TBLF Ch. 51

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Ji Rang felt that the film crew was really damn talented, as they chose to launch the film on the Chinese New Year.

The whole family happily watches movies for the New year. They all have fun. Who the hell will watch ghost movies? Let’s set aside that scaring is not fun, it is also not auspicious.

He doesn’t understand the world of entertainment.

This movie theater was also awesome, decorated with wishes of auspicious days, they dared to post such gloomy propaganda posters, and dared to arrange such movie screenings. Although it was just this one, it was such a coincidence that they saw it.

Under Qi Ying’s excited and expectant gaze, the boss went to buy tickets in despair.

He chose a location while buying, and then saw something incredible, what the fuck? The seat in the middle was actually sold.

Which warrior is so different and dares to challenge himself?

Ji Rang was immediately in awe!

He chose the seat a row behind the man.

When it was almost time, the staff on the radio announced: “Please go to the ticket gate No. 3 to check in the tickets for the customers who bought tickets for “Raise the Coffin and Let the Dead Come” at 8:15.”

Ji Rang led Qi Ying in with an expressionless face against the stunned expressions around him.

The movie hall was dark, with only a few dim lights on, and an advertisement was being broadcast on the big screen. The warrior in the middle was already there, wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, holding a bucket of popcorn, and sitting down.

Ji Rang took a closer look and found that the warrior was actually Wu Rui.

What’s wrong with the first ranker???

Wu Rui didn’t seem to expect that besides himself, there were people who would be watching horror movies on New Year’s Day. Seeing familiar faces, excitement suddenly appeared on his face, and he stood up with popcorn in his arms: “Student Ji! Student Ying! What a coincidence!”

Qi Ying waved her hand happily, Ji Rang’s eyes twitched a little, and when they walked to the row behind him and sat down, Wu Rui was still excited: “You also like to watch horror movies?”

Ji Rang suddenly remembered that the last time Qu Dazhuang was playing a movie in the classroom during self-study, he immediately stayed as soon as he heard it was a horror movie. It seems that he has this hobby.

Before the movie started, Wu Rui turned to chat with them and asked Ji Rang: “Have you finished your winter homework?”

Ji Rang’s tone had a faint inadvertent pride: “I have written it a long time ago. The teacher’s tuition for the first year of high school is also over.”

Wu Rui did not hesitate to praise him: “Very good classmate Ji! I believe you will be able to catch up with the normal course schedule of the school soon!”

Qi Ying followed and gave him a thumbs up sitting next to him.

Ji Rang was embarrassed by the two good students. Fortunately, the lights dimmed, and the familiar dragon mark appeared on the big screen. The movie finally began.

The two horror film lovers immediately devoted themselves to the movie.

Accompanied by flashing subtitles, the weird and gloomy background music surrounded them from all 360-degree angles in the movie hall. Ji Rang shivered, almost spilling the Coke in his hand.

No, he was not afraid, he was just not ready.

He can do this!

The boss is fearless!

After ninety minutes, the movie was over.

Wu Rui in the front row turned around and asked Qi Ying enthusiastically: “Did you see who the real murderer is?”

Qi Ying nodded excitedly and put her two small hands together a blossoming motion.

There is a flower character in the name of the murderer.

Wu Rui said excitedly: “No, it’s not her, it’s her ex-husband!”

Qi Ying blinked suspiciously. Obviously, the two watched the movie but couldn’t even agree on who the real murderer was. After arguing for a long time, the two people looked at Ji Rang and asked him to mediate.

Player Ji Rang had closed his eyes throughout the movie, so he threw a chilly look at the opponent.

Throwing knives with his eyes.

When they left the cinema, it was already very dark. It was cold in the twelfth lunar month, with sleet and icy wind blowing, making people shiver. Wu Rui bade them goodbye and ran to the bus stop to wait for the bus.

Ji Rang called a taxi to take Qi Ying home. When waiting for the car, he wrapped most of her head with a scarf, then pulled off the down jacket to block her in front of him, almost wrapping her whole person in his arms.

In the end, Qi Ying hadn’t fought for the result with Wu Rui. After getting in the taxi, she searched for the title of the movie with her mobile phone and checked the ending online.

Ji Rang really didn’t expect the little girl to be so courageous. He was a little unconvinced. He stretched out his hand and poked her soft face and asked her deliberately, “Aren’t you going to be afraid when going upstairs alone later?”

Qi Ying shook her head with her eyes curved into crescents.

He did not give up, and asked: “Will you have nightmares when you sleep at night?”

Qi Ying continued to shake her head.

The boss felt a deep sense of frustration in his heart, and even his hair was almost pulled out.

Qi Ying tilted her head and looked at him for a while, and suddenly realized something. Her first reaction was to laugh, but for the dignity of the boy, she held back. She used her mobile phone to type and asked: Are you afraid to go home alone?

Ji Rang sullenly said, “How can I be afraid? I’m not a kid.”

Qi Ying asked again: Will you have nightmares when you go home at night?

Ji Rang laughed angrily and poked her head: “Who did the little fool learn so badly from, that she is taunting me?”

The little idiot pursed her lips and smiled, after thinking about it, she loosened her scarf, and pulled out a red rope hanging around her neck. A small jade leaf hung on the red rope.

She took Ji Rang’s hand and placed the little leaf on his palm.

Because it was placed close to her body, the leaf was still warm from her body temperature.

When school just started, she and Yue Li went to visit Silver Elephant City and bought it at a small stall on the street. The stall owner wore Hanfu[1] and sold antique jewelry. Although they were all cheap small items, they were exquisitely crafted, and she saw this jade leaf at first glance.

She always wore it next to her body as an amulet.

Ji Rang looked down at the jade leaf that did not look good in color[2], but his palm was slightly hot. After a long time, he raised his eyes and asked her: “Giving it to me?”

Qi Ying nodded seriously, typing, and saying: It’s an amulet, don’t be afraid.

Ji Rang said, “You gave me the amulet, what will you do?”

She bent her eyes and typed, a little proud: I am bold.

He stared at her for a while, then after a long while, he raised his lips and laughed, and said in a low voice, “Well, I’m not afraid anymore.”

He put the jade leaf on his neck and put it in his clothes properly.

When the taxi reached outside the community, Qi Ying didn’t let him get off, she jumped out of the car with her schoolbag on her back and waved to him with a smile. The car turned around and continued to drive to Ji Rang’s house.

He sat in the car with his palms pressed against the leaf resting on his chest and laughed lowly.

The new year was over in a blink. High school students have tight study schedules. There are not many vacations. Haiyi’s high school classes for the third-year students started on the seventh day of the new year, and the second-year high school were no better. They had only three more days, their classes started on the tenth day of the new year.

Yu Zhuo only started to rush through his homework on the eighth day.

He was crying and begging his sister to help write his math papers.

Qi Ying was so soft-hearted that she could not resist his pleading. In these last two days, she had promised to go to the library with Ji Rang to read books. In the end, she could only break the appointment and accompany Yu Zhuo to work at home.

After Ji Rang heard of this, he put Yu Zhuo on the list of “must be dealt with” this semester.

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[2] Quality of jade is judged by its color.

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