APY Ch. 145: Go to the Army

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When they went downstairs, she looked towards Fu Hengyi, and Fu Hengyi gave her a reassuring smile, and Shen Qinglan laughed.

“Dad, you came back today to find me, right?” Shen Qinglan got straight to the point.

Shen Qian smiled, “Qinglan is still as smart as she was when she was a child, you know even before Dad speaks.”

Shen Qinglan didn’t speak, so Shen Qian continued, “When you were a child, you liked to sit on your father’s shoulder and let your father take you to work with him. You ran and said that when you grew up, you wanted to be like your father, to be a soldier who protects their family and the country.”

When he mentioned her childhood, Shen Qinglan was startled. In her poor memory, the person she liked most when she was a child was actually her father, who was, a great hero in her heart, and she thought he was very powerful and omnipotent.

When did it start that that image of the father in her heart had gone away? Was it when she was abducted by human traffickers and waited day and night for her father to save her but he didn’t? Or was it the first time she was almost beaten to death by someone in that organization and left with only one breath in her body? Or was it the first time she raised a knife and plunged it into someone else’s heart?

Shen Qinglan remained silent, but the temperature around her body became colder.

Shen Qian didn’t seem to notice his daughter’s abnormality, and just said as if talking to himself, “You probably don’t know how happy Dad was when he found you again, but it didn’t take long for Dad to notice that you didn’t seem to like me. As a soldier, father was very disappointed at that time, and he always couldn’t help thinking of the little girl who hugged my neck and said that she wanted to be a hero like her father.”

Shen Qinglan listened to Shen Qian’s memories, but her eyes were a little lax.

“Ann, this time we have been calculated, we have been surrounded by troops, their equipment is better than ours, I am afraid we will not be able to escape this time.”

“Ann, I have been injured, you don’t have to care about me, I will only drag you down.”

“Ann, I will attract their firepower later, you take the opportunity to escape, without me dragging you down, you will be able to get out safely, after you go out, you must find the person who is behind this and avenge me.”

“Ann, go away, leave me alone.”

“Ann, don’t come back again.”

Who was screaming in her ear, telling her to run away and paving a way for her with blood?

Shen Qinglan’s eyes seemed to be flickering with stars, awakening a distant memory, and her eyes instantly turned cold.

Over there, Shen Qian finally noticed something was wrong with his daughter, “Qinglan, what’s wrong with you?”

Shen Qinglan’s eyes regained clarity, and the coldness all over her body disappeared in an instant, “Continue.”

Shen Qian looked at her and continued, “Today, a friend sent me a video and asked me if the person in it was my daughter. I was stunned. After I clicked on the video and watched it, I knew that my daughter was still the same kind and brave child.”

Shen Qinglan seemed to understand the purpose of Shen Qian looking for her today, her eyes became slightly cold, and she pursed her lips.

“Qinglan, go to the army after graduation. Although you did not graduate from a regular military academy, with your skills and your father’s position, your future achievements in the army will not be bad.” Shen Qian opened his mouth and stated his purpose for tonight.

Shen Qinglan hooked her lips in a mocking arc, she lowered her head and did not speak, but her eyes were filled with ice.

Her eyes fell on her hand, and there was a ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Her gaze paused, and the ice under her eyes gradually melted.

“I refuse.” Shen Qinglan spoke slowly.

Shen Qian was not disappointed by the expected answer, but felt relieved. He had expected the result before he came back. This time, if the leader of the team had not told him to be a lobbyist, in order to not miss such a good seedling, maybe he wouldn’t even mention it to Shen Qinglan.

He smiled slightly and patted Shen Qinglan’s shoulder, “You can think about Dad’s proposal. If you really don’t like it so much, Dad won’t force you.”

The face completely different from the persuading look just now made Shen Qinglan a little surprised, she thought that Shen Qian would definitely persuade her more to join the army.

Shen Qian noticed Shen Qinglan’s expression and smiled mildly, “Actually, this time your father’s comrade-in-arms saw the video and was very interested in you. He hoped you can join the army, and he asked you father to be the lobbyist.” To be honest, after persuasion failed, he sold out his teammate directly, which made him realize Shen Qinglan’s estrangement for a moment since he said his purpose.

After she got rescued, she was not very close to her father. If there was another quarrel because of this matter, he really would have nowhere to cry.

“Qinglan, put aside my identity as a soldier and see it from the perspective as your father, no matter what you choose, your father will support it.” Not only because of his mother’s advice before her death, but also because of his guilt as a father. He had not given Shen Qinglan any pleasant memories.

Looking at Shen Qian, Shen Qinglan was speechless, but the coldness in her eyes was quietly replaced by an indescribable emotion.

“Actually, Dad is quite happy to take this trip. There are so many things in the army recently, and Dad doesn’t have time to come home. It’s rare that I got to have a meal with you today. Speaking of which, it’s your blessing.” Shen Qian smiled.

Shen Qinglan smiled lightly, but she was thinking in her heart, was there some bias in her previous views of her father?

Seeing Fu Hengyi walking in this direction, Shen Qian smiled, “You’re not at ease after staying without your wife for so long?”

Fu Hengyi also smiled, “Grandpa said he was sleepy, so I wanted to send grandpa back first. You can talk to Qinglan. I’ll come and pick her up later.”

Shen Qinglan thought for a while, “I’ll go with you.”

Fu Hengyi looked at Shen Qian, Shen Qian waved his hand, and the couple left.

Fu Hengyi still held Shen Qinglan’s hand, “Why is your hand so cold?” Feeling the cold temperature on Shen Qinglan’s hand, Fu Hengyi frowned, and then stuffed her hand into his coat pocket.

Shen Qian looked at the warmth that her daughter exuded when she stood beside Fu Hengyi and smiled gratifiedly.

Shen Junyu and Han Yi took Yu Xiaoxuan out of the bar, “Where do you live, I’ll take you back.” Looking at Yu Xiaoxuan who was slightly drunk, Shen Junyu said.

Before Yu Xiaoxuan could speak, Han Yi spoke first, “I know where her home is. I’ll take her home. You go back first.”

Yu Xiaoxuan frowned instantly.

Han Yi gritted his teeth, “Damn girl, who do you think is a dead shemale?”

“Who other than you, a dead shemale, a scumbag, a scumbag?” Yu Xiaoxuan replied in seconds, obviously drunk, but her mouth didn’t stop for a moment.

Han Yi’s eyes were fierce, and he really wanted to strangle this dead girl to death.

Shen Junyu frowned and said, “I’ll take her, tell me the address.” He was really afraid that the two would fight, although he was sure that Han Yi would never hit a woman.

Han Yi’s voice seemed to be squeezed from between his teeth, “No, I’ll send her, and I still can’t believe that I can’t cure this dead girl.”

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