TCYEC Ch. 43

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Wei Xiaofeng was deceived by Luo Peng and Yu Siyang with the excuse of “I don’t know what to wear to attend the Esquire charity party”. When he arrived on the set, he saw Zhan Heng smiling shamelessly, and realized that he was fooled.

While bitterly hating these bastards for turning a good-behaved boy bad, he walked to the parking lot with anger, but Luo Peng snatched the car key on the way and stopped him on the set.

At that moment, Wei Xiaofeng especially wanted to throw these people into outer space to harm the aliens.

“Brother Xiaofeng, that… short mouth…” Yu Siyang couldn’t explain anymore when Wei Xiaofeng was about to eat people, and ran to change the costume with a bitter expression.

Yu Siyang ran away, and the remaining Luo Peng and Tang Hang were bombarded by Wei Xiaofeng.

But this was not the worst. After a few meetings, Xue Chengxiu actually took his son to visit the crew. Mr. Xue, who had never been gossiping, didn’t know what was wrong, and even helped Zhan Heng.

Wei Xiaofeng held his boss’s son in his arms and beat his boss a hundred times in his heart.

Xue Yunmu hugged Wei Xiaofeng’s neck with one short hand, and pointed at Yu Siyang who was shooting with the other, and whispered, “Brother can fly.”

The scene that Yu Siyang was shooting was a small climax scene of the movie. Qi Wang was so angry that his concubine was beaten into the cold palace and was persecuted and disfigured, that he decided to force the palace officials to kill the king. The old emperor was a useless monarch, but there were loyal and righteous people to defend his imperial power. Yang Yang and Sima Lun were born to be uncomfortable with each other. They both wanted to kill each other. But they faced the king and forced the palace officials and joined forces to protect the emperor and fight against King Qi.

This scene was second only to the Battle of Beirong. There are hundreds of extras alone. Five cameras and two aerial photography drones were used for more than a week. This scene was finally coming to an end.

Yu Siyang had a sword in his hand, Zhan Heng had a knife, and Li Yiliang’s weapon was a spear. The three stood facing each other in a triangle. Wei Xiaofeng held the fat cutie and stood far away, unable to hear the lines they said, after a while, the three of them were seen in a ball fighting together, and Yu Siyang kicked Zhan Heng out.

Even if he knew that this “kick” was just acting, it didn’t have much strength, but seeing Zhan Heng be beaten by all kinds of kicks, Wei Xiaofeng felt very happy. If possible, he really wanted to go up and beat Zhan Heng violently.

“You are so happy to see Zhan Heng being beaten.” Xue Chengxiu chatted.

Wei Xiaofeng pretended not to hear.

Xue Chengxiu didn’t mind, so he continued to chat, and said, “You’re a 30-year-old man, so you should hurry up and fall in love. Holding back for too long is not good for both body and mind.”

Wei Xiaofeng smiled and said, “Mr. Xue, as the chairman of the group’s board of directors, I think you should think more about how to expand your business and seek more benefits for your employees. It’s your business to let your employees get promoted and raise their salaries.” Not gossip all day long about employee’s sex life!!!

“If Zhanheng doesn’t hold Yangyang as a dog-headed military officer, I can think about employee welfare.” Xue Chengxiu sighed, “Yangyang is always occupied with personal matters. I am in a bad mood and I want to toss you. Such an employee.”

Wei Xiaofeng hugged Xue Yunmu in a numb hand, and then returned the little fat man to his father. Then he rubbed his wrist and said: “Mr. Xue himself has not made any progress yet, saying that others are so useless. What’s the use?”

“How do you know that there is no progress?”

“I just know.”

“Well…there’s really not much progress.”

“Hmph, that kid obviously hasn’t gotten into your hands…”

“But it’s better than you wasting each other’s time.”


“It’s not that you don’t like him. You have been hypocritical for several years. Look at him and you are almost stunned.”


There was this boss who watched the whole process of losing love. He was really heartbroken, yet he would poke words into his heart at every turn, and he couldn’t work happily under his hands.

The more Wei Xiaofeng thought about it, the angrier he got. It is clear that he is the one who was rejected. Zhan Heng is the fighting scum among the scumbags. Why these people are helping the scumbag, acting like he is the one playing with emotions.

When Xue Chengxiu saw Wei Xiaofeng’s appearance, he knew that he had committed another hypocritical blunder, so he stopped talking.

As long as these people don’t always occupy the private time of his child, he didn’t care whether they are dead or hypocritical, he is not a dating agency, and does not care about the personal relationship issues of his employees.

Yu Siyang was hung by wires and flew for a day. Finally, the scene was finished. After removing his makeup and changing his clothes, he happily ran towards Xue Chengxiu, and asked with bright eyes: “Shall we eat hot pot[1] later? Sister Jiaojiao recommends a hot pot restaurant and said it was super delicious.”

“Not good.”

Xue Chengxiu has always unconditionally agreed to Yu Siyang’s request. He originally planned to say “good”, but when he heard the words Jiaojiao, he immediately went ahead and added the word “no”.

“That’s it, what kind of hot pot to eat on such a hot day.” Wei Xiaofeng kind of likes hot pot, but he doesn’t like the hot pot recommended by Yi Jiaojiao at all.

Xue Chengxiu and Wei Xiaofeng were thinking at the same thing-recommending others to eat hot pot on such a hot day, she must have a bad intention.

“Snee–” Yi Jiaojiao, who was removing her makeup, sneezed, took the tissue from the assistant and wiped her nose, and said puzzledly: “I have a cold? Why do I keep sneezing today?”

Yu Siyang thought about it all day. No one agreed to the hot pot idea, so he drooped his head depressed, like a dejected puppy.

Xue Yunmu felt that he was a very loyal little man. His brother wanted to eat hot pot so much, but his father refused to let them eat. His father was bad, “Brother, Mumu will eat together.” The little fat man said, pounced and hugged him holding his legs, raising his head, begging for praise.

“Hiss…” Yu Siyang was hugged so hard that his thigh hurt. He took a breath of cool air. He pulled Xue Yunmu’s hand away, squatted down and looked up at the child, and praised: “Mu Mu is really good, wait until the weather is cold. Then, brother will make hot pot for you, and the hot pot made by brother is delicious.”

“I want a pig bun.” Xue Yunmu took the opportunity to ask.

“Okay, piggy bun.” Yu Siyang nodded.

Xue Chengxiu also squatted helplessly, stretched out his hand to rub his son’s chubby belly, and said to Yu Siyang: “Don’t spoil your child so much. See how fat he is now, he will be fattened into a round shape.”

Xue Yunmu was dumbfounded. He looked at his father, and then at his own chubby belly. After thinking about it for a long time, he realized that he was fattened by his father, and immediately pounced into Yu Siyang’s arms in grief, “Mu Mu is not round, father is bad.”

Yu Siyang thought it was so hard to endure laughter.

Wei Xiaofeng watched the family’s three-way pattern from the sidelines and was fed a bite of dog food when he couldn’t prevent it.

——Hmph, not particularly envious!

“Xiaofeng, Xiaoyu said to go eat hot pot together.” Zhan Heng took off his makeup and walked over casually, and when he walked in front of Wei Xiaofeng, he turned into a foolish faced idiot.

“Hot pot, you big head ghost. You called me over, didn’t you want to choose the clothes for the Esquire charity party.”

Such a stupid excuse, and I believed it. Wei Xiaofeng severely despised his IQ in his heart.

With a look of guilty conscience, Yu Siyang hid behind Xue Chengxiu, using his tall figure to block Wei Xiaofeng’s sharp gaze, in fact, the clothes had already been selected—Mr. Xue chose, he just had to try them on.

“If you don’t want to eat hot pot, let’s eat western food.” Xue Chengxiu said, leading his own big and small to walk outside the film and television city.

The boss made a decision, and no one else had any opinion-you have to hold back even if you had an opinion.

Wei Xiaofeng was trapped by Zhan Heng and Luo Peng, and he stubbornly got into the nanny car, and followed the Bentley ahead, all the way to G. Garden in the east of the city.

“Why are you going to eat western food, you are sick!” Wei Xiaofeng was irritable. “A group of big men who go to eat western food[2] together are not only sick, but also very sick.”

A group of “severely sick” elders and a three-year-old boy arrived at G. Garden, showing a very strange grouping.

Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang took their child to sit at a table, looking like the model of a warm family.

Wei Xiaofeng was forced to sit at a table with Zhan Heng, in sweet, arrogant, awkward couple mode.

Others, including Luo Peng, Tang Hang, and Zhan Heng’s assistants, and Xue’s bodyguards sat at a table together. The four elders sat down to eat Western food, but they had a seperate meal inside the restaurant. Other diners looked at them frequently, and the restaurant manager secretly wondered if these four people came to smash the place.

Yu Siyang helped Xue Yunmu cut the steak, and asked Xue Chengxiu in a low voice, “Why are we here to eat western food? It feels strange to come together without sitting at the same table.”

Xue Chengxiu ate the cheese-baked snails[3] coldly, thinking. This group of light bulbs, it’s nice to bring them to eat together, but it’s weird to sit with them for dinner.

Except for Xue Chengxiu’s family of three and Zhan Heng, who had reached the state of “being satisfied with water”, everyone else awkwardly ate a dinner that did not fulfil them.

Finally freed from G. Garden’s romantic dinner, the original plan was to go to P&H’s studio in Yunzhong City together to help Yu Siyang choose clothes.

Yu Siyang really couldn’t make up this lie, and told Wei Xiaofeng honestly that the clothes had actually been selected, and he only needed to try on and get the size modified.

Wei Xiaofeng stared at Yu Siyang for a long while, sighed and rubbed the boy’s head.

This idiot had a guilty conscience all day and did not dare to look in his eyes. With such an honest character, how could he deal with the media in the future.

Xue Chengxiu raised his arm to separate him from Wei Xiaofeng’s “hairy hand[4]“, and said, “In this case, we should all separate. Yang Yang and I can go to P&H.”

Wei Xiaofeng was waiting for this sentence. After hearing this, he turned around immediately and left.

Zhan Heng hurriedly followed, and said shyly, “Xiaofeng, it’s still early, let’s go to the movies.”

“Hurry up and hide your face, do you want to be surrounded by fans on the street.”

“Xiaofeng, you still care about me.”

“You think too much.”

“Xiaofeng, your transport is covered. Brother drove away, let’s take my car.”

“…I ‘m going to kill you!”

Yu Siyang stood there watching Zhan Heng dragging Wei Xiaofeng to the parking lot looking for a car, and then dragging him again to sit in the car, he worriedly asked Xue Chengxiu: “Will Brother Xiaofeng blame me for lying to him?”

“No,” Xue Chengxiu rubbed the top of his head and said with a smile: “My Yangyang is so cute. People cannot have the heart to blame him.”

Yu Siyang said: “But it’s wrong to lie.”

“It was just a white lie,” Xue Chengxiu comforted his honest child, “between the two people, one is dead, the other is hypocritical. They’ve been doing this for several years but are still not tired, we will ignore them in the future.” Especially Zhan Heng, he should stay far away, so as not to be dragged into a CP again.

“Brother Zhan is actually quite nice.” Yu Siyang said. “Brother Xiaofeng is also very good. Since they are in love with each other, why do they have to act like this? Or is it another kind of taste that mortals don’t understand?”

“What about me?” Xue Chengxiu looked down at the boy.

The place where they were standing was an open-air parking lot. The high lighting makes the parking lot look faintly yellow. The smiling expression of the man seems to be filtered by the dim light, a little hazy and gentle, Yu Siyang thought, Mr. Xue is really good-looking.

“Yang Yang, how am I?” Xue Chengxiu’s voice was deliberately lowered, and it sounded deep and gentle.

Yu Siyang looked at the man’s eyes as if bewitched, opened his mouth, and was about to speak… “Dad, brother, Mu Mu wants to pee.”

The little friend Xue Yunmu, a romance destruction expert, stomped between the two, saying he really needs to pee and can’t hold it in anymore.

Xue Chengxiu sighed helplessly, picked up his son, and hurried back to the dining room to borrow the bathroom.

Yu Siyang asked the bodyguard for the car keys, got into the car first, patted his hot cheeks, and felt that he was really weird just now. How could he feel that Mr. Xue seemed to be bowing his head…

Ah, ah… How could he think such a shameful thing!!!

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[2] Western food is thought as more of a date food.


[4] In China, it is thought that hair can grow on the palm due to excess masturbation. It is being implied that since Wei Xiofeng is single, he masturbates too much.

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