APY Ch. 146: Don’t Regret It!!!

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“Han Yi, don’t mess around, she is Lanlan’s good friend.” Shen Junyu said.

Han Yi’s face had turned black, “Shen Junyu, what do you think of me, Han Yi, do I look like the kind of person who does not have taste?”

However, Yu Xiaoxuan hugged Shen Junyu’s arm and said, “I don’t want this dead shemale to send me, male god, I want you to send me.”

Han Yi grabbed Xiaoxuan’s arm, ignoring her struggle, and stuffed her into his car, then he closed the door, and roared away.

Shen Junyu laughed, and then remembered that Gu Yang and Gu Kai were still in the box, so he hurriedly called them before driving home.

“Dead shemale, open the car door for me.” Yu Xiaoxuan was thrown in the back seat by Han Yi, so she banged on the car door to open it, as she shouted at Han Yi.

Han Yi’s face was very dark, and he turned a deaf ear to her roar. After driving for a while, he realized that he didn’t know Yu Xiaoxuan’s home address at all. What he said just now was just an excuse, and looked in the rear view mirror, “Yu Xiaoxuan, where do you live?”

Yu Xiaoxuan couldn’t open the car door, the alcohol content of the drink she had been drinking had been high, so she was still dizzy. So, she sat back with her arms folded, and when she heard Han Yi’s words, she snorted coldly but did not speak.

“What about it, where does your family live?”

Yu Xiaoxuan said leisurely, “Don’t you know my address, why are you asking me now, I won’t tell you.”

Han Yi laughed angrily, “I’ll throw you out right now. Do you believe it or not? “

“If you have the ability, throw me out, you bastard.” With a squeak, the car braked suddenly, and Yu Xiaoxuan’s head slammed into the back of the seat in front of her, hurting her. She couldn’t help but let out a squeak.

Han Yi pressed the central lock, “Get out.”

Yu Xiaoxuan raised her head, “Dead shemale, you can’t even drive a car, hmm.” With a cold snort, she got out of the car and just slammed the door, then the car whizzed away.

Yu Xiaoxuan pouted, just about to wave for a taxi, when she suddenly found that her bag was still in Han Yi’s car, “Dead shemale, you son of a bitch, come back to me.”

It was just that on the quiet street, Han Yi was nowhere to be seen. Yu Xiaoxuan stomped her feet fiercely.

“Bastard, don’t let this miss see you next time, or I will bite you to death.”

With no wallet or mobile phone, and while still feeling dizzy, Yu Xiaoxuan only felt that she was smaller than a cabbage. When the cold wind blew on her, she sobered up a little, shook her head, and walked along the road. After a few steps, she felt that the high heels were very uncomfortable, so she took off her shoes and carried them in her hands.

Han Yi’s face was gloomy all the way, as long as he thought of Yu Xiaoxuan, the dead girl who didn’t know what to do and liked to bite people, he would get angry.

While waiting for the traffic light, he turned around and found that Yu Xiaoxuan’s bag was still in his car.

When Han Yi found Yu Xiaoxuan, she was sitting on the side of the road leaning against a big tree with her eyes closed, he wondered if she had fallen asleep.

Han Yi smiled silently, opened the door and got out of the car, and kicked Yu Xiaoxuan, “Hey, wake up.”

Yu Xiaoxuan hadn’t actually fallen asleep, she was just tired from walking and dizzy, so she just decided to sit down and have a good rest, so when she was kicked by Han Yi, she opened her eyes.

When she saw who the person in front of her was, Yu Xiaoxuan’s eyes flashed fiercely, she stood up, and threw herself on Han Yi’s body. Han Yi was afraid that she would fall, and quickly reached out to catch her. Then, Han Yi couldn’t bear it and let out a scream, “Damn girl, let go.”

After Yu Xiaoxuan threw herself into his arms, she slammed into his neck. Then she bit him with a lot of strength. Han Yi was sure that he must be bleeding.

Was this dead girl a dog? She would bite when she saw someone.

After biting enough, Yu Xiaoxuan opened her mouth and watched Han Yi cover his wound with his hand and breathed in triumphantly, “Hmph, I told you that if you dropped this miss, you would see if I won’t bite you to death.”

Han Yi smiled but his eyes were gloomy, seeing this, Yu Xiaoxuan couldn’t help but fold her arms around her chest, take a step back, and look at him warily, “What are you doing, I’ll tell you, don’t do anything indecent or I’ll shout.”

Han Yi smiled more and more enchantingly, Yu Xiaoxuan rolled her eyes, “Even if you shout, you will be judged. So between the two of us, who is being indecent to whom?”

Yu Xiaoxuan pouted, this dead shemale.

“Get in the car.” Han Yi dropped a sentence and walked away.

Yu Xiaoxuan thought for a while, raised her heels, and did not forget to put her high heels back on.

“Address.” Han Yi was concise and the air pressure in the car was terribly low.

“Xian…I forgot.” Yu Xiaoxuan looked at him innocently.

Han Yi sneered, “You forgot? Why didn’t you forget yourself too. Hurry up, or I’ll throw you out.”

Yu Xiaoxuan continued innocently, “I really forgot.” After that with a touch of cunning, “Didn’t you say you know my address, I won’t tell you, let’s see what you do.”

But she forgot that there was a saying that extreme sorrow comes after extreme joy, and there was another thing called a self-inflicted injury.

Han Yi looked at her for a long time and smiled, while his peach blossom eyes flashed, “Okay, don’t regret it.”

I won’t regret it. Yu Xiaoxuan thought to herself, and then waited for Han Yi to ask her again. As long as he asked again, she would tell him, just this once.

But after waiting for a long time, Han Yi didn’t ask her any more. Yu Xiaoxuan was tired of waiting, so she leaned against the car window and fell asleep. She didn’t even know where Han Yi was driving to.

When the car stopped, Yu Xiaoxuan was still sleeping. Han Yi glanced in the rear view mirror. The sleeping Yu Xiaoxuan was very quiet. He didn’t know whether she was hot, or it was because she was sleeping, but her face was slightly red and pink. Her small mouth was slightly open, and she looked very cute.

Han Yi’s eyes fell on her face involuntarily, and he whispered softly, “She still looks cute when she’s asleep.”

He opened the rear car door and wanted to wake her up, but after thinking about it, he bent down and carried her out of the car. Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t wake up at all during the process.

Han Yi was also drunk, and his vigilance was so low that he didn’t know when he was sold.

Carrying her upstairs, he pressed the button for the sixteenth floor with difficulty. After finally opening the door, Han Yi put her on the bed in the guest room and let out a long breath.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Han Yi helped Yu Xiaoxuan take off her coat, pulled the quilt over her, and then went back to the master bedroom to take a shower.

This was his apartment in the city center. He seldom came to live there, but it was cleaned regularly. It was very close to the Han family headquarters. Occasionally, when he was tired from working overtime, he would sleep here.

After taking a shower, he took a look in the guest room and saw that Yu Xiaoxuan was still sleeping peacefully, but the quilt was kicked aside by her.

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