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Xing Weimin’s eyes filled with tears, and he shouted cut extremely reluctantly. He stood up and bowed to everyone, thanking everyone for their hard work over the past two months.

Ji Muye jumped down from the pear tree and walked to Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng was wearing a long black dress and riding a white horse. At this moment, her eyes were still full of tears and her nose was red.

One second, she was still immersed in the surprise of Cui Ling’s memory recovery, but the next second the plot came to an abrupt end and everything turned into a cloud of smoke. The future beautiful life of the male and female protagonists could only continue in everyone’s imagination now.

Ji Muye said with a smile, “Didn’t you say you want to ride a horse with me through the flower forest?”

Jiang Zheng was stunned, he said the line that Tang Qinlan used to force him to agree to when Cui Ling was in a coma.

Ji Muye took out a handkerchief from his sleeve. Three pure white pear flowers were embroidered on the square yellow silk, and a mountain peak was embroidered on the lower left, that was, the Mount of Mordo, which was the incarnation of the Queen of the Eastern Queen. This was given to Cui Ling by Tang Qinlan.

“Let’s help them make this wish come true.”

Han Yi was busy shaking hands with the others to celebrate, and when he looked up, he saw Ji Muye mounting a horse and running away with Jiang Zheng in his arms… Oh, someone is kidnapping my child!

Wearing black skirts and white robes, riding the same horse, pear flowers like rain, fell on the shoulders of the two. The elegant fragrance of pear blossoms lingered in their nostrils, and this scene was like a fairy couple falling into the world.

The two walked on behalf of Tang Qinlan and Cui Ling and realized their infatuation. Those touching and hurtful words ran over the tip of the tongue and were engraved in their hearts, and it was difficult to come out of those sensations for a while.

The horse’s hoofs stepped on the bluestone slab, and the two did not speak for a long time.

The finale banquet was held on the central street of Wangcheng. A long table with a length of several hundred meters was set up in the morning, where people began to gather all the way from the east gate to the west gate. Those who saw it had a share. In addition to the cast and crew, many of the men, women and children in the Qiang Village did group performances, and the organizer also reserved places for them.

On the table were densely placed basins, dishes, bowls, chopsticks and spoons. The chefs in the Qiang Village tried their best to put colorful Qiang delicacies on the table, in order to thank the crew for bringing them new life.

Since the broadcast of “Dongnu Country” this month, the number of tourists visiting Xiaojin County had increased significantly, and the spillover benefits had become prominent. Qiang Village had become one of the most popular tourist destinations recently.

The most authoritative Shibi in the Qiang Village, also known as the great sorcerer in “Dongnu Country”, used wind sauce, meat, potato glutinous rice cakes and corn to stir up a group to pay homage to the ancestors before the opening ceremony and then raised up a cup to celebrate.

At such an important moment, sipping wine was naturally indispensable. Everybody opened their arms and drank and toasted each other in congratulations. It was so lively.

Everybody was drinking, but for some reason, the managers of the male and female lead actors were fighting over alcohol.

Han Yi and Jing Meini sat face to face, with their arms folded and their sleeves rolled up, staring at each other.

They shot knives from their eyes at each other, and there seemed to be a sound of electric current in the air.

“Miss Jing, good men don’t fight with women. I’ll finish the glass of wine in front of me, you can do whatever you want.” Han Yi patted the table boldly and shouted.

Jing Meini didn’t smile, “Mr. Han. Why don’t we finish drinking this bottle of wine and see if you are a good man or a coward?”

Then they heard someone excitedly scream.

Xing Weimin came over and said with a smile, “Come here, take a gamble.”

He dragged his work card to Jing Meini, “Xiaojing, come on. I’m optimistic about you.” The rest of the crew also took off their work permits and threw them in front of Jing Meini or Han Yi. Looking at it, Jing Meini had the most work cards in front of her.

The corners of Han Yi’s mouth twitched, and he inserted his mouth into the wine jar and started drinking.

Jing Meini laughed, picked up the wine jar and raised her head to drink, looking cool and sassy.

Everyone clapped. Everyone in the crew had drunk this drink before, even though the taste was slightly sweet, but in fact, it required a lot of stamina. Ordinary people could easily be overturned because of underestimating it.

Jing Meini stared at Han Yi while drinking, Han Yi simply lost the straw and picked up the wine jar to drink.

Two minutes later, Jing Meini and Han Yi finished drinking almost at the same time.

The two looked ruddy and spoke clearly, and it was hard to tell the winner for a while, then the people next to them quickly brought two more jars of wine for them to drink.

Jiang Zheng took a sip of the wine, looked sideways where people were busy with the wine fight, and kept laughing with her chin placed on her hand.

Ji Muye said with a smile: “Zhengzheng, who do you favor to win?”

“What?” Jiang Zheng’s brows and eyes were stained with tipsiness, and her smiling face looked back at him.

Ji Muye’s heart trembled at this glance, he stabilized his mind, and suggested that the two of them each bet on their own agent, and whoever’s agent lost should promise the other one thing.

Jiang Zheng shrugged, “Okay!” Han Yi, a man, should be able to drink better than Jing Meini. If she won, could she ask Ji Muye for an autographed photo?

After the two agreed, they turned around to watch the fight.

Jing Meini’s face remained unchanged after drinking three jars of sipping wine, and she sat firmly, but Han Yi seemed to have reached his limit, his eyes had begun to float, his mouth was muttering, and his body swayed from side to side.

Seeing that he was still not convinced, Jing Meini asked someone to bring over the fourth jar of wine.

As a result, Han Yi threw himself down on the table before he could drink even half of it.

Jing Meini patted Han Yi’s shoulder, “Mr. Han, Lao Han, Han Yi?”

However, Han Yi remained motionless. Jing Meini laughed, picked up her mobile phone to take pictures and video, and decided that she was going to use these against him when she saw him again in the future.

Jiang Zheng turned her head, Ji Muye took out his mobile phone, and said with a smile, “You should admit defeat, Zhengzheng, add a WeChat.”

Jiang Zheng blinked.

Ji Muye half-smiled, “Is Your Majesty trying to snub the minister?”

Jiang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, why did he attack her with her own lines. It was like she’s a badass girl.

Ji Muye shook his phone, so Jiang Zheng had to take out her phone.

After the two sides added each other on WeChat, someone happened to come to Ji Muye to take a photo. Jiang Zheng clutched her phone and hid in the corner. She stomped her feet excitedly, and then carefully clicked away.

Ji Muye’s WeChat ID was his real name, and when she clicked on his avatar, Jiang Zheng’s eyes widened instantly.

This was a profile photo, with a full forehead, a beautiful nose tip and the jawline in focus, while the eyes were firm, looking as if there were thousands of words hidden in that gaze. The most important thing was that Ji Muye’s cute earlobes were pretty exposed, facing the camera, as if inviting her to pinch…

Ah ah ah, it’s amazing.

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