KHSW Ch. 109: Wants to Hug her Grandson

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“Originally, I thought there was something wrong with our son’s sexual orientation. I didn’t expect that he would even get married behind our backs. You say, could he even have given birth to a child behind our back?” Su Zhiyan couldn’t help fantasizing. When she got up, she didn’t know that one day, her wish would actually come true.

Xu Xinrong knew too well what his wife was thinking, “Don’t think about it, our daughter-in-law is a star, how can they have children now?”

If she had a baby now, it would be necessary to announce the news of her marriage. As a result, Ling Xi’s popularity would plummet.

“Oh, of course I know, am I not just thinking about it? You dare to say that you don’t want to hug your grandson”

“I”, he had of course thought about it, so he then changed the subject, “Why hasn’t dad come yet?”

Su Zhiyan didn’t bother about this topic, “I asked the driver to pick him up, he should be here soon.”

“It would be lonely if we just let dad live alone in a small house.”

“I said it last time, but Dad feels that living in a small house is more comfortable and quiet. Let’s follow the old man’s wishes.”

“Xiao Xi, you could just come here, why do you still have to buy so many things?” As he was talking, he immediately took the large and small bags from Ling Xi’s hand.

Ling Xi smiled slightly, “Grandpa, Mom and Dad, I didn’t bring any precious gifts, it’s just a little care.”

“Okay, don’t buy it next time. We don’t lack anything. You are our best gift.”

Hearing the exact same words as Xu Yizhi said, Ling Xi’s ears couldn’t help but redden.

Lunch time

Xu Yizhi kept putting her favourite dishes into Ling Xi’s bowl.

Her face went red, she glanced at him, indicating that the elders hadn’t even started yet.

Aware of her gaze, Xu Yizhi said calmly, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to reach them, these are all you like to eat.” He thought these dishes were made by the cook at home.

Su Zhiyan was slightly surprised, and then smiled, “Hahaha…, Lao Xu, seeing my son can be like this is more painful for me than you.”

Ling Xi’s cheeks were getting hotter and hotter, and it was true that Yizhi didn’t know how to restrain himself in front of her parents-in-law.

Xu Xinrong pretended not to hear, “Xiao Xi, try it, your mother prepared these dishes all morning.”

Suddenly there was a feeling of being flattered, “These are all made by mother?”

For some reason, Su Zhiyan felt uneasy in her heart, “Yeah, try it first and see if it suits your taste.”

Hearing this, Xu Yizhi frowned slightly, thinking that the food was cooked by his mother.

As far as he knew, the food that his mom cooked was hard to swallow. He even gave Ling Xi so much just now. He was about to take the food out of her bowl, but then he saw that Ling Xi had already eaten it.

“Mom, I didn’t expect your cooking skills to be so good. It seems that Yizhi has inherited your genes.”

When Mr. Xu saw the dishes on the table, he was a little angry at first, because there was none that he could chew.

But after hearing that his daughter-in-law liked these dishes, he didn’t care too much, and just poured some soup into his bowl to drink.

Su Zhiyan was overjoyed to be praised by her daughter-in-law for her cooking skills. Her hard work for a month wasn’t in vain.

However, when the two of them silently glanced at their son, the two of them had a tacit understanding.

“Girl, since you and Yizhi have already received a marriage certificate, when are you going to hold the wedding?” Grandpa Xu couldn’t help but ask, if it was too late, he was afraid that he would not be able to live till that time.

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