TCYEC Ch. 47

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Yu Siyang has been preparing for the scene of “The Death of the Foster Friend” for nearly a month. In this scene, there were a large number of lines in which the friend denounced the corrupt officials of the dynasty before his death, and the voice in which they were to be spoken would extremely test the actor’s line delivery skills.

In the past month, in addition to filming and promoting “Poisonous Delicacy”, Yu Siyang had been going to the famous voice acting artist Ouyang Su to learn when he had time.

Master Ouyang Su had retired long ago and no longer taught students. Every day he was very leisurely, that is, bringing his grandson to raise a dog, square dancing with a group of old ladies, and enthusiastically going to participate in the city square dance competition.

The old man had a weird temper. After he retired, he said that he didn’t want to teach students anymore. It was useless for anyone to pester him. He would frequently drive people away with crazy scolding.

Yu Siyang was worried about his performance in the death scene and was so anxious that he started getting angry. Xue Chengxiu felt distressed seeing this. He sent someone to invite Teacher Ouyang Su, but he failed several times, so he personally went to ask him to come out of the mountain[1]. He didn’t know what conditions he agreed to, but the old man was actually willing to guide Yu Siyang.

Wei Xiaofeng was stunned when he learned about it. Zhan Heng had visited his house several times before in order to invite Mr. Ouyang but was unable to.

But seeing Yu Siyang go out early and return late every day, where he was so tired that he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, Xue Chengxiu was even more distressed and asked Aunt Wang to change the method of stewing tonic soup and to prepare medicinal food for him.

His child is an extremely serious and hardworking person, and even the dangerous actions have to be performed by himself, and with this type of literary scene also, he will not shirk his responsibility.

During the two months of filming of “Traitor”, he didn’t know how many injuries he had suffered. The bruises on his body had never fully healed. It disappeared here, and then there were bruises someplace else.

For a child who was already thin, the baby fat on his face was almost gone.

But the more he understood this child, the more he understood the preciousness of his character. He may not be sleek and exquisite, but he won’t be troublesome. If he is serious about continuing in this field, he will throw away many people in the circle.

Knowing this, Xue Chengxiu never stopped Yu Siyang from doing what he wanted or thought he should do, and only helped him through the ups and downs when he needed it.

After learning for nearly a month, these two days were the time to check the results of the lessons. Master Ouyang specially came to the set to watch Yu Siyang’s live performance.

A lot of extras were gathered around the periphery, whispering gossip.

“Who is that old man? Director Liu is so polite to him?”

“I don’t know, it seems that Yu Siyang has invited him.”

“Yu Siyang? What is it for?”

“Who knows, he does a lot of things.”

“Okay, you can’t say grapes are sour if you can’t have them[2].”

“He doesn’t have a face like Yu Siyang, what else can he have? You are holding his stinky feet[3] here, and he can’t hear it. You can go hold it in person.”

“He also has a good face. If you also have such a face, you don’t have to play a small role with us here  but would already be the film emperor.”

“You …… “

“Okay, don’t make a noise, they are starting shooting, don’t talk, save yourself from being scolded by Liu.”

The clapper was ready to hit the board, and the extras snorted and watched the shooting inside the venue carefully.

In the main hall, Sima Lun knelt in the middle with a petition in his hand and said loudly: “The treacherous people in the court will not be spared. Even if Bei Rong is repelled, the people will not be peaceful. Minister requests your majesty, kill the foster friend.”

All ministers agreed. Kneeling down, they said in unison: “Please, your majesty, punish the foster friend.”

The foster friend waited on the side of the emperor’s throne, looking coldly at the ministers of civil and military affairs who wanted to kill him in the hall, and the mockery in his eyes was obvious.

Sima Lun raised his head, staring at the foster friend, and said again: “I beg your majesty, please kill the foster friend.”

Only King Qi who did not kneel and stood holding his hands behind his back, with a smirk at the corner of his mouth, was waiting to see the emperor’s joke.

The emperor did a good job, first he asked the queen mother, then the minister of authority. The huge country could not help him make the decision. Even if the king of Qi forced the palace to kill the emperor, he could only pretend to be magnanimous and forget the blame.

The only thing he could do in his life was to bring the first beauty of the capital into the palace to be his concubine, to severely hit King Qi’s face.

Now these people actually want him to kill the only one who is loyal to him.

The emperor was about to crack, his fists clenched tightly on his knees.

The traitor in the court… the traitor in the court… who is the true traitor?

It is the King of Qi, the prime minister, and these imperial courtiers and thieves in the hall.

“Your Majesty,” King Qi said slowly: “The traitors in the court are rampant, framing the loyal and good people, and the number of ministers who died in the hands of the foster friends are unknown. Shouldn’t your majesty give the officials an explanation?”

The emperor slowly turned his eyes. When he reached King Qi, his eyes were crimson, almost wanting to eat people.

It is a big joke that the biggest treacherous minister of this dynasty said that others are treacherous.

King Qi indifferently arched his hands, “I implore your majesty, please punish your foster friend.”

“Please, your majesty, punish your foster friend.” The officials again agreed in unison.

The emperor looked at the hall full of civil and military ministers, and felt that it was actually very empty, with him alone. The only person in the world who is loyal to him is about to die in his hands. He is really a useless emperor.

“Foster friend.”

The emperor’s hoarse and muddy voice was almost inaudible, but the foster friend heard it.

He slowly walked up to the throne, knelt down silently, the indifferent expression on his face was gone, looking up at the emperor he was loyal to in despair.

“Foster friend, do you know your guilt?” The emperor clenched his fists tighter, and his palms gradually poured blood.

“I don’t know!” The foster friend stood up abruptly, his face containing the madness of death. For the first time in so many years, he did not call himself a “eunuch “. He knew he was going to die, but he was going to die like a man, he was not a “eunuch”. He was a man who is upright and loyal to the emperor.

The foster friend turned around and stood on the dais, standing upright, looking down at the ministers kneeling down.

“In the tenth year of Tianqing, there was heavy snowfall in Yunyang, until December Wuchen night, there was thunder and lightning, and even an earthquake took place, the snow continued five days, and the land was covered with more than three feet of snow. The court allocated a million stone grains for relief and was to send it to the Qingyang government. The county opened a reserve warehouse. Isn’t it so? There was not even half of the grain in the reserve warehouse. Yunyang people froze and starved to death. Where the food went, you must know better than me. Minister Bu Shangshu, the entire household department went up and down, and collected all the taxes and grains of the year into its own treasury. How can there be grain in the reserve warehouse?”

If it wasn’t for his family not surviving that year, he would not have entered the palace, and he would never have been dying.

“In the fifteenth year of Tianqing, the military salary allocated by the court to Northern Xinjiang was robbed by bandits on the way. Millions of dollars disappeared without a trace. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Northern Xinjiang were hungry for a cold winter. They had to kill warhorses that were about to freeze and starve to death. Let me ask where the bandits dare to act so boldly. It is your own leader who pretends to be a robber…”

“Foster friend, don’t spray people with blood[4] if you are dying.”

The foster friend sneered: “I’m bloody and spraying? You kneel on the main hall and keep saying that you are going to kill the traitor. You dare to say that you are really upright and clean. The tea in southern Xinjiang is taxed 15% by the imperial court, but what about you? Ten percent extra tax is understandable, but even twenty or thirty percent is charged. Once the tea levy is collected, southern Xinjiang is scraped clean, but the treasury is still empty. Where did all those tea taxes go? In the private treasury of the loyal and upright ministers.”

“If the traitorous servants are not removed from the court, the people will not be peaceful? The whole dynasty is full of traitorous servants and treacherous ministers. As a loyal minister, these are the loyal and righteous person who make the people of the world unhappy.” The roar of the foster friend echoed in the hall, and the ministers’ foreheads were sweaty, and the faces of King Qi and Sima Lun changed.

“General Sima.” The friend slowly walked down from the dais, standing in front of Sima Lun, looking at him arrogantly, “There are too many people in the court to exclude dissidents, even if King Qi didn’t kill me.” Then he pointed at King Qi, and said: “Why, if you allow others to kill, don’t you allow me to kill the rebels who are not loyal to your Majesty? This is your loyalty?”

Sima Lun bowed his head.

The foster friend raised his chin and sneered: “Use my life to replace yours, General Sima on the expedition. Your face is really great. You’d better win this battle, otherwise…”

“I will win.” Sima Lun said firmly.

“You said it, I will do. I don’t know what’s going on anyway.” The foster friend took out a handkerchief from his sleeve pocket and slowly wiped the hand that squeezed Sima Lun’s chin.

After carefully wiping his hands again, he threw his handkerchief on Sima Lun’s face, turned and knelt down to the emperor, “Your Majesty, I will not be around your Majesty in the future, I hope your Majesty will take care.” As he said, his forehead was knocked heavily on the gold bricks under the throne.

The emperor waved his hand wearily, and a servant brought a glass of poisoned wine and walked to his foster friend.

The foster friend picked up the wine glass with unwillingness and resentment on his face but drank the poisoned wine without hesitation.

It is the type of poison that stops the flow of blood from the throat. He immediately started bleeding from his orifices, and his abdomen started having cramp-like pains. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the face of Prime Minister Rao, and thought that he had one last thing to do.

He exhausted his remaining strength to barely stand up and flew over. Prime Minister Rao didn’t want to die and was still struggling. He couldn’t avoid it. He immediately grabbed the back of his neck. His bright white and slender fingers became claws and crushed Prime Minister Rao’s cervical spine.

Prime Minister Rao’s eyes widened, forever staring at him.

“Hahahahaha…” The foster friend fell to the ground and laughed wildly.

At least…at least before his death, he took his revenge. It was enough to kill the culprit responsible for the death of his grandmother, younger siblings, partners, and villagers who died in the snow that year.

“Crack—” Liu Cai shouted.

Yu Siyang was lying on the ground, still unable to recover.

Master Ouyang came over, and Tang Hang followed suit, placing a stool next to Yu Siyang and letting the old man sit down.

“Xiaoyu, you acted too hard.”

Yu Siyang let out a dazed “ah”.

The old man patted his arm and said with a smile: “It’s not finished yet. Hurry up, go to the monitor, and the old man will tell you about your problem.”

Tang Hang lifted the person from the ground, Yu Siyang with fake blood on his face, and with such a sombre expression that he could go straight to shoot a horror movie, followed Mr. Ouyang towards the monitor.

The extras who had been watching from the outside of the field unanimously let out a sigh of relief. From the beginning of the shooting, they almost held their breath, their faces flushed.

The scene just now shocked them too much. Several actors played on the same stage and vividly showed them what is called crushing strength. No wonder that others are the actor, and they can only be in the background.

And the main focus of this scene, Yu Siyang did not lose importance in front of the film emperors. The long series of lines were very contagious, and the onlookers deeply felt the grief and anger of the characters.

Just now, the actor who said that Yu Siyang had only face couldn’t help but lower his head in shame. The other party has strength and beauty and is younger than himself. In such a comparison, he is defeated, what right does he have to be jealous.

“Yu Siyang is so handsome,” a girl extra held her cheeks and said, “His handsomeness is out of the earth, ahhhh…I want to join the food group…”

The jealous extra looked at the monitor silently. Yu Siyang, dressed in black, his face covered with blood, but fortunately it was not midnight, otherwise would he not scare people to pee themselves?!

Well, the girl is looking to his essence[5] apart from his face covered with fake blood.

“What’s your expression? Do you dare to say that Yu Siyang didn’t perform well.”

“No, it was very good.”


The extra sister shook her head proudly and continued to stare at Yu Siyang’s beauty.

Yi Jiaojiao said to the assistant next to her: “It’s fun to be young.”

The assistant rolled his eyes – it’s really fun for you old woman to eavesdrop on a group of actors and actresses.

Yu Siyang repeatedly watched his expression just now on the monitor, taking turns to watch each camera.

“Your expression here is a bit too much.” Old man Ouyang pointed to one of the shots. “This section is to show the angry shouts of the foster friend. The person is about to die. It should be a cry and not a growl. For the emperor, your facial expressions here are too big and exaggerated. “

Yu Siyang nodded.

Indeed, there is a shot in front of him, where his mouth was almost open big enough to see his tonsils.

“Your expression is just right for a TV drama. It can’t be used on the big screen. It will scare the children.” Master Ouyang joked.

Yu Siyang: “…” Can the old man stop telling cold jokes, smirking is so tiring.

Zhan Heng stood behind the old man and the young man. After listening to the old man’s guidance for a long time, he was amused by the old man’s cold jokes. He patted Yu Siyang on the shoulder and joked: “You can do it, Xiaoyu, Mr. Ouyang was invited out of the mountain by you.”

“Yes, Mr. Xue asked the teacher to guide me.” Yu Siyang whispered beside Zhanheng’s ear.

Well, the boss has great powers. Zhan Heng shrugged, he did not envy or hate at all.

He was still very curious about the reason why the old man came out.

“Teacher Ouyang, why are you willing to guide Xiaoyu? Back then, you didn’t come when I invited you at your cottage.”

Ouyang Su said dissatisfiedly: “Your home is the cottage.”

“Well, my home is the cottage.” Zhan Heng nodded like a chicken, “You tell me, why are you willing to guide Xiaoyu? Is it because Xiaoyu is better-looking than me?”

“Xiaoyu’s brother promised me a condition.”

“What condition is it?”

“The old man said proudly: “He will sponsor the dance team of our community to participate in the city’s square dance competition.”

Zhan Heng: “…”

That’s it?

This is really kidding me, right? right!

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[1] Come out of retirement.

[2] Criticise something because one can’t have it.

[3] Defending him in order to curry favor.

[4] Create rumors about others.

[5] She is looking under the surface level.

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