TBLF Ch. 52

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After the tenth day of the new year, the beginning part of the large-scale disaster film “School starts!”, and the latter part of the film “Make up work! Make up homework!” started.

Qi Ying didn’t have this trouble. She liked to go to school and did her homework very well.

In the first days of the spring season, the weather was still chilly, but the branches on the street had sprouts, with a little green in the withered yellow, and people’s mood had started improving.

After arriving at school, each subject teacher arranged class representatives to collect homework. Qi Ying had a good personality. Those classmates who were still rushing to finish the history homework asked her to give her a little more grace period, and she agreed.

Yue Li shared the special products she brought back from her grandparents’ home in the countryside with the classmates around her seat. Qi Ying liked the bag of candied apricots[1] she gave her. It was made by Grandma Yue herself. She prepared it over the whole winter. It was sour, sweet, crispy and delicious, and it tasted many times better than those sold outside.

She ate half of it, but reluctant to finish it, she sealed the opening, rolled it up and put it in her school uniform pocket.

Yue Li ate too well and had a lot of greasy food during the Chinese New Year, so she now had acne on her forehead. She lay on the table with a mirror in front of her, while squeezing the acne she asked Qi Ying: “Yingying, you could hear it last semester, then this semester can you speak? I really want to hear your voice; it must be very nice!”

Qi Ying’s bright eyes darkened.

During the Chinese New Year, her uncle took her to the psychology clinic three times. The psychologist who had been treating her reported good results on her tests, but she still couldn’t make a sound.

When she came out of the clinic, she went to the bathroom. When she came back, she heard the voice of the psychologist telling her uncle in a heavy voice that she was such a rare case that it could not be guaranteed that she would be able to speak anymore.

Uncle didn’t tell her this, after coming out, he smiled and comforted her that she would get better soon. He did not say, and Qi Ying pretended not to hear.

Only after going back, she stood in front of the full-length mirror every night before going to bed, practicing vocalization over and over again.

But it didn’t work.

Qi Ying knew it was a physical problem.

Just as this body resisted recalling everything about its parents, it also resisted speaking.

She didn’t know what to do.

Seeing her dejected look, Yue Li quickly put away the small mirror, and pressed the paper on the place where the acne was bleeding on her forehead, and leaned in to comfort her: “It’s okay, Yingying, even if this semester you can’t say anything, there is next semester and the semester after that! I believe you can definitely recover before graduation!”

Qi Ying cheered up and smiled at the little sun at the same table.

There was basically no class in the morning, as the class meeting was taking place. When class commenced in the afternoon, Liu Qinghua suddenly thought of something. She stood on the podium and announced: “From tomorrow on, the school resumes breaktime exercises. You must go there. If you don’t, your class points will be deducted. “

There was a sudden wailing in the classroom.

During the winter last semester, the school was considerate of the hard work of the students, and in order to not allow them to get exposed cold air in the playground on a cold day, humanely cancelled the breaktime exercises. They thought they wouldn’t have it in the future, but they didn’t expect it to resume right after the beginning of this semester.

Liu Qinghua patted the desk with a blackboard brush and said: “Quiet! School is also for your physical fitness! Shrinking in the classroom every day and not exercising. You will faint after taking a test. It is easy to catch a cold in spring and you must exercise more!”

Squad leader Chen Mengjie thought of something and raised her hand and asked, ” Ms. Liu, is it our turn to lead the dance this semester?”

The lead dancer refers to the student who stood on the front stage during gymnastics and led the whole school to do the inter-class exercises. There are four people in total, two each from the first and second year of high school.

Generally, they are the members of the sports committees in each class. They are marked by their body and appearance, and their movements are standard. They are more eye-catching than the national flag class.

Liu Qinghua nodded: “Yes, it is from our class and Class 13. But the cultural and sports committee member of the Class 13 have a bad cold, so there are two people from our class.” She glanced down below, and said: “Zhao Dunan, Qi Ying, you two start your preparations, you remember the actions, right?”

Zhao Dunan knew from the beginning that she would definitely lead the dance, and her face was full of triumphant joy. But suddenly hearing Qi Ying’s name, her smile froze and her teeth almost broke with the way she was grinding her teeth.

How come there are slots for such disabled people everywhere!

But she was afraid of Ji Rang, so after that time she didn’t dare to bully Qi Ying again, and she could only endure her anger.

Qi Ying was also surprised when she heard her name, as she was confused at how she became the lead dancer without knowing.

Liu Qinghua didn’t explain, she ended the topic directly, and passed down the new paper: “Put all the books away, now the semester test begins. Let me see if you were just playing around during the winter vacation.”

There was another wailing below.

Liu Qinghua glanced at Qi Ying, who was obediently putting away her books to prepare for the exam and sighed silently in her heart.

Yesterday, Yu Cheng called her and told her briefly about Qi Ying. Although the little girl looked like an ordinary person, she was still unable to speak, showing that the psychological trauma was still backlogged deep in her heart.

Yu Cheng asked her to take care of Qi Ying, so that she could get in touch with the crowd more and open her heart as soon as possible.

Liu Qinghua also liked Qi Ying sincerely. The little girl didn’t want to go out, so she gave her a push. It took courage and self-confidence to lead a dance on stage, which is what Qi Ying currently lacks the most.

But leaving this task to her, she will definitely complete it as seriously as before. She hoped that all the courage accumulated this time will eventually become the source of strength for her to speak.

Yue Li was even more excited than Qi Ying, and she leaned over to chew her ears[2] after class: “Ying Ying! You have to dance well! You must compare with Zhao Dunan and kill her in front of all the students!”

Qi Ying blinked suspiciously, as if to say: Aren’t you exaggerating too much?

Yue Li nodded: “Of course! You think about it, there are more than 3,000 students in the school! The three grade teaching buildings are separated, and many people have not seen each other in the three years of school! If you lead the dance ceremony between classes, it is the only opportunity to show your face in front of the whole school! “

She shook Qi Ying’s arm in excitement: “At that time, everyone will watch you and follow your movements!

She clenched a fist firmly: “I will accompany you to practice your movements after school. We must be gorgeous! All-round gorgeous! “

Qi Ying seemed to understand, but in fact, she didn’t need to understand. After school, she ran to Class 9 to find Ji Rang, and took out the candied apricot that had been stored for the whole afternoon and handed it to him.

She endured so hard and didn’t finish it all.

When she took it out of her pocket, her face looked like a night pearl.

Ji Rang took the bag, took one out and put it in his mouth. When his teeth went down, it made a crisp click.

Qi Ying watched eagerly and swallowed along with him.

Ji Rang was about to die of her greedy cuteness, and deliberately teased her: “Giving it to me?”

She was full of dismay but nodded seriously.

Ji Rang stretched out the bag in front of her and shook it, then smiled and asked, “Would you like to eat another one?”

The little girl nodded quickly, and then obediently stretched out a finger after finishing, thinking: only one is enough.

Ji Rang was trembling with her cuteness.

He could give up his life for her.

Not to mention a bag of preserves.

He clutched his cheeks and pretended to hiss: “My tooth hurts, and I can’t eat it. Forget it, I’ll give it to you.”

Qi Ying’s eyes were bright, and she happily took the bag, followed him all the way, biting, with a bulging face, like a hamster, eating extremely contentedly.

It turns out that she liked this so much.

She likes it so much, but when there was still half of it left, she brought it all to him.

Ji Rang felt that his heart was so soft that it was about to drip.

The two went to the dessert shop together to write homework for an hour before leaving. Ji Rang went on to go to the teacher’s for tuition. It was early in the morning when he returned home to finish the homework assigned by the tutor.

His rest depended on the ten-minute break after class.

Twenty minutes of exercise time between classes was like a gift from heaven, and he can have a good night’s sleep.

When the class bell rang, he put his head down.

The class committee member didn’t dare to call him. After all, it was impossible for Class 9 to get the grade of an excellent class. It didn’t matter whether the class points were deducted or not. It was better than being beaten by the big guy.

The noisy speakers outside the window couldn’t affect the boss’s sleep. After the inter-class exercises, the students returned to the classroom one after another. Qu Dazhuang rushing in like a gust of wind, pounced on him and pushed him: “Brother! Brother Ji!”

Ji Rang who was not woken up by the class bell wanted to kill him.

Qu Dazhuang’s next sentence saved him: “Your little fairy was leading the dance!”

Ji Rang was not completely awake before asking, “Which lead dancer?”

Qu Dazhuang was so excited that he said, “Lead dancers during breaktime exercises! She was standing on the stage and dancing, and all the students in the school had to dance with her! The group of seniors in the senior high school just whistled at her on the stage!”

Ji Rang was awake instantly, and his daze was gone.

There was only one idea in his mind.

His baby was seen by others and could not be hidden from now on.

The gangster ripped off the cap on his head very violently, and he was unhappy all morning.

After school at noon, he went to pick up Qi Ying for lunch. As soon as he walked to the Class 2 classroom, he saw Qi Ying and Yue Li being blocked by four or five boys at the entrance of the corridor. The first boy held a letter in his hand and smiled and said to Qi Ying: “School girl, either accept the love letter, or go to have a meal with me. You have to choose one? Otherwise, I will lose face.”

The boys around were booing.

Yue Li guessed that Qi Ying would become famous, but she didn’t expect such a “fire[3]” so quickly. It was done only this morning, and all the suitors of high school chased to the door of the classroom!

What kind of fairy charm is this!

Although she was a little excited, she was not the person involved after all. She pressed her lips to peek at Qi Ying’s reaction.

Qi Ying was obviously very distressed.

She didn’t want to accept the love letter, nor did she want to eat with him.

She shook her head at the boy.

The boys bullied her because she couldn’t speak, and teased her: “What do you mean by shaking your head? Don’t take love letters but go to eat? Or don’t eat but take the love letter?”

She shook her head with a strained face.


The boy was dying by her cuteness: “Sister, don’t shake yourself.”

As soon as the voice fell, a ball of mineral water bottle slammed against the wall next to him. The remaining water drops in the water bottle splashed his face.

The boy furiously turned his head back suddenly: “Who the fuck doesn’t have eyes?”

Behind him, a cold-looking teenager stood in the corridor, staring at him without a word.

When Qi Ying saw him, her small face suddenly smiled, and she ran to hide behind him, tugged at the corner of his clothes with her fingers, and snorted at the boy who had just teased her.

There were many people who didn’t know Qi Ying, but only a few people who didn’t know Ji Rang.

The boys changed their faces and looked at each other.

Ji Rang smiled: “I’m not leaving yet; do you want to lie in the hospital or take the college entrance examination?”

A group of people ran away suddenly.

Yue Li was frightened by the icy breath of the boss, and her legs went soft. She realized that she seemed to have encouraged Qi Ying to be a little bit unreliable just now, and she didn’t dare to go over, and ran after the few boys.

Ji Rang turned his head to look at Qi Ying.

She had bright eyes and a smile on her face, and her neck is white, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Thinking of her bouncing around on the stage and being seen by the whole school, Ji Rang wanted to wrap her up in clothes and not show her to anyone.

He yelled at her fiercely: “Puppy love is not allowed! Did you hear that!”

Qi Ying was not scared by him, and nodded obediently, but the passing students were scared enough by his sound.

They ran away trembling.

By the time classes finished in the afternoon, each class had heard the rumour: Big guy does not allow students to fall in love early.

In the past, people were forced to do homework, and later they were forced to study, but now they were not even allowed to have early love???

Are you the fucking boss or the dean?

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[2] Jabber a lot.

[3] Qi Ying becoming an instant sensation.

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