profile show of love at the awards ceremony, and his girlfriend fans cried one by one.

Why did they want to be fans of such a bohemian idol? Why did their idol fall in love at the age of 20? Why didn’t he hide his love and tell the world?

No, no, it must be malice from the universe, causing them all to have terrible hallucinations.

In fact, Yu Siyang didn’t confess at all, yes, it must be like this!

Compared with girlfriend fans who were avoiding things, food fans and mother fans accepted it well, and they happily discussed who was the other half of their team leader was, whether they were inside or outside the circle, and whether they were older or younger than him.

And the CP fans started a big melee, they all said that they stood on the king’s way, and the others were cults.

Especially the cod cp fans, who said, “The first person Xiaoyu hugged before receiving the award was President Xue, no matter what, they are together anyway.”

King Cod said: “Mr. Xue touched both the head and also received the hug of love. They are a pair made in heaven.”

Hehe: “That is obviously the love of an elder for the younger generation, you are blind.”

King Cod said: “You are blind, hurry to see an ophthalmologist, don’t give up treatment.”

Hehe: “You can never wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep.”

King Cod: “If you don’t listen, don’t listen, bastard chanting.”

Cod CP fans scuffled on various platforms and brainwashed the passer-bys with moving pictures of Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu hugging at the awards ceremony.

After posting a lot, passers-by who saw it seemed to think, eh, these two seem to be very compatible, they won’t really be in love, right, hahaha…

“The eyes of the masses are really sharp.” Yu Siyang, who set off a storm in the entertainment industry sat at home happily brushing Weibo.

Xue Chengxiu came downstairs while talking on the phone, “When will it be ready?… I don’t want to hear this. I’ll get the groom’s clothes on the fifteenth of next month…. Okay, I’m not short of money.”

Yu Siyang listened to his domineering president dialogues, then he raised his head from the tablet and looked at Mr. Xue with a question mark on his face.

Xue Chengxiu hung up the phone, and only had had time to bite Yu Siyang’s lips when the phone rang again.

“The food will be from Yufu’s family banquet. If there are not enough people, they will be transferred from the Jade Resort Center. It’s none of my business if Huo Zhilun needs anyone. My marriage is naturally more important than the business of his resort center.”

Yu Siyang snickered as he shut down the screen of the tablet, then he took a chocolate walnut fudge[1] from the coffee table and started gnawing on it.

The rich chocolate flavor was wrapped in the flavor of walnut kernels, which was crispy and crunchy.

Yu Siyang gave himself a compliment in his heart: My craft is as good as ever.

The first one was finished, but half of the second one was snatched from his mouth.

“There’s more in the basket.” Yu Siyang stretched out his hand to get it back.

Xue Chengxiu waited for him to eat half of it, and then took it from his mouth.

Yu Siyang glared at Xue Chengxiu dissatisfied, and suddenly said: “Aiya, my back hurts, and I was robbed of chocolate walnut fudge, I’m so miserable~~~”

Xue Chengxiu laughed, pulled the person into his arms, rubbed his lower back, but his mouth was righteous. He said, “Who asked you to provoke me?”

He said “I love you” in front of hundreds of millions of people last night, and it would be a problem if he didn’t lose control.

Yu Siyang rested his chin on Xue Chengxiu’s shoulder, pouted his lips, and thought to himself, “It was not over all night, so I’m still to blame!”

“The designer will come over in the afternoon to take your measurement, and the wedding will be set on the private island of Pei family. The template for the wedding invitation will be delivered later. Let’s choose together…”

Xue Chengxiu babbled about the wedding arrangements while massaging him. Yu Siyang felt sleepy while listening and his eyelids started drooping.

His lover didn’t speak for a long time, so Xue Chengxiu gently lifted him up and looked at him. It turned out that he was asleep. He couldn’t help but feel both funny and distressed.

Picking up the person and putting them in the bed, Mr. Xue continued to contact people and arrange the wedding.

Yu Siyang slept until the afternoon, and even missed lunch. When he woke up, he didn’t remember anything, he first rolled around under the quilt, and then laughed out loud.

He was getting married!

Marrying Mr. Xue!

So happy, so happy, so happy…

“What are you smirking for?” Xue Chengxiu came to see if Yu Siyang was awake. As soon as he opened the door, he heard a series of laughs, “You slept for so long, are you not hungry?”

“Hungry.” Being reminded, he felt hungry immediately.

Xue Chengxiu patted his ass wrapped under the quilt, “Get up and eat something, it’s almost time for dinner.”

Yu Siyang rolled himself from the back to the front, Xue Chengxiu peeled him out of the quilt and helped him to walk him to the bathroom.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Yu Siyang, who was dressed in refreshing home clothes, went downstairs in the style of a movie king.

When the designer and assistant waiting in the living room saw him, an urge to gossip burst out from their stomach, and their hands were shaking when taking measurements.

The little assistant peeked at Yu Siyang’s neck while recording the size—that pink trace is a hickey, right? Huh huh huh?

Oooooooo, our cod CP is really king, we will push it for a lifetime – it’s a pity that we can’t tell others!

The assistant used the greatest self-control of his life to not cry out on the spot. Before leaving, he couldn’t help but whisper to Yu Siyang, “Xiaoyu, I wish you and President Xue a happy love and that you grow old together.”

Yu Siyang was stunned. After a moment, he said, “…Thank you.”

“No thanks needed, cod CP will survive for a lifetime.” The little assistant smiled like a morning glory and was then dragged away by the designer.

Yu Siyang became dumbfounded at this moment. He didn’t expect that he could meet his own fans, and that too CP fans here. This world was really small.

“You have a very interesting fan.” Xue Chengxiu smiled.

Well, “the cod CP will survive for a lifetime “, that was a good saying.

Yu Siyang nodded; his fans were all cute.

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