KHSW Ch. 110: It is my Honor

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Seeing that they all were looking at her, Ling Xi clenched the chopsticks in her hand and bit her lip habitually. In fact, she wanted to have the wedding now, but would it not be unfair to Yizhi?

She had a child… Originally, she wanted to wait until she found the child before confessing to Yizhi. At that time, she would accept it no matter what the outcome was.


“We have no plans to hold a wedding for the time being.” Xu Yizhi put down his chopsticks and wiped his hands.

“What? How can this work?” The old man was angry and dissatisfied.

Although disappointed, after all, he was also helpless, so Xu Xinrong could only say this, “Dad, this is a matter between the two children, let’s not worry about it!”

As soon as Xu Xinrong finished saying this, the old man became even angrier, “Hey, you stinky boy.”

“Dad, don’t be angry. Be careful when getting angry. If you can’t hold your great-grandson in the future, it will not be worth it.”

The old man thought to himself, this is reasonable, I will just think about the future great-grandson, and not care about you.

“Hey~ I’m so old, I don’t know if I can see my great-grandson being born!”

“Dad, you are someone who will to live a hundred years, stop saying these depressing words.”

The old man was very pleased, it was still his daughter-in-law who was filial!

Ling Xi slowly lowered her head, if they knew about everything, maybe they wouldn’t treat her like this, right?

Su Zhiyan suddenly remembered something, “By the way, Xiao Xi, when are your parents free? Let’s meet and have a meal together.”

Xu Yizhi glanced at Ling Xi, fearing that she would be sad, and immediately changed the subject and said, “Mom, when are you leaving?”

“When am I leaving? I’m not leaving.” Her head shook lightly, “Oh, don’t interrupt me talking to your wife.”

Knowing that he was thinking of her, Ling Xi’s heart became softer, and she felt even more apologetic.

“Yeah, we should meet our in-laws.” The old man also said.

“My father died in a car accident fifteen years ago, and now there is only my mother at home.”

The three were stunned for a moment, no wonder Yizhi wanted to change the subject just now, it was because they were being insensitive.

Su Zhiyan’s eyes filled with distress, “Xiao Xi, I’m sorry, I reminded you of sad things, we didn’t know…”

The old man didn’t speak, but she could see the distress in his eyes.

“It’s okay, Mom, I’ll go back and ask my mother when she’s free.”

Seeing that Ling Xi’s face was the same, they were relieved, “That’s good.”

In the car.

“Yizhi, when I finish filming “Haihu Bay”, shall we hold the wedding?”

Although he didn’t know why, Xu Yizhi nodded lightly, with a calm face, but his eyes were obviously much brighter than before, “Okay, as long as you want, we can do it anytime.”

Ling Xi turned her head to look at his profile, and her heart was full of emotion, “Yizhi, aren’t you afraid of me cheating on the marriage?”

The man couldn’t help but lightly curl his lips, “It’s my honor to be deceived by you.”

No, if it goes on like this, sooner or later, she will have a heart attack. Thinking about what a ruthless person he used to be, and now he was flirting with her and making such a remark, it made her feel proud, chaotic, loving and fascinated with him, which caused her little heart to beat wildly.

Xu Yizhi was also secretly surprised. Her changes all started from the moment she woke up in the hospital. He didn’t want to think about it, and he didn’t care what happened between her and Chi Jiayang, even if it was a dream, he just wanted to stay in this beautiful dream…

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