KHSW Ch. 167

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Chi House.

The solemn atmosphere spread in the air, like a pair of hands choking people’s throats, making them feel suffocated.

On the sofa in the living room, Chi Yanbin and Wang Suping sat, posturing as the masters of the Chi family.

“Jingyu, tell mom, did you open your dad’s drawer?” Wang Suping looked like a loving mother in front of Chi Yanbin.

Chi Jingyu glanced at her lightly, tacitly acknowledging her self-proclamation, but only to show in front of his dad’s face, and said, “I’m sorry, I only have one mother.”

Wang Suping’s expression changed slightly.

Chi Yanbin didn’t think about it so much, and a trace of worry flashed in his eyes, “Jingyu, you already know everything?”

“Heh.” Chi Jingyu sneered, “Dad, you lied to me for 26 years, aren’t you tired?”

Chi Yanbin frowned, but without any guilt, “Jingyu, the reason why Dad told you she was dead is because she is a crazy woman.”

“My mother isn’t crazy.” Chi Jingyu roared like a beast. It was clearly his father who did something wrong, but he couldn’t see the slightest sense of guilt on his face.

Chi Yanbin’s face became dark, he always loved his young son, so just because Jingyu didn’t like Chi Jiayang, he let Jiayang move out to live, but with this matter, he couldn’t help him, “I’m telling you, either, you send that crazy woman back to the asylum, or you get out of this house.”

He thought that the son he loved the most would choose the former.

Hearing this, Wang Suping secretly rejoiced, it was best for him to get kicked out of the house, so that her Chi Jiayang could live at home all the time.

“Okay, that’s what you said, I’ll get out.” Chi Jingyu had tears in his eyes, his eyes turning scarlet.

After saying this, he turned away without hesitation.

“If you leave, don’t come back.”

Chi Jingyu still didn’t turn back.

Chi Yanbin was also angry. He served him delicious food and drink. Thinking that he had no mother, he gave him all his love. However, the son he raised alone became a white-eyed wolf.

He originally wanted to explain it to him calmly, but now it seemed that there was no need for that at all.

“Yanbin, don’t be angry, when that woman’s madness breaks out, Jingyu will naturally send her back to the mental hospital. Children these days are more rebellious. The more you don’t let him do anything, the more he will fight against you, you are a father, so what’s the matter with you bowing your head in front of your son?”

“Letting me bow my head, let me tell you, it’s impossible. Since he has grown up, he didn’t follow me. If he wanted to study management, he would learn it. If he didn’t want to go to work, then he wouldn’t. I’ve managed to do whatever I want without him, but now, I can’t rely on him to do anything I say.”

Wang Suping became even more proud, “What about your company?”

Chi Yanbin frowned, “I don’t have just one son, let Jiayang come back to help me manage the company then…”

These words were in line with her thoughts, “It just so happens that Jiayang’s entertainment company is about to be acquired, and it’s just the right time.”

“Hey sister-in-law, I was kicked out.”

“Well, that’s good, let’s proceed step by step with the next plan.”

Then, Ling Xi called Shen Bingqian again, “I found the original lyrics of my song, come and get it.”

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