TBLF Ch. 53

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When doing exercises between classes the next day, class 9 students found out that the big guy who had never participated in the gymnastics appeared in the queue. He was even standing in the first row, so tall that he blocked all the classmates behind him.

He specially wore contact lenses today, and his vision was very clear. While the classes were still lining up, Qi Ying walked up the steps beside the stage.

There were four girls in total. She was standing on the far right. The blue and white school uniform she wore looked pretty on her. She is delicate and feminine. The morning sun broke through the clouds, and her body looked like it was surrounded by a layer of light. In sum, she looked pretty and well-behaved.

The three girls next to her were eclipsed, as if they had all become foils for her beauty.

Before the exercises started, she stood straight obediently, lowering her head slightly.

Sure enough, someone was whistling at her from below the stage.

Ji Rang almost wanted to find these whistlers one by one and trample them to death on the spot.

The prelude music of gymnastics started playing on the radio, and the little girl on the stage also put down her hands, stood upright, and began to jump on the stage following the music.

Like an elf in the forest.

Very good.

Ji Rang didn’t know how to do these radio gymnastics at all, and he doesn’t know even a single movement. But looking at the little girl on the stage, she raised her hand and he also raised his hand, she raised her leg and he also raised his leg. His eyes didn’t leave her. He did a whole set of gymnastics as if he knew the movements by heart.

Qu Dazhuang and the others were almost laughing to death behind him.

“Fuck my brother is really doing gymnastics, he can’t keep up with the movements at all, hahahaha, why is he so slow?”

“Like a clumsy bear.”

“You are dead, I will tell Brother Ji.”

After class exercises were over, Qi Ying got off the stage and walked to the classroom. There were always boys “unintentionally” bumping into her, and then when she looked over in a daze, they smiled and said, “I’m sorry”.

She didn’t know that this was just a means for the young people to talk to her, so shook her head obediently, and made others’ hearts beat faster.

It wasn’t until Ji Rang caught up to her from the crowd and walked beside her with a cold and violent breath surrounding him that no one finally dared to come up and volunteer to die.

In the next few days, Qi Ying received a love letter almost every day. Xue Manqing was not as popular when she was in school.

Although Xue Manqing is beautiful, she is rich and arrogant. She was separated from ordinary students by an invisible wall, which made it difficult for people to get close. Most people appreciated her beauty, but it is difficult for them to have a crush on her.

Qi Ying is different. She has a soft personality and smiles at everyone. There is a kind of innocent cuteness, she was so cute that people wanted to bully her.

She was embarrassed to be handed a love letter, so she refused it directly. She thought about reasons not to hurt their self-esteem for a long time, then she typed it to them.

Even if the love letter was not sent out, they were very happy to get along with the little fairy for a while.

Looking at another group of boys who ran to Class 2 to see the school flower, Ji Rang asked Qu Dazhuang blankly: “Are the seniors in high school so idle?”

Qu Dazhuang comforted him: “They’re going to take the college entrance examination in three months. They’re going crazy before graduation. They’re busy.” He gloated at Ji Rang. “I told you to confess your sovereignty a long time ago. Do you regret it now?”

Ji gritted his teeth and sucked in his stomach: “No! Regret! A dead end for puppy love! Learning is the right way!”

Behind him someone shouted sharply: “Well said!”

The two of them were startled, and turned their heads to see, the dean of teaching looking relieved.

Standing behind them, he looked at Ji Rang appreciatively: “Student Ji Rang, you are so enlightened, the teacher is so happy!”

Ji Rang:…………

Qu Dazhuang: Damn, he was going to die of laughter.

The instructor solemnly patted Ji Rang’s shoulder: “Come on, study hard, pass your spirit to the classmates around you, and lead everyone to improve together! I heard from your head teacher that your grades have improved very quickly. At the flag-raising ceremony next Monday, come on stage and tell everyone how you got enlightened about your studies?”

Ji Rang: “…Don’t want to.”

Dean: “Why? This is a good positive example, worthy of everyone to learn from!”

Ji Rang: “…I am shy by nature.”

The dean of teaching had an understanding look on his face and didn’t force it, then he left after giving him few more compliments. Qu Dazhuang who was suppressing a laugh beside him felt his stomach hurt. When the dean left, he squatted down and laughed loudly.

Ji Rang kicked him expressionlessly.

When school got over, he picked up Qi Ying. He always goes to Class 2. In fact, the classmates in Class 2 have guessed that he has an unusual relationship with Qi Ying. But Ji Rang sent a glance over, and everyone knew what to say and what not to say.

When she came out of the classroom, Qi Ying was licking a lollipop in her hand. She really liked to eat candy, no wonder she always had a faint sweet smell.

Her eyes bent when she saw him, then she waved goodbye to Yue Li, and ran over.

Ji Rang took her schoolbag with a gentle smile in his eyes, but when he thought of the batch of pilgrim-like boys[1] this morning, he couldn’t help holding her face and asking quietly, “How many love letters did you receive today?”

Qi Ying thought about it seriously and showed him three fingers.

Ji Rang almost laughed: “You remember it clearly.”

Qi Ying then realized that he seemed a little unhappy, so she sucked the lollipop and grabbed the corner of his clothes.

Ji Rang stopped, tilted his head and asked, “What are you doing?”

She opened her schoolbag, took a pink envelope out of it, and handed it to him with a smile.

The corner of Ji Rang’s eye twitched, he reluctantly took it, glanced back and forth, then he realized that there was still a faint fragrance on the envelope, even the pink color seemed ambiguous, the vein on his temples suddenly jumped with anger: “Why? Want me to help you to agree? Did you open the love letter? Showing off?”

Qi Ying blinked and took out her mobile phone to type and said: I wrote this.

Ji Rang was taken aback.

She said again: written to you.

The pink envelope that looked particularly annoying just now suddenly became cute. He looked down at the letter in his hand, his fingers tight.

Now the corners of his eyes were no longer twitching, the vein in his temple was no longer jumping, and the suffocation that had nowhere to vent was gone, and his low voice seemed tight: “You…what are you doing writing love letters to me?”

Qi Ying tilted her head, with a lollipop in her mouth, and smiled sweetly.

She lowered her head and typed to him obediently: Because Yue Li said that everyone would write love letters to the people they like. But I never wrote them to you.

To those you like.

Write a love letter.

He is the one she likes.

She wrote him a love letter.

She confessed to him.

It seemed so natural to like him, it had taken root in her heart, and she had lived like that for many years.

Ji Rang felt his fingers tremble, then he tore open the first love letter he received in his life, and saw the beautiful writing on the paper:

——Mingyue moon decorated your window, you decorated my dream[2].

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[1] They looked as if they were going to worship someone.

[2] Part of Chinese poem saying that he fills her dreams.

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