5BKCM Ch. 17: Ji Zhentian is Back!!!

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After Gu Yuan returned to her room, she was still not at ease when she remembered the abnormality of her son.

Luckily she had a cell phone now.

A mobile phone was a good thing. Just do a search and you will know everything. Gu Yuan thought that she should make good use of the mobile phone.

She searched some questions about “how should mothers communicate with sons”, and came up with a lot of answers below.

“How to communicate with children to be qualified parents?”

“How do mothers communicate with adolescent sons?”

“9 tips for mothers to communicate with adolescent sons”

And even small classes, such as “Learn how mothers should communicate with children in “Top Parenting Teacher Season 3″”.

Gu Yuan carefully read all these small papers, and even listened carefully to the last small class, but she was still a little dazed.

Did these really work?

At this time, she found that she had clicked into a forum called parent-child worry-free. This forum was very similar to the BBS in her previous school, where she could post questions and get answers.

In this parent-child forum, the questions raised were enthusiastically answered below.

Gu Yuan thought about it for a while, but still asked her doubts. Of course, she was very careful and did not directly say the special relationship between her and her son, so as not to make people suspicious.

The people had put forward various opinions one after another, and one of the leaders had a very pertinent opinion: “Of course, parents need to communicate with their children properly, but they also need to establish reasonable parental authority. Only when parental authority is established can better communication be achieved. From the description of the poster, it is obvious that poster is lacking in this link.”

Reasonable parental authority?

Gu Yuan felt that this term was quite new, so she hurriedly asked for advice, but the people below taught a lot of science to her.

“Let the child follow certain rules.”

“When giving the child options, add preconditions for him.”

“Expect discipline from him.”

But how?

Here’s an example: “For example, you can make an agreement with your son that he will not play more than a few hours a day on the phone. If he doesn’t follow the rules, he will lose the qualification to play with the phone. If he goes to bed on time, he can get the game. The qualification for a mobile phone should still be limited.”

Gu Yuan listened to this and thought.

And at this moment, her WeChat rang.

No one had been added to her WeChat, only her son, so it was naturally a message sent by her son.

JQS: “Mom, are you asleep?”

Yuan Yuan wants to eat grass: “No.”

JQS: “What are you doing?”

Yuan Yuan wants to eat grass: “I—”

Gu Yuan hesitated and considered whether to share what she had learned with her son. Judging from these contents, in order to achieve good communication, she must be honest. When a mother cannot treat her son as a child, she must tell her true thoughts to her son.

JQS: “You’re playing games, aren’t you?”

Yuan Yuan wanted to eat grass, categorically rejected: “Of course not! How can you think of me like that?”

Did he think that she was that kind of person who would play happily when her son was obviously in a bad mood?

JQS: “That’s good, rest early and don’t stay up late.”

After saying this, he added another sentence: “Otherwise, the mobile phone will be confiscated.”

Gu Yuan stared at the last sentence “or the mobile phone will be confiscated” for a while.

At this time, the message from JQS came again: “If you can go to bed at 10 o’clock every day, mom, you can play with your mobile phone, but you can’t play with your mobile phone for more than three hours a day.”

Gu Yuan: …

The JQS that got the echo sent a question mark: “?”

Gu Yuan felt that her hands were shaking.

Was her son on that forum and just happened to see that post? Why were these statements so similar?

JQS: “Mom? “

Gu Yuan quickly replied: “It’s okay, I just went to the bathroom.”

JQS: “That’s good, by the way, there is one thing I need to tell you.”

Gu Yuan: “What?”

JQS: “My dad is coming back tomorrow.”

Gu Yuan: …


Ji Zhentian, the father of her son, was coming back!!!

Although her son was also a famous chaebol president, but that’s different, that’s her son, her son’s greatness, with the filter of being her relative, it was just like that.

But Ji Zhentian was different. He was a famous and successful entrepreneur, a man who could call wind and rain, and a character Gu Yuan admired when she was a poor student living in the dormitory.

Thinking of this, Gu Yuan couldn’t sleep even a little.

So much so that on the second day, when Ji Qisen saw Gu Yuan, he found that Gu Yuan had faint dark circles under her eyes.

He frowned: “Mom, did you play games at night, or did you browse Weibo?”

Or did you develop some new mobile phone fun?

Gu Yuan quickly shook her head and waved her hand: “No, no, really no, I just started to have a little insomnia, and then I could not fall asleep!”

Ji Qisen saw her like this, but he didn’t ask more, and his expression softened a little: “Let’s have breakfast first, my dad will be home at about ten o’clock.”

Gu Yuan humbly agreed and accompanied Ji Qisen to dinner.

It was still a delicious breakfast, but for the first time, Gu Yuan’s heart was not on food, and she began to think about her identity.

She and Ji Zhentian were completely unfamiliar, they didn’t know each other at all, there was still a relatively large age gap (at least the gap was quite large in terms of looks at present), but they had a son together, which was embarrassing.

For example, there was an important question, what should she call Ji Zhentian?

Mr. Ji? Mr. Ji?

Here, after having breakfast, Gu Yuan was thinking wildly there. From outside the door, Ji Zhentian came in.

Ji Zhentian was in a very good mood today.

He recently had a girlfriend named Camille Chen, who had participated in a well-known national beauty pageant and won the championship. She was good in all aspects, and he liked her very much. Recently, he even considered, if possible, should he get married at all? So this time, when he went home, he brought this girlfriend back, and wanted his son to take a look at her and help him check her out.

Of course, he also had to guard his son. Didn’t he hear that his son had also brought back a little girl?

Ji Zhentian walked into the villa with his girlfriend Camille, and was greeted by Butler Sima, who was still wearing a suit and bow tie. After that, Aunt Chen graciously brought a Filipino maid with refreshments and fruits.

Ji Zhentian didn’t see his son, but he had expected it.

If the son could stay here to welcome him in a regular manner, then he was not his son.

He sipped the coffee that was flown in from abroad, and asked casually, “Where’s Qisen?”

Aunt Chen said with a smile, “Sir, the young master is teaching Miss Gu something in the study upstairs. It seems that Miss Gu did something wrong. That is why, the young master is teaching her.”

As soon as this was mentioned, Aunt Chen’s heart filled with anticipation.

The young master really liked Miss Gu, but he had never done this to any woman. It seemed that the young master was really moved.

Although Ji Zhentian had listened to Butler Sima and Aunt Chen reporting to him for a long time, he was still surprised when he heard this: “Well, is that so? Qisen has really changed his temper.”

Usually he didn’t even care about his father, but now he was being so diligent, he really seemed to have become enlightened.

Ji Zhentian was very satisfied and laughed, but Camille next to Ji Zhentian felt a little uncomfortable. She made a lot of effort to catch Ji Zhentian.

She knew that Ji Zhentian had she didn’t know how many women coming and going before, but she was different. She wanted to be his last woman, the woman who married into this wealthy family and was called Mrs. Ji.

Holding Ji Zhentian’s hands, she walked into Ji family’s yard, but she didn’t expect Ji Zhentian’s son to not even look at her. What kind of girlfriend was he with?

Camille was somewhat aware of her status, but she also understood that she had only one chance to enter Ji family home. So, in order to fight for this, she just smiled charmingly, and persuaded Ji Zhentian: “Zhentian, it’s nothing, Qisen doesn’t know that I also came here.”

Ji Zhentian, who was drinking coffee, almost coughed out when he heard this, but he still held back and glanced at Camille seriously: “Yes, Qisen really didn’t know that you were coming.”

To be precise, he did not mention Camille to his son at all.

The content of the communication between the father and son mainly focused on the official affairs of the AK Group. As for the private affairs of the family, the communication mode of the two people was probably non-existent.

“I’ll go back tomorrow.”


“I won’t go back this time.”


“You can spend the New Year this year yourself.”


So when Ji Zhentian came back this time, he didn’t expect his son to be enthusiastic, they had been father and son for 20 years, who didn’t know who yet?

He drank coffee and glanced at his beloved Camille with a smile, he did not expect her to have such hope? He should pull it down early.

But he didn’t mention that the girlfriend he had just made was still hot, so he didn’t say such disappointing words.

He raised his head and asked Aunt Chen leisurely, “What’s that Miss Gu’s name?”

He cared more about his son’s girlfriend than his own, after all, she was most likely to become his future daughter-in-law.

Aunt Chen thought about it carefully, smiled and said respectfully, “I don’t know her name, but I heard the young master call her Mama. We guess it should be a nickname.”

She also discussed with the maid at home in private. After a while, everyone agreed that she should be called Mama.

Today’s young people had really fashionable names, and those who didn’t know it might think that he was calling her mom!


Camille next to him burst out laughing, and Ji Zhentian also shook his head and sighed: “What’s this name! Hey, no, we can talk about it later. Let’s see if we can change the name. It’s easy to misunderstand.”

His son could call her Mama, but as a father-in-law, he couldn’t call his daughter-in-law Mama, right? If it spread out, everyone will laugh at him!

Camille agreed: “This must be renamed, how can she be called such a name?”

For some reason, Camille was in a better mood.

As they were talking, Aunt Chen said, “Young master and Miss Gu are coming down.”

Ji Zhentian immediately stopped laughing when he heard this, and sat upright, with a breath of the world’s top ten chaebol presidents lingering in the luxurious living room, he scrutinized slightly as his eyes swept over, looking at the woman who was being treated differently by his son.

His eyes first glanced at his son, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. Very well, his son became more and more tall and handsome, and he looked more and more like himself. The pride of an old father emerged spontaneously within him.

Then his eyes fell on the woman who was beside his son.

The temperament was pure, the skin was white, and the appearance, just as he was thinking this Ji Zhentian was shocked.

Ji Zhentian, who was used to seeing strong winds and waves crashing in front of him but could stand still like Mount Tai, was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word after seeing the girl’s appearance.

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