TBLF Ch. 50

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Only the last ray of sun remained on the horizon, falling between her eyebrows, eyes and hair, coating it with a soft light. When calling him, she was serious and well-behaved.

Ji Rang felt that his heart was so soft that it turned into water.

He couldn’t help teasing her: “No way.”

Qi Ying blinked.

He said: “It’s only useful if you kiss.”

The little girl was really amused by him. After a moment of stunned astonishment, her soft cheeks gradually got covered by blush. She looked at him hesitantly, as if thinking about where to kiss.

The sight was clean, clear and soft. Ji Rang was ashamed of his stray thoughts.

He smiled, stood up with his palms on his knees, rubbed her head, and continued to walk out with her wrists in his hand: “Aren’t you hungry? I’m so hungry. Let’s go to eat.”

Qi Ying showed him the restaurant she had found near the library.

Ji Rang asked, “Want to eat here?”

She nodded obediently.

He laughed: “Okay, then we’ll go eat this.”

His mountain bike was parked outside Shizi Road, slanting and wasn’t locked. Ji Rang took out the pink helmet and put it on her, fastened the helmet, smiled and asked, “Should I drive fast or slow?”

Bad guy, knowing she can’t speak.

Sitting behind can’t even type.

She pinched his thin waist with her fingers.

Ji Rang smiled due to the itchiness caused by her fingers and didn’t forget to tease her: “If you don’t speak, I will assume that you want me to drive fast by default.”

With a roar of the engine, Qi Ying hugged his waist tightly in fright.

But he just wanted to make her happy and forget the unpleasant scene just now. The bike drove safely and slowly, how could he be willing to frighten his baby.

When the gate of the villa area was opened, an old security guard was teaching the new security guard: “What are you talking about! That’s the young master of the Ji family! I ask you to learn more about the household information, and all you know is how to play with your mobile phone! I think I should fire you!”

At the other end, the patrol team that received the news was standing in the living room apologizing to Ji Weiyan: “Sorry, Mr. Ji, we received the news that someone broke into your house. It was the security guard who misunderstood. He just started the job and has never seen the young master. I’m sorry.”

Ji Weiyan waved his hand tiredly: “It’s okay.”

The patrol guard made a few more apologies before leaving. The atmosphere in the house was embarrassing and silent, footsteps came from the stairs, and a sickly woman came down and asked him softly: “Is Arang back?”

Ji Weiyan turned his head and frowned: “What are you doing here?”

“When I heard you yelling, I came down to have a look.” She looked at him reproachfully: “The child finally came back, what did you scold him for?”

Ji Weiyan’s heart was too tired: “Don’t worry about it, go back and lie down.” Turning around and calling the nurse: “Xiao Rong, help Madam to go back to the room.”

The nurse responded quickly and climbed upstairs in two or three steps to hold the woman’s weak arm. She looked at her husband’s exhausted appearance, sighed, and turned upstairs.

After going up to the third floor, the nurse said in a low voice, “Madam, that was the son of Mr. Ji you told me about? He looks so fierce. It’s completely different from what you described. I didn’t recognize him.”

The caregiver had come to Ji’s house to take care of her just two or three years ago.

The woman asked softly: “What were they arguing about?”

The nurse stubbornly didn’t dare to repeat the boy’s question about whether she was dead or not and said lightly: “Mr. Ji brought a little girl home, likely a friend of Master Ji’s.”

The woman was helped back to lie on the bed. She has severe heart palpitations, has been in bed all the year round, and dare not speak loudly.

The nurse reattached the instrument for measuring the heart rate and blood pressure for her, only to hear her sigh softly and said: “It is hard to find a breakthrough for the relaxation of the father-son relationship. What to do? It is estimated that it will worsen in the future.”

The caregiver comforted her: “This son, Mr. Ji, will surely come back in the future. If nothing else, someone must inherit the family business.”

The woman shook her head: “The child has a stubborn personality. After being misunderstood that year, he left home. No one was able to persuade him to come back. After so many years, there is no sign of relaxation, I don’t know…”

She paused and said nothing after all, closing her eyes weakly.

The nurse looked at the woman’s pale face, she thought to herself that it would be fine if the wife also had a child.

It’s a pity that her life is not that good. After two miscarriages, it was impossible to give birth again in this life.

The restaurant that Qi Ying searched on the map is a bit similar to private kitchens, with a mediocre taste, but the environment is very elegant, and it can be regarded as a small well-known online celebrity check-in shop.

When the two people were sitting by the window eating, there were many well-dressed girls taking pictures in the store.

A girl with pink hair accidentally took a picture of the teenager by the window when she was taking a selfie. It was only seen in the mirror. She zoomed in and quickly greeted the sister who was with her at the table: “Look at this little brother in the mirror! He is so handsome, sitting right behind by the window!”

The little sister laughed and scolded her: “You want me to be as shameless as you, this boy is obviously a high school student. You can be a pair of older sister and little brother.”

The pink-haired girl gave her a “bah”, turned around and looked at him secretly, and turned her head excitedly when she saw something: “Fuck the little girl next to him is so cute! Oh my God, what kind of fairy couple I have met. Let’s go over and get a feel of love! Try to get the order as soon as possible!”

Ji Rang was peeling shrimp for Qi Ying.

The chef had removed the shrimp thread, but the shrimp shells are still there. He pressed the shrimp heads with chopsticks, peeled off the shells with gloves, and put the drenched shrimp meat in the sauce and placed it on the saucer in front of Qi Ying.

She liked to eat shrimp very much, so he didn’t eat any of them but peeled them all for her.

He was peeling the last one, and suddenly he heard someone next to him asking: “Two kids, can I take a picture of you?”

Ji Rang was most impatient of these.

He always gave a cold answer.

As soon as his face became impatient, Qi Ying pulled on the corner of his clothes, shook her head at him with her lips pressed, as if to tell him not to get angry.

Ji Rang lowered his eyes, listened to her, didn’t get angry, and even smiled at the pink-haired girl, but his tone was not very soft: “Sorry, no.”

The girl was a little disappointed, but didn’t force him, she praised Qi Ying to hide her embarrassment: “Little sister, you are so beautiful and cute. You must have grown up drinking fairy dew.”

Qi Ying smiled obediently at her.

Ji Rang was next to her: “You want to take a picture? Take it.”

Girl: Huh???

As long as you praise my little fairy as cute, we are friends.

After taking the photo and going back, the pink-haired girl had lingering fear and said to the little sister: “Fuck me, I was deceived by his looks! That boy is so fierce, he just scared this baby to death. Fortunately, the little girl next to him is soft. Hey, they really balance each other out.”

The two people had finished their meal and left.

It was still early, but the sky was already dark.

The streets on the first day of the new year were full of people seeking fun.

Opposite the restaurant was a shopping mall, and movie trailers were playing on a large LED screen at the door. New Year’s Eve movies were released in groups, and people watching movies were also in an endless stream.

Ji Rang lowered his head and asked her: “Would you like to go to the movies?”

All comedy movies are full of laughter, which helps to improve the mood.

He eagerly hoped that she could completely forget the unpleasantness of today.

Qi Ying hadn’t been to the movies with him and nodded a little excitedly. Ji Rang smiled and led her across the road. As soon as they entered the cinema, they smelled the rich buttery fragrance of popcorn.

Qi Ying was immediately attracted and pulled his sleeve.

Ji Rang poked her in the face: “Why are you so greedy, you just ate.”

So, he let her buy popcorn and milk tea first, and then let her choose movies while eating it.

Ji Rang didn’t know which one was good, so he could only pick-up familiar comedians on the posters.

For example, a certain comedian surnamed Shen, he thinks is very good.

When he was about to turn around and ask Qi Ying if it was OK, he saw her excitedly pointing at an unremarkable propaganda poster on the very side.

Spooky black background, black moon and high wind, scarlet headline:

——”Raise the Coffin and Drive Away the Dead”

Ji Rang: ???

For the New Year, you want Lao Tzu to watch ghost movies with you?

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