TCYEC Ch. 44

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The Esquire Charity Gala was a charity fundraising gala initiated by the founder of Esquire Magazine and several well-known media personalities more than ten years ago. At the beginning, it was a small-scale function for certain celebrities to participate, and the celebrity’s clothing and supplies were sold for auction. The donations raised were donated to those in need.

The party was held every year and has a different theme every year. From the very beginning, there is no top brand support and no large amount of financial assistance. After more than ten years of development, it has gradually become a top event in the entertainment and fashion circles.

More and more donations are raised every year, and the nature of the party has gradually changed.

The celebrities who come to participate are not like the first few sessions, holding a pure mentality of contributing a little to the common man, and are more interested in fighting for beauty and top position.

The focus of the media is not on the poor people who need help, but on how much money the celebrity has donated, and whether the donated money is worthy of his/her celebrity position.

In order to make the origin and destination of the donations transparent and allow public supervision, the organizers of the Esquire party published the auction status of the evening and the details of the donations collected on the official website after the annual party. This is a good thing, but it was used by media and internet mobs to pierce their noses and eyes and criticize the celebrities deliberately.

“Last year, Ding Zhitao stood for a group photo in the event without donating money. He was even scolded to the eighteenth generation of his ancestors.” Luo Peng held the small spoon eating from half a watermelon in his arms and telling Yu Siyang about Esquire and the common sense while attending the party, “Last year there were too many people who didn’t donate money. The mob also had pits in their brains. They stared at Ding Zhitao and scolded them. They also brought out the news about his hit and run a few years ago.”

The costumer who helped Yu Siyang to arrange his clothes also followed the gossip and said: “Well, I told him to run away, but he has been scolded for a year and the situation hasn’t turned over. The sprayers are also disgusting, they look like they don’t have no other donations. As they were scolding, there was a little fresh meat that not only didn’t donate money, but also showed off at the charity party, so why not scold him.”

“I remember Ding Zhitao has been funding some impoverished children with leukemia to see a doctor.” The makeup artist has been in the entertainment industry for many years, and he also knows some private matters. “Last year he invested in a movie and the box office hit the street. It was so bad that he has not been able to pay off his debts, and it is excusable that he had no money to donate.”

“Sprayers don’t think so, some media also like to pick things up to sensationalize. With Ding Zhitao’s status in the circle, the photo booth picture is also reasonable.” Tang Hang also joined the gossip group.

When Yu Siyang listened to them, the more he listened, the more he realized that it was not a charity party at all, but a tiger’s den.

“Can I not go?” He asked Luo Peng pitifully.

Luo Peng choked on a mouthful of watermelon, his face flushed from coughing, and finally recovering, he put the watermelon on the table with lingering fear, and asked: “The event is about to start, why don’t you want to go suddenly? You don’t want to walk on the red carpet with Brother Zhan?”

“You speak so terribly …” You have to donate, and you have to be noticed.

More importantly, he has no money!!!

How to donate without money?

“Not scary, not scary, we are all speaking nonsense,” Luo Peng quickly reassured: “And you are a 18th tier actor, no one will pay attention to you.”

Yu Siyang was full of grief and indignation-yesterday he said he was already a third-tier actor, today has become eighteenth tier again, how many tiers are there?

“Mr. Xue has already donated the donation to the organizer for you.” Tang Hang said.

Yu Siyang looked at Xue Chengxiu in surprise, “Donated, donated? How much did he donate?”

“One hundred thousand.” Xue Chengxiu removed the notebook on his lap, got up from the sofa, walked to Yu Siyang to help him put on the brooch on his chest, “With your current status of the ‘eighteenth tier’, one hundred thousand yuan is just right. If there is more or less, the media will have something to say.”

Luo Peng lowered his head and pretended to be dead and took the watermelon back into his arms. Be quiet and part of eating melon seed[1] masses.

One hundred thousand?

Yu Siyang was depressed, now he had another debt.

It is not that he was unwilling to do public welfare, but he thinks that this matter should be done according to his ability. After his living conditions improved a little in the past, he would donate part of his salary to the orphanage where he had lived for more than ten years.

He is an orphan and understands the hardships of an orphan’s life better. He will help as much as he can.

But now this situation is like a swollen face and a fat man. As a person with negative equity, wearing a suit of more than 300,000 yuan, donating 100,000 yuan pretentiously, and then giving himself some hype to earn a reputation.

Such charity is not true charity at all.

“I don’t like this kind of party.” Yu Siyang was depressed.

Luo Peng and Tang Hang looked at each other, they were so good, but suddenly they were unhappy.

Xue Chengxiu asked softly: “What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Xue, let’s change clothes.” After the dresser helped Yu Siyang tidy up, he brought another suit over.

Xue Chengxiu shook his head and motioned to the costume designer to wait a moment.

Somebody from All Star Entertainment will go to the Esquire charity party every year and donate the money in the name of the company. In previous years, it was the general manager or vice president of the company. This year, when his child was abducted by Zhan Heng to the party, Xue Chengxiu asked the general manager of All Star to bring the invitation letter, and he was going personally.

“When I have the ability, I will donate more money to the orphanage,” Yu Siyang said: “I don’t like this kind of hypocritical charity party.”

My child is really painful. Xue Chengxiu wanted to rub the boy’s hair but seeing that he had already gotten his hair styled, he reached out only halfway through.

“Yangyang, this is a mutually beneficial thing.” Xue Chengxiu said: “The organizer must maintain a good reputation in the industry, and the stars need resources. However, it cannot be denied that tens of millions of donations are raised every year. It still helps people in need.”

The entertainment industry is a big vanity fair. Every year, various parties, awards, banquets organized by big bosses, and even private bureaus are all small vanity fairs filled with various interests. No one can avoid these things.

“You have to learn how to use these resources instead of being manipulated by these interests. With more resources, higher status, and greater energy, you can do more things and help more people.”

Yu Siyang saw the situation clearly now. His confusion gradually faded, and he nodded gently, “I understand.” Then, he did not hesitate to send Xue Chengxiu a good person card: “Mr. Xue, you are such a good person.”

No matter how many times the child was corrected, he still persisted. He called him “Mr. Xue”, and he did not change after repeated teaching. Xue Chengxiu, who was issued a good person card, sighed in his heart, and couldn’t help but pat the top of the boy’s hair.

He felt that he is really more and more like Yu Siyang’s father, and he always has an endless heart for his children.

After Xue Chengxiu finished dressing, the group set off to the hotel where the party was held.

Yu Siyang will walk into the arena with Zhan Heng on the red carpet, while Xue Chengxiu will enter the venue directly through the VIP channel. When they reached outside the hotel, Yu Siyang got off the car first and went to find Zhan Heng with Luo Peng and Tang Hang.

At this time, the red-carpet admission ceremony has already begun. The red carpet is crowded with media and fans. Those who go first are relatively small stars. Zhan Heng opened a room in the hotel as a lounge and was waiting until the time came. He took other passages and bypassed the front door of the hotel to walk the red carpet.

When the three people entered, not only Zhan Heng, his agency team and modelling team, but also Wei Xiaofeng were in the room.

The three of them looked like aliens, their gazes turning between Wei Xiaofeng and Zhan Heng.

“Huh!” Wei Xiaofeng turned his head proudly, too lazy to take care of these three second-hand goods[2].

It seemed that Tang Hang was prudent, so he arranged for him to be Yu Siyang’s assistant. No one thought that Luo Peng’s secondhand virus was too infectious, and he infected the prudent Tang Hang also.

As a senior agent with great influence in the circle, Wei Xiaofeng must attend such a party, but he would actually be willing to be in the same room with Zhan Heng… Could it be that after dinner that day, Xiaofeng and brother…? What happened to Brother Zhan that could not be told outsiders… the three people’s gossipy souls were ignited.

However, Wei Xiaofeng arrogantly ignored them, and Zhan Heng just smiled smugly, and didn’t show off to them. The sex gossip couldn’t be provided. The three of them had a kind of “as soon as the bride was married, the matchmaker was thrown over the wall[3]” desolation.

“Xiaoyu is very handsome today, wearing P&H again.” Zhan Heng beckoned them to come and sit, looked Luo Peng up and down, and said: “Cousin, your suit is very imposing.”

Luo Peng was happy and said: “Yeah, right, Brother Zhan, you have a good eye.”

“Especially like a boss[4].”


“Hahaha…” Everyone in the room laughed.

Luo Peng looked depressed.

Yu Siyang patted his arm to comfort him.

Seeing that the time was almost right, Zhan Heng stood up from the sofa, and gracefully made a gesture towards Yu Siyang, and Yu Siyang quickly turned half of his body to avoid it.

“Don’t be nervous.”

Zhan Heng patted Yu Siyang on the back and walked out of the room side by side with Yu Siyang. They went down from the passage other than the VIP passage. An extended Mercedes-Benz was parked in front of the door. The two got into the car one after another. The car drove up the main road, made a big circle, and returned to the main entrance of the hotel.

The driver hurriedly got out of the car to help open the rear door. Zhan Heng came out first, and the flashlights stretched into a film[5] the moment he stepped on the red carpet. The media and fans who were stopped outside shouted Zhan Heng’s name.

Zhan Heng did not step onto the red carpet immediately, but turned around in front of the car, bowed slightly, and stretched out his left hand, very much a gentleman.

The sound of the shutter sounded more frequently at the scene, and the media were excited to think that Zhan Heng had brought a female companion tonight.

Everybody knows that Zhan Heng has always been on the red carpet, either with the crew or alone, and has never had a female companion. Is this breaking the convention? Which woman can make the Film Emperor break the routine?

Yu Siyang glanced at the hand that was almost poking into his face, and helplessly put his hand on it.

He is not a girl, why should he be led out like this?!

The moment he stepped on the red carpet, Yu Siyang adjusted the smile on his face impeccably. After standing still, he removed his hand from Zhan Heng’s hand and made a “please” gesture towards Zhan Heng.

Fans standing on a high place on the periphery saw him and were silent for a while. Some fans suddenly rose in blood and screamed: “Official CP sugar la la la la la la la —”

Yu Siyang waved to the media and followed Zhan Heng to slowly walk towards the venue. He murmured silently in his heart: Nowadays, young people have big brains. When the movie is released, they will see my role beating Brother Zhan with all kinds of brutality, and then we’ll see if they will still chase our CP.

After signing his name on the background board and letting the on-site media take photos, the staff guided Zhan Heng and Yu Siyang into the venue. The charity party was not an awards ceremony, so there was no interview.

As soon as he entered the venue, Yu Siyang was led away by Xue Chengxiu.

When he turned around, Xue Chengxiu took a faint glance at Zhan Heng, and saw Zhan Heng with a sharp look. Zhan Hang quickly found Wei Xiaofeng, who was talking to others, and asked coquettishly: “Xiaofeng, I didn’t offend the boss, why did the boss use that kind of horrible look to look at me?”

“Which kind of look?”

“Like he just wanted to chop off my hand.”

Wei Xiaofeng’s gaze swept across the big screen on the stage, the screen was broadcasting the red carpet in front of the hotel. The broadcast was live, he then swept his gaze over Zhan Heng’s left hand and snorted in his heart: I also want to chop your hand.

Zhan Heng said: “Yes, that’s the look in the eyes.”

Wei Xiaofeng: “…”

It’s true that the older you get, the stupider you are, huh, be thankful I don’t dislike you for your stupidity.

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[1] Enjoying the situation silently.

[2] People who help others.

[3] As soon as the work of the matchmaker was done, he was ignored and thrown away.

[4] A gangster.

[5] A film of pictures was clicked and there was hundreds of flashlights.

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