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“Jing Yan said he wants to fall in love! He wants to fall in love!!”

In the early morning, the young man in silver robe walked around the treatment cabin, and he would jump twice when he was excited.

“I-I want to seize the opportunity to hook-cough!” Almost uttering a certain word, the young man quickly coughed twice and swallowed it, saying, “Anyway, I have to seize the time! Seize the opportunity!”

“Brother, what should I do? Do it!”

The young man finally lay down against the treatment cabin.

On the display screen on the side of the treatment cabin was a line of very indifferent text: “What makes you think you can ask me these questions?”

But it seemed that the two were not together yet, and Qiao Yue was finally relieved.

When Qiao Xi saw this line of words, he tilted his head: “Because brother, you have experience in love?”

“…” The words on the display became instantly angry, “You have changed!!! Qiao Xiaoxi, you have changed!!! That wolf has ruined you!”

Qiao Xi shrank his neck and spoke for Jing Yan in a low voice: “Jing Yan doesn’t know anything, he’s very nice, brother, don’t talk about him like that.”

Qiao Yue: “…”

He wanted to lift the lid and come out!

Qiao Xi still quietly teetering on the edge of danger: “Brother, you are also in love with Xing Luo, why are you so against me falling in love!”

Qiao Yue: “…How old are you!”

Qiao Xi: “Eighteen, grown-up, I can do anything!”

Qiao Yue: “You’ve changed!!!”

Qiao Xi pinched the edge of the treatment cabin and said, “Brother, you haven’t seen me turn into a human. Because of Jing Yan, I can now stand here in human form… He did change me, but I think he made me mature!”

Qiao Yue: “…”

What’s with this kind of adult vision that a certain dog man turned his younger brother from a boy into a man overnight…

“Do you know him? You just like him so much! But if he becomes the wolf king in the future, are you so sure that he will marry you?!”

Qiao Xi really didn’t think about it so much, but Jing Yan himself liked men, and he should not be the kind of person who would marry a woman he didn’t like in order to reproduce offspring, so no matter what, Jing Yan would always have a male queen in the future.

If that’s the case…. why couldn’t it be him!

Qiao Xi himself felt a little thick-skinned, but he thought about it secretly in his heart, it was not as if he was breaking the law.

He only said: “Brother, didn’t you let me live with him because you believed him…”

Qiao Yue: “It was Xing Luo who said he was trustworthy! I think he is blind now!” His brother was cheated away, what trustworthy!

Qiao Xi: “…”

The text on the screen was full of hatred: “If it wasn’t for the chaos in the fox royal family at that time, I would definitely have called you over!”

Qiao Xi was stunned when he heard this: “It’s very messy? Brother, why didn’t you tell me, then you… ah, so when Brother Xing Luo called me, he said that he wanted me to stay with Jing Yan for some reason, and that was the reason?” He was suddenly reminded of the conversation that night.

Qiao Yue: “Well, but it’s fine. It’s Xing Luo’s matter, and it’s over. You also understand the things in the royal family. Don’t worry about this. Anyway, if you can come here, it means that there is no problem at all.”

When Qiao Xi heard the words, he still felt a little depressed, but after thinking about it, he was relieved.

In fact, when he left the bird clan five years ago and came to the fox clan, Qiao Yue had the idea of taking Qiao Xi to the fox clan with him.

However, the idea was fleeting.

He went to the fox clan by himself and was unfamiliar with the place, and at the beginning of the treatment, his sleeping time was bound to be longer than his waking time. So, it was impossible for Qiao Yue to let Qiao Xi follow him to an unfamiliar country, and then let Qiao Xi adapt to the new life by himself while he slept most of the time.

Qiao Xi stayed in the Bird Clan, although the so-called family caused problems for him, but at that time Qiao Xi had already gone out to study and lived outside, and he did not return to the palace much, and although Qiao Yue used to be often sick, in many ways he was slightly powerless, but after many years, he had gradually accumulated his own manpower.

He had someone take care of Qiao Xi secretly, so the situation was still within his control.

Later, Xing Luo got to know him well, and he had someone he could trust in the fox clan, but since Qiao Xi was living well in the bird clan, he did not change his arrangement.

Until the couple did something that even he couldn’t expect – they actually sent Qiao Xi to the wolf clan!

At that time, Qiao Yue really wanted to bring over Qiao Xi, but the interior of the fox royal family was in a very chaotic state, and it was not suitable.

After Xing Luo communicated with Jing Yan, and confirmed that Jing Yan could be trusted, Qiao Yue hesitated again and again before agreeing to let Qiao Xi live there temporarily.

In the end, he didn’t expect Qiao Xi to adapt quite well there and get along with those few guys in that forest.

Some time ago, the situation in the Fox clan’s palace finally stabilized. When Qiao Yue received news from Qiao Xi that he was coming over, he was still hesitating whether to let Qiao Xi stay.


“Don’t go back this time, stay here with me.”

Qiao Xi was taken aback.

A morning breeze swept through the garden, silently.

Another sentence appeared on the display: “Didn’t you always want to come over and accompany me?”

Qiao Xi tightened his fingers and opened his mouth but swallowed the words back.

After pursing his lips, he held his breath.

Silence, silence.

However, after a while, Qiao Xi’s hands relaxed and his shoulders dropped slightly.

He replied in a low voice, “Oh… well.”

Too good.

When Qiao Yue heard this answer, he was not happy, but felt rather complicated.

This little guy was still so nice.

Of course, he knew the situation was different now.

He let Qiao Xi stay in one place, and Qiao Xi obediently lived in that place, integrated into the group, and fell in love with someone.

Because he liked it, that’s why he himself hated it.

But even so, when he spoke, the little guy agreed.

…How could he be so good!

It really made him –

Qiao Yue was thinking like this, but then Qiao Xi raised his hand and said boldly: “But… but I apply to go back once every two weeks!”

People still had to be chased!

Qiao Yue: “…”

Qiao Yue: “You’re making me mad!!!”

Qiao Xi said seriously: “Brother, Jing Yan is really good, although he looks stupid, he is actually very handsome, I’ll wait for you to leave the treatment cabin, then you will know after getting along with him.”

Qiao Yue: “You still know he is stupid!”

Qiao Xi: “…Stupid and cute.”

Qiao Yue: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Qiao Xi’s brows furrowed: “Brother, you and Xing Luo don’t shy away from each other at all! He even put your treatment cabin in such a place!”

Qiao Yue: “That’s what he asked for!”

Qiao Xi: “If you refuse, Xing Luo would not dare to move!”

Qiao Yue: “…”

Qiao Xi’s head was very clear at this moment, and he analyzed it: “So brother, you can’t refuse Brother Xing Luo, love makes people blind, you should also be considerate of me.”

Qiao Yue: “I’m considerate!!!”

Qiao Xi was depressed.

A few seconds later, it was like a person who was extremely angry took a breath and finally calmed down, then Qiao Yue said: “Forget it, you hurry up and go.”

Qiao Xi was stunned: “Didn’t you tell me to stay? “

Qiao Yue: “What’s the use of me keeping you! Do I get mad at you every time I see you running back for half a month?!”

Qiao Xi said embarrassingly: “I really don’t need to?”


“I have a boyfriend, so I don’t have to be alone.” Qiao Yue said indifferently.

Qiao Xi: “…” He was attacked by his brother.

But this seemed to be true.

If he stayed, he may even disturb his brother’s relationship…

“I’m not a child, and I’m just angry since I don’t have someone to chat with all day long!” Qiao Yue said depressedly.

Qiao Xi persuaded: “Brother, I’m an adult, it’s normal for me to fall in love, don’t be so angry…”

Qiao Yue said indifferently: “In my eyes, you will always be a baby.”

Qiao Xi: “!”

Ah, brother is so cute!

The corners of his lips were raised, and he said softly: “Brother…”

Qiao Yue was silent for a long time, and then came out: “I still remember that you always wanted to go to a university in the wolf clan.”

Qiao Xi was stunned, and then smiled: “Brother, do you remember?”

“Well,” at this point, Qiao Yue was even more depressed, “It’s not difficult to pass the test with your grades, right?”

“Then you agree. Is it?” Qiao Xi asked cautiously.

If he could stay in the wolf clan, he really wanted to discuss with his brother about going to school.

This had nothing to do with Jing Yan, that school was something he had longed for since he was very young.

And what could Qiao Yue do?

What could he do!

His little chick was no longer the chick in the past, it was a chick with wings! Not only did he want to fall in love with the big black wolf, but if he went to the university of the wolf clan, he would have to stay in the wolf clan longer!

Qiao Yue felt sour in his heart, very uncomfortable.

But then again, even he himself felt that he was making trouble without reason.

“Just think about it yourself, I can’t control you so much!” he said viciously.

“Brother…” Qiao Xi smiled, and his heart was warm, “Don’t be angry, I’ll be waiting for you to come back. After you come back, you’ll know when you get along with Jing Yan again. Then… Even if I go to college in the wolf clan then, I will go home to accompany you during the holidays!”

Qiao Yue was heartbroken.

Every time he mentioned “home” in the past, Qiao Xi’s tone would be low, and he didn’t like to mention this word.

But now, Qiao Xi could speak normally, with a light tone.

——It’s not that he was relieved of that family, but something else… It seemed that he would no longer make compromises for that family. This child had learned to divide, learned to truly live his own life, and would no longer be influenced by that family.

Was such a change also brought about by that black wolf?

When Qiao Xi went to school and met his friends, he actually became a little more cheerful, but now he was really different from the past. Maybe the couple of the bird clan did too much to him and completely stimulated him, but that cheerfulness and joy really had something to do with the sand sculpture wolf.

The more Qiao Yue realized, the more lost he felt.

Although he would talk to Qiao Xi on the phone from time to time, it was at this moment that he realized that Qiao Xi had really grown up.

He really wanted to get out of this treatment cabin as soon as possible.    

“It’s coming soon,” Xing Luo sent the group away in the afternoon and returned to the garden, then he said softly, “The next year will come soon.”

“Well.” Qiao Yue was gloomy.    

Xing Luo said again: “Qiao Xi and Jing Yan should be getting together soon. They obviously like each other.”    

Qiao Yue: “Shut up! I don’t want to hear it!!”    

Xing Luo: “Have you raised your spirits now?”    

Qiao Yue: “You have been blocked by the other party, please send a friend application first. Before the other party approves the application, don’t think about chatting with the other party :)”    

After the trip to the fox clan, the atmosphere on the spacecraft could be described as varied on the return journey.

The little black wolf held the mobile phone, flicked his tail and hooked up on video call with a fox family lady.    

The little leopard lay on the chair with his two paws over his eyes, then he got up after a while, and stretched his neck to the side.    

The man on the side leaned over and kissed his forehead while reading a book.    

The little leopard twitched his ears, and immediately lay down again and covered his eyes.    

And in the last row, the black-haired man and the little chicken were sitting side by side.    

Qiao Xi looked out the window, secretly thinking that after going back, he was going to seduce Jing Yan!    

Jing Yan looked at the other side, secretly thinking, when he went back, he was going to start pretending to be an idiot!

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