TCYEC Ch. 46

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After the Esquire Charity Gala, Luo Peng became even busier, and an endless stream of crews and investors took the initiative to come to cooperate with Yu Siyang.

Reading scripts, negotiating, investigating the situation of the crew and investors, took up most of his time every day. Sometimes he had to go to the bureau where people gathered in the circle. He went out early every day and returned late. A few months ago, Yu Siyang made him three meals a day. The fat from the delicious food has long been gone, so he was really tired but happy.

Yu Siyang is positive, but he is not very good at dealing with strangers. There are some games in the circle that are particularly open, but they couldn’t look and scare the young boy or the boss will definitely throw them into the sea to feed the fish. For this good-looking game, Luo Peng, the agent, came forward.

Fortunately, after the charity party, most people in the circle tacitly knew that the new star of All Star Entertainment had a huge background. As long as there was no brain pit, they would not deliberately embarrass Yu Siyang.

If he doesn’t want to come to play, don’t come to play, anyway, his agent is very bold and fun.

Luo Peng sent away an extremely long-winded beer manufacturer representative and went to the decadent sofa. He threw the beer manufacturer’s brochure in his hand and said to himself: “This brewery owner has something wrong with his brain; my family Xiao Yu is only eighteen years old. Looking for a young boy who has just grown up to endorse beer, you don’t care about your image, but we still care about ours.”

There are many products that have come to Yu Siyang to endorse them, but so far, he still has no endorsements.

Luo Peng believes that commercial endorsements best reflect the value and compelling status of a star. The first endorsement must meet three conditions before being accepted-

First: good reputation;

Second: good quality;

And third: expensive.

This third point is the most important, because expensive = compelling-Luo Peng’s understanding.

Since it has been decided to take the high-end fashion ICON route, endorsements must not be sloppy.

If a fashionable ICON endorses long pants, can you watch it?! Endorsement of a few thousand pieces of softfield coins in St. Field is nothing like what they want!

“If Xiao Yu can endorse Saint Field, I don’t know if he can send me a few clothes. Basic entry style will do.” Luo Peng turned over and leaned on the sofa, whimsical.

When his brain was almost lost, a call came to his cell phone.

“Hello, this is Luo Peng.” He answered the phone casually, and then… With a “bang”, the phone dropped to the floor.

Luo Peng hurriedly picked up the phone, smiled and agreed with the person on the other end of the phone. After saying goodbye to each other politely on the phone, he jumped three feet high with a dreamy expression on his face.

After pinching himself fiercely and that it was not a dream, Luo Peng walked out of the door, ran to the elevator, and frantically pressed the up button.


“Brother Xiaofeng want to tell you a good… news…” Luo Peng came out of the elevator and went straight to Wei Xiaofeng’s office. He was so excited that he even forgot to knock on the door. An iron palm slapped the door of Wei Xiaofeng’s office open, with a big smile on his face. When he saw the scene in the office, it solidified on his face and his voice changed dropped from eighteen to eight decibels[1].

From his perspective, he can only see a person on the sofa in the office, with his head down and kneeling on the sofa, and another person sitting on the sofa beside him, but it is not clear why the two people are doing it.

“You …… This is ……”

Wei Xiaofeng was surprised, so he slapped Zhan Hang, and was furious, “Luo! Peng! Kindergarten children also know, knock first before entering !!!”

Zhan Hang fell to the ground due to the pat (slap), depressed but wanting to show off, waved to Luo Peng, and said, “Cousin, you are not here at the right time.”

“Haha, are you! You are…”

“Shut up! “

“Is this office play?” As soon as the words came out, the office was quiet for five seconds.

Luo Peng looked at Wei Xiaofeng and Zhan Heng stupidly, Zhan Heng triumphantly gave Luo Peng a look of “you are so smart”, and Luo Peng saw a tenth level gale brewing in Wei Xiaofeng’s eyes.

“Luo! Peng!” Wei Xiaofeng stood up from the sofa fiercely and walked towards Luo Peng while pulling up his sleeves, gritting his teeth and said: “I owe you to clean you up, don’t I? I will skin you!”

“I was wrong. I was wrong…” Luo Peng hugged his head in shock, hiding behind Zhan Heng and shouting for help.

After all, Zhan Heng remembered that Luo Peng had helped him trick Xiaofeng out, and thought that he should help this cousin reluctantly.

“Xiaofeng, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, we don’t care about this young man.” Zhan Heng cheerfully hugged Wei Xiaofeng in his arms, and motioned Luo Peng to leave quickly with his eyes.

Luo Peng’er ran out, and when he ran to the door, he remembered that he had something to say to Brother Xiaofeng. He couldn’t help but glance at Zhan Heng sadly, “Brother Xiaofeng, I have something to tell you.”

“Say, you better have a serious business.” Wei Xiaofeng patted Zhan Heng’s hand and sat down behind the desk.

“I just received a call from the P&H Public Relations Director. P&H would like to ask Xiaoyu to be the spokesperson for their brand’s full line of products for the spring and summer of next year.” The more excited Luo Peng was, the more excited his posture became; from being ready for running to dancing.

Hearing this, Wei Xiaofeng couldn’t help being surprised.

P&H is one of the brand of the three major luxury goods group under BSL Group. Although the P&H brand has not been established for a long time, the design director of the brand is Philip Hill, who is known as a design master, and this person is the heir of the BSL Group. P&H, which he personally founded, has been positioned as a top luxury item from the beginning.

P&H has never hired a spokesperson since its inception, and sales are a bit worrying. The reason is that Philip Hill’s design is so tricky that few people can wear his clothes well.

It’s not that no celebrities have challenged P&H, but most of them have been scolded by the fashion media indecently and have never dared to try again.

P&H took the initiative to find Yu Siyang. He had to say that this was a good opportunity, but it was also a serious challenge.

There was no doubt that Yu Siyang is suitable for this brand, but he has to become a spokesperson. If P&H’s sales are still so bleak, he was afraid it will have an impact on his future endorsement situation.

But leaving such a big name, let alone Luo Peng, Wei Xiaofeng also was not reconciled.

“Have you made an appointment with the brand to meet?” Wei Xiaofeng asked.

“I have made an appointment,” Luo Peng nodded, “Xiaoyu will be free in these two days. I have an appointment at 3pm on Friday for an interview at P&H China Branch.”

Wei Xiaofeng asked, “Xiaoyu together?

“The other party wants to see Xiaoyu himself.”

Wei Xiaofeng squeezed the table with her fingers, and he pondered for a while, and said: “I will go with you.”

“Really?” Luo Peng was pleasantly surprised. He deliberately came up to tell Brother Xiaofeng about the incident, hoping that Brother Xiaofeng would go with him and try to win this endorsement in one fell swoop.

Luo Peng is inexperienced in the end. He just thinks that P&H is a big name, and he only wants to get this endorsement down.

Wei Xiaofeng obviously considered more than him.

Since P&H’s endorsements are mixed, let’s just turn one quarter’s endorsement into a full-time opportunity. Since the brand is interested in looking for spokespersons, it must be Xiaoyu who impressed them, otherwise such a big name does not have a pit in its brain to come find a newcomer who just debuted.

“Xiaofeng, do you want to leave me?!” Zhan Hunter glanced at Wei Xiaofeng complainingly, and made an expression of an abandoned dog—a kind of large dog.

“Why haven’t you gone to the crew yet?” Wei Xiaofeng hurried people looking disgusted, “Go, go.”

Luo Peng also echoed: “Yes, Brother Zhan, why are you here? Today is Xiaoyu’s main scene. Don’t be late and make him finish at midnight. If the boss is angry, you will die terribly.”

“…” Zhan Heng looked at Luo Peng speechlessly for a long time, and said depressed: “Cousin, aren’t you my fan? That’s how you treat your idols?”

Luo Peng waved his hand and said indifferently: “I, this fan has turned black.”

Zhan Heng: “…” What kind of ghost fan is this, who turned black so easily, and he is indeed a fan of brain damage.

“Go to the studio, don’t let people say you are looking down on others,” Wei Xiaofeng told Zhan Heng’s assistant to get the car ready, and helped Zhan Heng sort out his messy clothes. “Xiaoyu’s main event, take care of him a little bit.”

“I know.” Zhan Heng quickly stole a kiss on Wei Xiaofeng’s lips and set off for the set with pride and joy as if he had conquered the world. When he passed by Luo Peng, he even took a shot at his shoulders.

Luo Peng, who was heavily stuffed with dog food, felt that he had been stunned. After eating that day, what happened to the two of them, and wasn’t the progress a little too fast.

The gossipy heart could not be satisfied, and they are still showing in front of him. Wouldn’t the conscience of these two hurt?!

When Zhan Heng arrived on the set, Liu Cai was talking to Yu Siyang, and the young boy had put on the enchanting makeup of the fake friend. He looked at the script seriously and looked down at the scene, which was particularly attractive.

This was really a kid who appreciates food, and he has become more popular than he was back when he debuted. At least when he first debuted, he didn’t have the chance to win such a big endorsement.

Xiaofeng’s vision is good, and people he values really can’t be wrong—for example, he Zhan Heng.


“Emperor Zhan is looking at Xiaoyu in this way. There was no attempt on your part, right?” Yi Jiaojiao walked to Zhan Heng’s side and laughed.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Zhan Heng stated his attitude righteously, “I already have a master.”

Yi Jiaojiao’s eyes widened in astonishment, and the goddess figure was gone, “You have a master? Impossible! Today is not April Fool’s Day, so wake up.”

“Why would I lie to you?” Zhan Hang was elated to say: “Is this single dog jealousy, wait sister, you are not very young, you should quickly find a partner, or if you get any physical disorders you will be single for a very long time.”

“Thank you, thank you, for your advice, ah!” Yi Jiaojiao gritted her words and wished she could eat his flesh.

Bastard! Wretch!

It’s great to have a master! I can show off!

Who is so unlucky to accept this Film Emperor! Yi Jiaojiao decided to order thirty-two sticks of wax for that person—because she was too blind.

“Sister Jiaojiao, come on, try to get someone as soon as possible!” Zhan Heng shook his fist twice and walked to the dressing room with a particularly bad smile.

Yi Jiao was so angry that her hair was about to smoke-this old lady is a national goddess, so you don’t need to care!!!

After a few steps she walked to Yu Siyang’s side, pulled the young boy aside and asked, “Xiaoyu, is sister Jiaojiao your goddess?”

Yu Siyang looked at Liu Cai unclearly, and hesitantly nodded his head.

Yi Jiaojiao was dissatisfied: “Xiaoyu, why are you hesitating?”

“This…” Yu Siyang moved his eyes upwards and then to the right, and she couldn’t tell why for a long time.

Mr. Xue had already made repeated orders that he is not allowed to call Jiaojiao the goddess again. Although he was forced to agree, he must not break his promise.

Anyway, Sister Jiaojiao is the goddess of many people, so she should be a lot less… forceful right.

Yi Jiaojiao regretted that she didn’t read the almanac when she went out today, and even regretted why she had to go out today. She obviously didn’t have a role in the scene and had come to the set to watch. She was abused by two bastards one after another. Who is to blame?

Can only blame herself.

Yi Jiaojiao grievously held the sweet-scented osmanthus cake[2] Yu Siyang gave her as a tribute and ate them one by one.

Huh-it’s delicious.

The sweet-scented osmanthus cake made by Yu Siyang was not like the kind of sweet-scented osmanthus cakes on the market, nor like the jelly-like sweet-scented osmanthus cakes in some private recipes.

His sweet-scented osmanthus cake was based on an ancient recipe, and then he had improved the method. The sweet-scented osmanthus cake made was soft and non-sticky. It is chewy and shaped like a thumb. You can chew it slowly in your mouth. The sweet-scented osmanthus scent inside will gradually fill the whole mouth with a strong but subtle fragrance. It was not irritating, the smell of sweet-scented osmanthus between one breath and the other is really delicious.

Yi Jiaojiao ate a dozen small sweet-scented osmanthus cakes in a while.

After eating, she began to regret it again.

She said that she would stop eating the things Little Cutie gave, after her face became fatter. As a goddess, how could she be so greedy.

Little cutie is about to finish shooting, and it is estimated that there will be few opportunities to eat the food made by him. Thinking about this, she felt that if she will eat less than the crew will only eat her share.

Zhan Heng changed his clothes and came out, passing by Yi Jiaojiao, and saw her posing as “lonely as snow”, and immediately asked: “What kind of boyfriend is Jiaojiao looking for? Should I introduce someone to you?”

Yi Jiaojiao: “… Roll away!”

Wanting to show off his love, Zhan Hang happily “rolled”, walked to Yu Siyang and patted him on the shoulder, “Relax, Brother Zhan will cover you.”

Yu Siyang glanced at him silently, then silently turned and walked away.

Since chasing Brother Xiaofeng, Brother Zhan has always had this kind of nervous look that wants to show-off his affection and love. It is better to ignore him at this time, or he will become even more energetic.

“Hey, kid, you actually ignored your Brother Zhan.” Zhan Heng followed Yu Siyang and walked to his position within the set.

As if he hadn’t heard him, Yu Siyang practiced walking silently and immersed himself into the play.

When all the actors were in place and four cameras were set up on the scene, Yu Siyang’s most important and difficult scene in “The Traitor”—the death of the fake friend, was about to start shooting.

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[1] Suddenly lowered.


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