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On an autumnal, sunny Saturday, at the Huading Gymnasium in Yunzhong City, the first “Yunkai Bank” City Square Dance Competition was grandly held. All communities in the city selected 36 outstanding dance teams to compete for the Contest trophy.

Among them, a team named “Dance God” had the logo of Hengsheng Group printed on their dance clothes.

The other teams looked at the “God of Dance” costumes and whispered –

“Which community does this team belong to? It’s shameless enough to print the Hengsheng logo.”

“That’s right, our sponsors are the community’s convenience store. How about you?”

“Ours is the Aipet Pet Hospital in the community.”

“How can a group such as Hengsheng sponsor a community square dance team.”

“This is what my grandson said, then what are they doing?”


“Right, right, right, they are pretending.”

These old men and old ladies were talking so loudly, how could Master Ouyang Su not hear.

But he was not annoyed. He went through the crowd proudly and found a handsome-looking man in his twenties in the audience. He was dressed in light casual clothes and had a handsome face. “Xiao Xue, here, did you bring friends to meet the old man. Are they here? “

Xue Chengxiu nodded and introduced his friends to the old man, “Old man, these are my guests, Pei Ziteng, Ding Guanghe, Zhang Zhenqi, Zhuang Ze, this lady is Zhang Zhenqi’s fiancee Ge Rui, this child is my son. As for the one next to him, you should know him.”

He was referring to the person on his right who had his face tightly wrapped in a hat, glasses, and mask.

“Yes, Xiao Xue is indeed a trustworthy person.” The old man laughed, “You are the dragon among the people, and your friends are also the dragons and phoenix among the people. It is true that the powerful people are friends with the powerful people.”

Although Pei Ziteng’s face was dumbfounded, they were all human beings and would not express such emotions on their faces, and they also greeted Master Ouyang politely.

The tightly bound person also pulled down the mask a little and whispered: “Teacher, jiayou.”

“Xiaoyu can only go out under the covers now.” The old man patted the brim of the peaked cap on Yu Siyang’s head, bending it. He lowered the waist and teased the child in his arms, “Who is this kid, he looks so cute.” Xue Yunmu who was called cute, said loudly, “It’s Mumu.”

Old man Ouyang stared in surprise and said: “Ah…I thought it was a little pig.” Xue Yunmu looked at the grandfather blankly, then looked up at brother Yangyang, and then looked at his father. It took a long time to understand, and then he said pouting: “Grandpa is bad, Mu Mu is not a pig.”

“So fat, how is it not a pig?” The old man squeezed the fleshy cheek of the little fat man, um, it felt very good.

Xue Yunmu patted the old man’s hand away, and drilled into Yu Siyang’s arms, “I’m not a pig, not a pig…”

Yu Siyang quickly patted the coquettish little fat man in his arms and looked at the old man helplessly.

It is said that the young and old have similar temperaments, Teacher Ouyang really has a child’s temper. When Yu Siyang went to his home for class, he often saw him making fun of his grandson which caused his grandson to yell. He stood beside him and poured oil on the cheerful fire.

“Mrs. Wang, get that sign here soon.” Father Ouyang took out his cell phone to make a call after teasing the child.

Soon, an old lady in her sixties came over with a fancy cardboard.

“Xiao Xue, take it,” the old man took the cardboard and stuffed it into Xue Chengxiu’s hand. “When we’re on stage later, you can lift it up and give us support.”

“The old man is trendy enough, that’s for sure.” Pei Ziteng smiled.

Ouyang Su raised his chin proudly, as if to say: That is natural.

Yu Siyang craned his neck to look at the cardboard, only to see the words “As soon as the dancing god came out, the demons would disperse”.

“What’s the meaning of this sentence?”

“It means that other teams are all dancing demons.”


Holding this sign, we won’t be beaten by the old ladies of other teams, right?

It’s really worrying.

The old man Ouyang told him that Xue Chengxiu must raise the sign when they take the stage. Xue Chengxiu solemnly nodded and said that he would raise it. After that old man Ouyang returned to the team.

As soon as the old man left, Pei Ziteng immediately calmed down and asked: “Dad Xue, this is what you said is suitable for three or five friends interested in physical and mental health activities, to do on the weekend? To see the grandparents square dancing?”

“Yes. “

Are you kidding me?”

“What do you mean?”

Pei Ziteng wailed: “I am a good young man, why should I come to see a group of grandpas and aunts dancing square dance? It’s just offending…”

“There are kids here, what nonsense are you saying?” Zhuang Ze interrupted him in time.

Sure enough, Dad Xue looked at him with a razor-sharp gaze, and Pei Ziteng made a zipper movement on his mouth.

“Chengxiu, did you promise that old man?” Zhang Zhenqi asked his fiancee to open the lid of a bottle of juice.

Xue Chengxiu nodded but didn’t say why.

Yu Siyang remembered that the teacher had said that Mr. Xue sponsored their dance team, and that was the reason that the teacher was willing to guide him.

But now he saw that it was not just sponsorship.

“Mr. Xue?” He pulled on the sleeves of Xue Chengxiu, and his big, black-rimmed glasses couldn’t hide the worry and anxiety in his eyes.

Xue Chengxiu understood what his child was worried about, so he patted his hand comfortingly and said, “It’s okay, it’s not a big deal.”

“Then what exactly did you promise the teacher?” If the conditions are too harsh, he must help Mr. Xue to reject the teacher.

The expression on Xue Chengxiu’s face stiffened, and all of them were very curious, so he had to speak it out.

“Heng Sheng had to sponsor the master’s dance team.”

“What else?”

“Bring friends to the scene to cheer for the master.”

“Is there any more?”

Xue Chengxiu swung the stupid cardboard in his hand with humiliation.

——This is support, don’t you all see it!!!

Several people looked at each other for a long while and burst into laughter.


Xue Chengxiu’s face was dark.


Blue veins burst from Xue Chengxiu’s forehead.


“Have you laughed enough!”

“Hahaha…not enough, not laughing at you…this old man is so funny …”

Xue Chengxiu: “…” What’s funny, I don’t have any face left!

Yu Siyang shook Xue Chengxiu’s hand and said softly, “Thank you.”

Xue Chengxiu’s mood cleared for a second, and he thought-his child is really good and sensible.

“Will we go to the good club then?” Pei Ziteng finally laughed enough and asked about the original plan.

At first, it was a good weekend plan to have fun at the club. They didn’t expect to be taken to the gym to watch old people square dance.

He didn’t want to spend a day watching square dancing, there are still decades before him.

Xue Chengxiu nodded: “Go, the old man’s show is the sixth. We will leave after watching. We’ll reach about 11 o’clock to the club, just in time for lunch.”

Pei Ziteng shrugged, “Okay, now, we can only enjoy it. Let us take a look at the uncle and aunt’s group of demons.” An old lady wearing a classical dance costume happened to pass by Pei Ziteng, and when she heard his words, she immediately “pounced”: “You dance with demons, and your whole family dances with demons.”

Pei Ziteng: “…”

“Family, magic dance.” Xue Yunmu slapped his fat paw and joked at the expense of his Uncle Teng.

Pei Ziteng snatched the little fat man from Yu Siyang’s arms and tickled him frantically.

“Ahahahaha…” Xue Yunmu twisted and laughed in Pei Ziteng’s arms.

The square dance competition finally began when several big men were holding the little fat man and laughing.

First of all, it was still the routine city leader’s speech. After the city leader finished speaking, the district leader spoke, and then the organizer leader’s speech. After more than half an hour, it was finally over. The first team stood on the stage and had a good shape.

Then, the music started.

Xue Yunmu heard the song and immediately couldn’t sit still. He writhed in Ding Guanghe’s arms to get to the ground, still shouting slogans: “Dance, dance.”

“Dad Xue, your son wants to do it.”

“Huh?” Pei Ziteng asked.

“The dance taught in kindergarten during this time is on this song,” Xue Chengxiu said: “Mu Mu has just learned it, he is fresh, and he must dance when he hears this song.”

When Dad Xue explained, the child Mu Mu had already succeeded. He twisted from Uncle Guanghe’s arms, stood on the ground, raised his hands and stomped his butt in accordance with the rhythm, and the little fat on his body trembled.

Ding Guanghe pursed his lips, and he was shocked. Pei Ziteng next to him had already started laughing in a low voice. Zhang Zhenqi and his fiancee Ge Rui tried to control their expressions. Zhuang Ze turned his head away with an uncomfortable expression.

Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang had watched Little Fatty dance several times, and with that immunity, they did not find it funny at all.

The people who didn’t know him were already laughing.

With the chorus part of the song, Xue Yunmu also sang it along incompletely.

Pei Ziteng really couldn’t control himself, and he almost rolled out of the chair while laughing.

“Dad Xue, your son is… really funny.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

Xue Yunmu jumped into his father’s arms after dancing, begging for compliment: “Dad, was Mumu good-looking?”

Xue Chengxiu praised in seconds: “You jumped really well.”

The little guy was satisfied, and kissed his father a couple of times, and then he wanted to rush to kiss Yangyang, but his brother’s face was covered with a mask.

“Brother, why are you blocking your face?”

Yu Siyang squeezed his chubby paws and said, “Brother can’t let others see.”


“Because others will chase him when they see brother. “

Before, Yu Siyang had not been conscious that he was a hit and popular little fresh meat. He always felt that his life had not changed much from before. Until some time ago, he went shopping and was recognized by fans in a convenience store and was surrounded. He finally squeezed out of the convenience store and was chased by fans, almost scaring him to death.

Therefore, as long as he left the house, he tried to cover his face as tightly as possible. He really didn’t want to experience the feeling of being chased wildly again.

“Why?” The little fat man simply has a hundred thousand whys.

The child had really gotten bigger and more bearish, and Yu Siyang had a big head[1]. He seriously explained to the little guy why he couldn’t show his face to others and why others would chase him. The more he explained, the more the little guy asked “why”.

“Mr. Xue…” Yu Siyang pitifully asked for help.

Xue Chengxiu squeezed his son’s chubby face and said, “Brother must wear a mask. There is no reason.” It was simple and rude.

The child Xue Yunmu seemed to think seriously for a while and decided to accept his father’s explanation: “Mu Mu understands!”

Can it be done like this? Yu Siyang was dumbfounded.

Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows: Of course.

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[1] Was arrogant that he could explain it.

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