TBLF Ch. 49

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Qi Ying woke up in his arms.

When she opened her eyes, she was still dazed, her little head rubbed against his neck, and her lips rubbed his chin, soft and moist.

Ji Rang felt her body tremble as if she had received an electric shock, and he asked her in a low voice, “Awake?”

She nodded, rubbed her eyes, Ji Rang smiled, and bent over to put her down. Qi Ying woke up completely when she stood on the ground, blinked, suddenly thought of something, opened her hands and looked at it, there was nothing.

She felt wronged and turned her attention to Ji Rang.

Where’s my candied haws?

Ji Rang laughed: “Drop it, I will buy again next time.” He lowered his head to re-tie the scarf for her: “Let’s go back and get a good sleep.”

Qi Ying nodded obediently.

When they got home, Uncle and the others were still asleep. She took a shower lightly and then climbed onto the bed to continue sleeping. Uncle knew that she had only come back early in the morning, so he didn’t wake her up and she slept until lunch.

After lunch, the family was going to visit relatives. They were going to the relatives of the aunt. Qi Ying didn’t know them, and Yu Cheng also didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. So he left two hundred yuan for her and asked her to invite her classmates in the afternoon and eat delicious food.

Yu Zhuo was too envious. He hated meeting relatives the most, especially when those relatives asked him how many points he had in the final exam. It’s a pity that he had to go and followed his parents out.

Only Qi Ying was left at home. She first sent Ji Rang a message to tell him that she was awake, but she did not receive a reply, and thought that he was probably still asleep. So, she sent a message to Yue Li to ask her to go shopping in the afternoon.

Yue Li sent a crying expression: I am visiting with relatives in the country, and I will make an appointment when I come back!

It seemed that everyone was visiting relatives on the first day of the new year. Qi Ying thought about it, and simply packed his bags and went to the library. Fortunately, it is the National Public Library, which is also open at this time. The library is extremely empty, and she is basically the only one.

Qi Ying did high school chemistry problems and memorized the words of the first few units of English for the next semester. She left after five o’clock and stood at the entrance of the library with her schoolbag on her back and checked the map, preparing to find something to eat in a delicious restaurant.

When she was checking the surrounding area of the map, a black Lincoln stopped in front of her, the window was rolled down, and a radiant heat with the fragrance of the forest came out.

Ji Weiyan greeted her with a gentle smile: “Little girl, do you still remember me?”

Half of Qi Ying’s face was wrapped under the scarf. Shy Ying nodded slightly with slight timidity in her eyes.

Ji Weiyan saw that she was a little nervous, opened the car door and walked down, and said warmly, “I am Ji Rang’s father. I want to treat you to a meal, can I?”

Qi Ying grabbed the strap of the schoolbag with her fingers, not knowing whether to agree or refuse.

She doesn’t like contact with unfamiliar people, and she knows that she can’t just get in other people’s cars.

But this uncle is the general’s father.

In the last life, when she entered the mansion, the old general had already passed away. She only heard from others how the respected general was brave and good at fighting, and the tiger father had no dog son[1], and his son was not inferior to his former style.

Qi Ying pursed her lips and nodded seeing Ji Weiyan’s patient and kind eyes.

Ji Weiyan smiled and opened the door for her, “Get in the car, it’s cold outside.”

Qi Ying got into the car, took her schoolbag off and held it in her arms, a little cautious. Ji Weiyan sat next to her and told the driver to drive before turning to ask her: “Little girl, what is your name?”

Qi Ying took out the phone and typed in the memo: Uncle, my name is Qi Ying.

Ji Weiyan’s face flashed with a touch of astonishment, and then he asked, “You…can’t speak?”

Qi Ying nodded.

Ji Weiyan didn’t know what it was like in his heart, so he sighed silently and touched her head affectionately, “Good child, it doesn’t matter.” He said softly, “What would Yingying want to eat?”

Qi Ying typed and said: I can eat anything.

Ji Weiyan thought about what children of this age liked to eat, but found that he didn’t know at all, and finally ordered the driver to go to the French restaurant he frequented.

The environment is quiet and there are a lot of flowers planted. The little girl should like it.

As the car drove onto the street, Ji Weiyan asked her a few words about the situation in the school, and Qi Ying typed in earnestly to answer him. Knowing that she had passed the ninth grade in the final exam, he smiled and asked, “Arang has made such a big improvement this semester. Did you help him?”

Qi Ying was a little shy, typing and saying: He is smart and hardworking.

The two were chatting, Ji Weiyan’s cell phone rang, and the car was quiet. After connecting, Qi Ying heard the violent voice: “Mr. Ji, Mrs. fainted again!”

Ji Weiyan’s face changed: “Did Dr. Chen go there?”

“Already called, on the way.”

He said in a deep voice, “I know, I will be back.”

The driver heard it too, and when he hung up, he asked, “Mr Ji, do you want to go home?”

Ji Weiyan looked out the window. The car was already on the elevated bridge and they couldn’t get off for a while. He calmed his mind and asked Qi Ying, “Yingying, Uncle has to go home immediately. Would you like to visit at Uncle’s house?”

Qi Ying hesitated.

He gently said, “You can go and see where Arang grew up.”

Qi Ying knew that he had to rush home, it was not convenient to take her home now, and he could not leave her on the elevated bridge, so she nodded.

The car drove all the way back to Ji’s house.

Ji’s family house is located in Palm Garden, a well-known wealthy villa area in the suburbs, and it was a three-story single-family villa. The car drove directly into the private basement, and the elevator next to it went directly to the living room.

Qi Ying kept her eyes down and kept holding her schoolbag, not looking around randomly.

Ji Weiyan asked the nanny to bring her a drink, and said warmly: “Yingying, take a look at Arang’s room. It is at the end of the corridor on the second floor. I’ll be back in a while.”

She nodded obediently, Ji Weiyan smiled, and then hurried up to the third floor.

The nanny soon brought her several drinks and cut fruit. Qi Ying was a little unaccustomed to staying in such an unfamiliar environment. After taking a carton of milk, she climbed the stairs to the second floor and found Ji Rang’s room.

The door was closed, and she reached out and took the handle of the door and turned it open.

The big, cleaned room is full of daily necessities, but it can still be seen that this room has not been occupied for a long time.

Qi Ying walked in slowly.

On the desk stood a row of tutorial books for junior high school, with a pen holder full of pens, piled up with thick piles of calligraphy books. The bookcase next to it was full of must-read literature masterpieces for teenagers, as well as various comic books and military magazines.

Near the floor-to-ceiling windows, there is a large glass cabinet full of models of various guns and tanks. There was a trophy on the bookcase. Qi Ying stopped his feet and looked at it. It turned out to be the champion trophy of the National Youth Shooting Competition.

Next to the trophy is Ji Rang’s winning photo.

The teenager in the photo looks very young, probably only twelve or thirteen years old, with a tight face, serious expression, a gun in his hands, standing straight and upright, aiming at the front intently.

Even if the appearance hadn’t matured yet, it’s hard to hide his handsome appearance.

Ji Rang in the photo does not have the indifferent hostility that he has now. That self-confident and awe-inspiring temperament attracted everyone’s attention like the dazzling sun.

Qi Ying took out his phone and took a picture of the trophy and the photo frame. Just after taking the photo, the WeChat group popped out a few messages and Qi Ying clicked in.

It was in the group “I fight and smoke but I am a good student”, Qu Da Zhuang @Ji Rang to go to the sixth middle school to play basketball.

Ji Rang said: I’m not going, my hands are sore.

Qu Dazhuang asked: What happened? Did you fight the punching bag all night last night?

Ji Rang sent a rolling eyes emoji.

Qu Dazhuang @Qi Ying: If you want to go on a date with @QiYing, just say it! Don’t fool me with the excuse of being sore.

Ji Rang ignored him and saw the message Qi Ying had sent him at noon and replied: I just woke up, have you eaten yet?

Qi Ying sat down by the bed, thought about it, and told him the truth: No, I just ran into your father outside the library.

Ji Rang’s reply came back almost instantly: Where are you?

Qi Ying posted the photo that she had just taken.

There was no reply for a long time.

Qi Ying waited for a while, put her phone away, and looked around the room again. It took more than ten minutes to receive Ji Rang’s reply: Stay in the room and don’t run around, I will pick you up.

She obediently returned a “ok”.

She didn’t mess with the things in the room, just sat down at the desk and looked through the pile of yellowed copybooks. From the crooked strokes to the flowing handwriting, it was almost conceivable that a teenager was sitting here holding a pen and practicing handwriting.

It turns out that his handwriting is so beautiful.

Can also shoot and won the championship.

He has read so many literary masterpieces.

She knew that he was amazing and great!

After a while, the door behind her was knocked. Qi Ying turned her head, Ji Weiyan stood at the door with a gentle smile: “Yingying, uncle is done with things, let’s go.”

She put the copybook down and followed him downstairs.

There is a doctor-like person standing in the living room, explaining to a nurse: “Observe the vital signs for another night, and send me the records tomorrow morning. Be careful not to let her mood fluctuate during this period, and her emotions should not be influenced, or she might get heart palpitations.”

The nurse nodded repeatedly and saw Ji Weiyan come down and asked him: “Mr. Ji, are you going to leave?” Ji Weiyan nodded, and the nurse said: “Madam also asked me to ask if you are eating at home tonight. She rarely has an appetite. I just told Aunt Zhang to go shopping.”

Ji Weiyan smiled: “No tonight, I have an appointment with the child, let the wife eat by herself.”

The nurse looked at Qi Ying who was standing next to him curiously, and wanted to ask about her, when the door behind her was suddenly slammed open.

The hostile young man had cold eyes, and his steps were big and fast. No one had even reacted yet. He had walked straight to Qi Ying’s side, pulled her wrist and dragged her away.

The nurse reacted and said angrily: “Who are you?! How come you break into the house!”

Ji Weiyan scolded her: “Shut up!” He hurried to catch up a few steps, “Arang!”

Ji Rang didn’t want to stay for a second in this place, but still he stopped, glanced at the bewildered girl next to him, and turned back.

Qi Ying watched by the side. He tried his best to calm his tone, but still couldn’t hide the anger in his eyes. He stared at Ji Weiyan and said: “Please get out of my sight from now on and you are not allowed to appear in front of her again. “

Ji Weiyan was so angry at his relentless words: “What kind of jerk are you!” He walked a few steps to Ji Rang, took a few deep breaths and calmed down his tone: “I just wanted to invite Yingying to eat a meal. She helped you a lot in your studies, and I am very grateful to her.”

Ji Rang looked at him sarcastically: “My business has nothing to do with you.”

Ji Weiyan didn’t want to confront him tit-for-tat: “Having finally returned home, stay for a meal. It just happens to be Chinese New Year. What do you want to eat, I will let the aunt cook it.”

The boy looked at his eyes as if looking at an enemy: “Eating in this place, I will vomit with disgust.” He glanced at the doctors and nurses standing next to him, without knowing what he thought, then he deliberately smiled maliciously: “That woman died. Is it?”

At that moment, Ji Weiyan felt as if he had never really known his only son.

He only hoped that he can grows up well, and doesn’t ask him to win honor for anyone, as long as he has good conduct. But he was still degenerating. He could be regarded as rebellious for his bad boy actions before, but now the young boy’s face was vicious like a snake, making him look cruel and chilled.

He raised his hand and slapped him, as if to wake him up.

With a snap, he slapped Ji Rang’s face heavily.

The room was full of Ji Weiyan’s roar: “Look at what you look like now!”

Everyone was stunned.

Unexpectedly, Ji Weiyan, who had always been a gentle personality, could have such a fiery personality too.

What else Ji Weiyan wanted to say nobody got to know because Qi Ying, who had been standing next to him, suddenly rushed to Ji Rang.

She opened her hands to protect the young man behind her, like an angry little leopard, staring at the opposite man, as if, if he did anything more, she would pounce on him and bite him.

She is thin and weak, and her slender figure is still trembling slightly.

But she tried to straighten her body and tiptoe, trying to block the teenager.

Ji Rang suddenly remembered many years ago.

In the same place, in the same scene, Ji Weiyan slapped him in front of everyone in the Ji family.

At that time, no one was on his side.

He glanced at them coldly, without saying a word, turned and walked out the door, never coming back.

Now, he was slapped again and the girl stepped in front of him in this place that he hated and disgusted, but he was not at all desperately anger like the last time.

He lowered his eyes, stretched out his hand to hold the girl’s delicate wrist, and whispered: “Yingying, we are going.”

Qi Ying turned around.

The soft eyes flushed red.

Seeing the gentle smile on the boy’s face, she nodded obediently.

He led her out the door.

There was faint winter sunshine outside.

He heard a shallow sob, and when he turned his head, the little girl was crying.

It was as if she had been beaten.

Ji Rang stopped, squatted down in front of her, smiled and comforted her: “Little fool, why are you crying? Weren’t you fierce just now?”

With tears streaming down her face, she stretched out her soft fingers and carefully touched his red and swollen right cheek, as if asking him: Does it hurt?

He rubbed her face against her warm fingertips: “It doesn’t hurt, don’t cry.”

Qi Ying pressed her lips and held back tears.

Leaning over, pursing his mouth, he whispered softly to her.

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[1] A strong father does not give birth to a weak son.

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