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“Qiao Xi…” A voice came from the side.

Qiao Xi turned his head and found that Jing Yan, who lived in the next room, had also come to the balcony at some point, and was staring at him intently.

“The clothes on your body…” The black-haired man was stunned.

“Ah, Brother Xing Luo brought it to me.” Qiao Xi became nervous for no reason under the man’s gaze.

The clothes on his body were silver with a little embroidery, which looked really delicate, but just like the suit on Xing Luo, it was very loose, and the collar might slip off his shoulders if he was not careful. Anyway, Qiao Xi himself wore it so he would just have to be careful.

However, in Jing Yan’s eyes, Qiao Xi, who was wearing this suit at this time, simply looked like a fairy!!

Qiao Xiaoxi’s skin was white, and wearing silver clothes made him look even more immortal, not only immortal, but also cute, where the hell did this little immortal come from! Jing Yan’s face was almost on fire.

Xing Luo also brought him a set just now, but he didn’t put it on because he was thinking about Qiao Xiaoxi.

But now he was about to shout long live the traditional fox dress!!

He was going to buy another seventeen or eighteen!

In the next second, Qiao Xiaoxi, who was beautiful in the night, said in a stern voice: “Xing Luo brought me a lantern, he should have given you one too? Would you like to go down with me?”

“Okay”, Jing Yan’s heart was about to explode now, he couldn’t help covering his face with the back of his hand, and stammer, “Qiao Xi, you, you are so beautiful!”

Qiao Xi: “!!”


So beautiful?

Then he would buy another seventeen or eighteen sets of fox clan clothes, which he would often wear in the future… specially to seduce Jing Yan!

Qiao Xi blushed and ran back to the room thinking like this.

Below, Xing Luo slowly passed by with the attendant, raised his head and glanced at them, with a smile on his lips.

Through the night, he returned to the garden at the back of the palace, passed the fountain, and walked all the way to the flower tree.

The display on the side of the treatment pod was still scrolling frantically.

“…It must be Jing Yan!”

“If it was an ordinary person, Qiao Xi would not dare not tell me! There is no one else in that forest, and Qiao Xi is most likely to like that wolf!”

“No wonder—no wonder that wolf is so attentive!”

“Fuck, I don’t recognize it!!! I don’t agree!!!”

“They didn’t go to the woods now, did they?”

“Xing Luo! I hear your footsteps.”

“Now, why don’t you talk!”

The slender fingertips loosened the ribbon, and a small lantern hung over the head of the treatment cabin. Xing Luo smiled and said, “I’m hanging the lantern.”

“…” Qiao Yue, “…What kind of lanterns are you hanging?”

The lanterns were all hung by single dogs, what kind of a single dog was he…

“Well,” Xing Luo leaned on the treatment cabin and said seriously, “Because you deleted me as a friend. Isn’t it?”

Qiao Yue: “…”

Xing Luo said softly: “I just made a wish, I hope Ah Yue can quickly become ‘friends’ with me again, when will this wish come true?”

Qiao Yue: “… …”

The man’s voice was soft.

The evening wind also sounded very gentle.

After a while, a line of text appeared on the display.

“…Go and stare at your brother-in-law, and I’ll add you back.”

Xing Luo laughed, lowered his head and kissed the cabin, and said softly: “Good, I recognize this brother-in-law, but the brother-in-law’s love, let’s not disturb it.”

Qiao Yue: “…”

He was dissatisfied!

In the darkness of the night, the voice of a young boy from a distance echoed in the air.

The little black wolf was lying in the arms of a girl from the fox clan, and there were several girls around him, and their crisp laughter was like a silver bell.

The little black wolf turned its feet to the sky and swung its tail happily.

Not far away, a man sat lazily under a tree, and a little fox suddenly ran up to him and looked at him.

The man glanced at him, the fox shook his ears, blinked his eyes, and tilted his head.

The man’s eyes fell on the side of the little fox, and he was about to stretch out his hand when suddenly there was a sound of “da da da da” running behind him.

Looking back, a little leopard rushed towards him fiercely.

The man turned around slightly, but the little leopard didn’t succeed in hitting him, instead he threw himself into the man’s arms.

Seeing this, the little fox knew that the one he wanted to hook up with was not a single dog, so he quickly fled in embarrassment.

The little leopard raised his head aggressively, gritted his teeth and said, “What did you want to do just now?”

The man looked at him.

Little Leopard: “What are you looking at, I’m asking you!”

The man stretched out his hand, caressed the little leopard, picked up a flower that fell from the tree beside the little fox just now, and placed it on top of the little leopard’s head.

The little leopard froze, knowing that he had misunderstood.

And the man looked at it and said with a smile: “Little vinegar essence?”

Little Leopard: “…”

He lowered his head, ashamed, but the man gently rubbed the back of his neck, and he relaxed again.

So, he hid in the man’s arms and gave himself up: “Anyway, I won’t look at the beauties of the fox clan anymore, and you are not allowed to pet other orcs in the future!”

“Don’t worry,” the man’s leisurely voice sounded above his head, “My nose can’t stand more tossing about.”

“…There is no reason except for the nose?!”

The man lowered his head and kissed the little leopard’s head.

The little leopard was startled and opened his eyes wide.

Afterwards, it was finally as quiet as a chicken.

Deeper in the woods, two people hung small lanterns back to back.

“Qiao Xiaoxi, have you made a wish?”

“Well, what about you?”

“I might…”

“By the way, why are we so quiet?”

There was a moment of silence.

Then two chuckles sounded.

The two turned around and looked at each other.

A leaf happened to fall on Qiao Xi’s hair, Jing Yan stretched out his hand and twisted it away, and Qiao Xi subconsciously shrank his neck.

Jing Yan was stunned and paused.

And Qiao Xi slowly raised his eyes again, those warm and dark eyes, from bottom to top, looked at him intently, with lights flickering in them.

Jing Yan’s Adam’s apple rolled.

He released his hand, the leaves fell from his fingers, and the pulp of his fingers gently rubbed against Qiao Xi’s auricle.

He asked in a low voice, “Qiao Xi, do you want to fall in love?”

Qiao Xi lowered his eyes with a “swoosh” and said in a tight voice, “I want to.”

The man said softly, “I want to too.”

Fireworks shone at that moment.

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