TCYEC Ch. 49

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After “The Traitor” was finished filming, Yu Siyang followed Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng straight to the imperial capital to discuss cooperation with P&H’s branch in the imperial capital.

After changing a few sets of clothes and taking a few photos, Yu Siyang left the two at the Imperial Capital and they continued to talk with the P&H people, while he went back to Yunzhong City on the same day.

There was a week’s holiday after the finishing of the shooting. He and Mr. Xue had made an appointment to take the little fat guy to a club in the suburbs on the weekend. Anyway, they didn’t need him for the negotiations.

Unexpectedly, before going to the club, they had to go to the gymnasium to support Teacher Ouyang.

This…well, the teacher treated him very well, and it is right to give the teacher some encouragement.

As for when they raised the sign, there was a burst of laughter around them, but they didn’t need to worry too much about this.

Mr. Xue’s friends all walked away pretending to be passers-by, this is also… this must be taken care of!

“Come back!” Mr. Xue, who held the sign “As soon as the god of dance came out, the demons would disperse”, shouted coldly.

A few people froze, they returned to their original positions with weeping faces, and honestly helped to lift the fancy cardboard above their heads.

“The one in the front is sick. Holding such a big sign. Others can’t see the stage.”

The sight of the people behind them was blocked. A scornful young man wanted to show his brave and fearless posture in front of his girlfriend so he took the lead.

With the early bird, the people around also echoed the young people and condemned these behaviours on the morality and quality level. Everyone felt that they were simply righteous.

The condemned Xue Chengxiu, Ding Guanghe, Pei Ziteng, Zhang Zhenqi, and Zhuang Ze turned their heads back together, staring at the scornful young man with cold expressions, and just watched without saying anything.

The stubborn young man was stunned by the powerful aura x 5, and tremblingly sat back to his seat, trying to shrink himself into a ball to reduce his sense of existence.

The upright condemnation of the masses also shut their mouths-ha ha ha, did they say anything just now? no!

The young man’s girlfriend said: “So handsome, so handsome, so handsome, five handsome guys with different styles…” To be so handsome, of course I will choose to forgive them!

The sniffy young man was grabbed by his girlfriend who shook his arms frantically, only to feel a mouthful of old blood[1] stuck in his throat.

The five people frightened the young man away with domineering eyes, then turned their heads back, earnestly holding the wonderful support card, with serious expressions as if they were holding an economic summit.

“We are just holding it like this? Shouldn’t we wave it?” Pei Ziteng asked suddenly.

“…” The four put their hands down together.

“Hey, you guys are too much!”

“Don’t you want to wave; we will give you a chance.”

“Don’t thank us too much.”

“As friends, we will still be satisfied with your little hobby.”

“Now, Start waving.”

Pei Ziteng was about to vomit blood, what kind of shabby friends are these all!

After finally getting to the old man Ouyang, they finished the dance and stepped off the stage. As soon as the performance was over, Pei Ziteng flew over and stuffed the cardboard into the old man’s arms, then quickly turned around, picked up Mu Mu and ran away.

Others hurriedly said goodbye to the old man and disappeared quickly.

“Smelly boy.” Ouyang Su shook his head and cursed with a smile.

A group of people escaped the gymnasium at an unprecedented speed, found their car in the parking lot, and hula la slipped away, afraid that the old man would chase them out and let them do something more exotic.

The club is located in the outer suburbs of the city, covering an open area. The main building is designed like a castle. The stadium, racecourse, hot springs, and landscapes are scattered around it. It is a favourite entertainment and health place for rich people in Yunzhong City.

When Yu Siyang was in the car, he had already taken off the things covering his face. Although the weather is not too hot now, it is very uncomfortable to cover it like this. Because the club is expensive, people who can afford to play here are also relatively few, and they are both rich and exclusive. “There should be no fans in the club running after me.”

Then they heard a scream when they got off the car: “Ahhhhh…Ahhhhh…”

Yu Siyang was dumbfounded, thinking nothing can be done casually.

“Zhenqi, why did you not directly introduce the leader, but called him the family of Xue Chengxiu.” Ge Rui stepped on her fiance’s foot, showing a fierce look, and turned to face Yu Siyang with the look of a fan. Then she said, “Master leader, I will introduce myself again. I am the leader of the second group of the food group. My name is Ge Rui.”

“Wh, what leader?” Yu Siyang looked around in a circle.

“Your fans, that is, us, have established an official support club. The name is Food Group, which is recognized by All Star Entertainment.” Ge Rui explained, “Of course the head of Food Group is you. I have many friends. I like the dishes you cook, but you haven’t updated Weibo for a long time.”

Yu Siyang said embarrassedly: “I’ve been busy these days, so…”

 “It’s okay, we all understand, the leader must take good care of your body.”

Pei Ziteng walked to Zhang Zhenqi’s side and pressed his shoulder, “What’s the situation? Your fiancee is still chasing stars when she is this old?”

Zhang Zhenqi was simply wronged. Why does his wife still chase stars? Why is she a fan girl now who looks like an imperial sister? Looking at other men with such enthusiastic eyes, where does she put her fiancee?

——Hey, don’t look anymore, look at me again… Look at him again and Xue Chengxiu will get angry, his face is dark, you should restrain yourself!

“Go in first.”

Xue Chengxiu took his son in one hand, walked past Ge Rui, supported Yu Siyang on the shoulders, and walked towards the lobby of the club.

The fan sister Ge Rui graciously followed, completely ignoring her fiancé.

“Zhenqi, you are broken in love, do you need your brother’s shoulder to let you cry.”

“Fuck off.”

The group of people walked into the lobby, and the club manager hurriedly greeted them, “Mr. Xue, Mr. Yu, Miss Ge, Mr. Zhang, Sir Pei, Mr. Ding, Mr. Zhuang, good noon, the restaurant is ready, you can eat in 20 minutes, may I request you go to the lounge for a while, okay?”

“Go to the stables, I will go to see my Snow White, it’s been a long time since I saw him.” Pei Ziteng said.

Zhuang Ze looked around the crowd and saw that everyone had no objection, and he said, “Then we’ll all go to the stables and you organise lunch on the side of the racecourse.”

“Okay.” The club manager led the way, and everyone took the golf cart to the racecourse.

Pei Ziteng’s Snow White, full name Pei Xuebai was a white Mongolian horse[2] with a big head and short neck, strong physique, wide chest, long mane and thick fur. He is a very handsome young horse.

At the same time, he is also a very domineering young horse.

It occupied a particularly spacious stable, pacing proudly in the stable, seeing Pei Ziteng who hadn’t seen him for many days, and snorted at him to express his dissatisfaction.

“Xuebai can’t be locked with other horses, it will bite other horses’ tails.” Xue Chengxiu whispered to Yu Siyang and also broke the embarrassing news that Pei Ziteng was thrown by Pei Xuebai 18 times.

Pei Ziteng was peddling Xue Chengxiu depressedly. It was the old calendar eight hundred years ago[3]. Do you have to tell him? He doesn’t want face!

“White.” Child Mu Mu lay down beside the stable, stretched out his short arms, trying to reach the big white horse in the stable.

Pei Xuebai seemed to like children very much, so he lowered his head docilely and let Xiao Mumu touch his face with his paws, without the noble and glamorous face he showed his master just now.

“So vain,” Xue Yunmu was very happy when he touched the big white horse.

The big white horse also snapped his nose in cooperation.

Ding Guanghe lifted the little fat man upside down, and asked, “Mumu, do you want to take a stroll on Baibai?”

“Yes,” Xue Yunmu said loudly.

Ding Guanghe looked at Pei Ziteng.

Pei Ziteng was very depressed, and asked the jockey on the racecourse to saddle Pei Xuebai, muttering: “I haven’t rode my Xuebai yet, and have to let the little fat man take the lead. He can’t always bully me just because he is cute.”

Zhang Zhenqi patted Pei Ziteng on the shoulder, with a bit of sympathy.

Pei Ziteng looked at Ge Rui, who was still fascinated by Yu Siyang, and his mood suddenly improved a lot.

Pei Xuebai was led out of the stable, Yu Siyang wanted to go up and touch it but was a little afraid. Apart from being being docile to Mu Mu, this horse had an expression saying, “you stupid human”.

“There are many docile horses in the stables. I will teach you how to ride a horse in the afternoon,” Xue Chengxiu said.

“Huh?” Yu Siyang couldn’t keep up a little bit, why suddenly he changed from petting a horse to riding a horse.

“You will definitely want to ride a horse in the future. It’s always good to learn.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

Xue Chengxiu patted his child on the head, spoiling him very much.

Zhuang Ze watched from a distance, the gentle smile on his face remained unchanged.

A few of them had always been brothers, escaped from school and fights together, and comforted each other when they were frustrated and sad. Together, they grew up from the once gangly teenagers to today’s big masters. But for so many years, they have been still worried about Xue Chengxiu.

They didn’t want to comment on Xue Chengxiu’s father, but it is an indisputable fact that he never did his fatherly duties to Xue Chengxiu. Later, when Xue Chengxiu’s mother passed away, nanny Li also died on the street in order to save Xue Chengxiu. They knew that Xue Chengxiu’s hatred had never been assuaged. It has only become stronger with time.

They were always worried that Xue Chengxiu would be extreme and would do things that would hurt the enemy one thousand and him eight hundred[4].

Just as he insisted on surrogating a child four years ago to seize the Xue family’s inheritance rights, they knew from the beginning that what he wanted was not to inherit the Xue family, but to destroy the Xue family.

They all strongly opposed, after all, the child is a living life, a continuation of his blood, not a tool for revenge.

Thinking about it now, they were wrong.

Xue Chengxiu had an unhappy childhood and an irresponsible father. How could he allow himself to become such a father?

They watched him playing the roles of both a father and a mother in recent years, taking care of the baby in a hurry, raising the little child up, and teaching the baby to be a cute, brave and not squeamish little gentleman. Only then did they understand, no matter how hard their heart is, there will always be soft places.

Now, there seemed to be another person living in the soft place in his heart, which is good.

Pei Ziteng, who was robbed of the horse, was so depressed that he suffered internal injuries, and leaned on Zhuang Ze as if he was boneless. “Hey, Aze, look at Chengxiu’s eyes…”

“What?” Zhuang Ze raised his eyebrows.

“It’s especially like his ignorant son finally became well-behaved, a comforted father.”

“… Chengxiu will definitely beat you when he hears this.”

“…Don’t tell Chengxiu!!!”

Zhuang Ze rolled his eyes. “I’m not as gossipy as you.”

“Brother, I know you are the best to me, and the one you love the most is me.” Pei Ziteng hugged Zhuang Ze and deliberately rubbed his cheek.

Zhuang Ze squeezed Pei Ziteng’s wrist with his backhand, Pei Ziteng stretched out his foot, turned around flexibly, and rushed to hug Zhuang Ze.

Zhuang Ze wanted to hide when he saw this, but he did not expect that there was an empty bucket with fodder under his feet. He tripped over the empty bucket, stood unsteadily, fell on the haystack behind him, and was also taken advantage of by Pei Ziteng who was still holding him. He fell on him with it.

“You guys……”

Yu Siyang happened to turn around and wanted to get some drinks. Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help being stunned and did not dare to move.

The postures of the two men looked a bit discordant.

Haystack play?

Zhuang Ze and Pei Ziteng heard the sound and looked up to see the dumbfounded Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang: “…”

Pei Ziteng: “…”

Zhuang Ze: “…”

Three minutes later, Yu Siyang blushed and ran away with his head down.

Can you control your feelings in broad daylight? It’s… so embarrassing!

Pei Ziteng watched Yu Siyang’s back run away, and looked down at Zhuang Ze: “What is he blushing about?”

“How do I know, you are the one who dove at me.” Zhuang Ze kicked Pei Ziteng away.

After a while, Yu Siyang hurried back, followed by two waiters serving drinks.

When passing by Pei Ziteng and Zhuang Ze, he paused, his cheeks turned red again, motioned to the waiter behind him, and said in a low voice: “Drink some ice, clear the heat. I made it specially for you. Bitter gourd and pineapple juice.”

Pei Ziteng and Zhuang Ze were given a glass of ice drink and looked at each other. It’s autumn, and he is making people drink ice drink, can they still play happily.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Who knows.”

Pei Ziteng took a sip of bitter gourd pineapple juice with ice, his face wrinkled immediately, “I’m going, so bitter, what the hell.”

Zhuang Ze also took a sip, “I think it’s delicious.”

Pei Ziteng: “…”

As expected, they can’t play happily together.

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[1] Blood stuck in his throat due to resentment.


[3] Ancient history.

[4] Hurt himself 800 times in order to finish the enemy completely.

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