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Her Majesty the Queen saw that Cui Ling was poisoned and collapsed, and his life and death were unknown. First, she kicked Chen Gang and the golden map into the Ruoshui River, and then hugged Cui Ling and wept silently.

At this moment, the great wizard and Cen Baoqian arrived and were shocked when they saw this scene.

When Su Mingchen led the rebel army into the imperial mausoleum just now, Tang Qinlan was still as calm as usual, but at this moment, she was trembling all over, looked frightened, and she didn’t even react when she saw them.

The great wizard was scared badly, then he hurried over and shouted softly: “Your Majesty, let me see His Royal Highness.”

Tang Qinlan’s eyes were straight, and the voice of the great wizard didn’t seem to enter her ears at all.

Cen Baoqian also stepped forward and whispered to Her Majesty. It was still useless.

The great wizard’s face sank, and he reached out and knocked on Tang Qinlan’s neck, Cen Baoqian hurried forward, and Tang Qinlan fell into her arms instantly.

Soon the screen turned, they were now in the sleeping hall.

Tang Qinlan woke up quietly, and what caught her eye was the familiar brocade veil, she sat up abruptly, and shouted, “Cui Ling.”

Cen Baoqian came over hurriedly when she heard the sound, and when she saw that she had woken up, she quickly knelt down and cried: “Your Majesty is awake.”

Tang Qinlan had a splitting headache, so clutching the bedding with her fingers, she asked in a hoarse voice, “Where is he?”

Cen Baoqian hesitated, lowered her head and dared not speak.

Tang Qinlan felt dizzy for a while, and with trembling hands, she lifted the quilt, so anxious that she even forgot to put on her shoes.

White feet stepped on the blue brick as she rushed out, but as soon as she reached the screen, her knees fell to the ground.

Cen Baoqian was frightened, she quickly crawled over to support her, and cried, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, there is the great wizard there, so your Highness will be fine.”

Tang Qinlan suddenly looked back, “He is still alive?!”

Cen Baoqian didn’t know what to say. The great wizard said that the candles on the ship were poisoned, and the smoke from the burning would enter the internal organs along the breath, which was extremely harmful for the body. Fortunately, His Royal Highness was a martial arts practitioner with a strong body. If it was an ordinary person, they would have already died on the boat. The great wizard, she did not know what medicine he used to save His Highness’s life for the time being, but after all, the poison was too strong, so His Highness was still in a coma at the moment.

Tang Qinlan was wearing a black shirt and looked haggard as she walked towards the side hall step by step.

Summer had arrived, and the branches of the pear blossom trees were covered with pears. The sun passed through the windows, but Tang Qinlan felt extremely cold.

After the great wizard saluted her, he and Cen Baoqian exited together.

Tang Qinlan moved step by step to the front of the soft divan, and tears flowed without her saying a word.

“How could a smart person like you fall for your fake brother’s trick?”

“You have the heart to die, so you allowed yourself to be poisoned?”

“You’d rather die than hurt me, but if you die, can I live alone?”

Cui Ling, who was lying on the bed, had his eyes closed tightly and did not respond.

“You’re such a fool!”

“They want the golden map, if you can’t give it, you will die.”

“If you had told me a little bit of information, you won’t fall into this danger.”

“Golden map.” Tang Qinlan turned her face and sneered, tears streaming down her cheeks.

The golden map of Dongnu Country was the foundation of the country and was very important. Outsiders thought that the golden map was supposed to be hidden by the Queen in a place where no one could find it. But in fact, there were no airtight walls in the world. The golden map could in fact be found anywhere.

The golden map was not a map, it was not printed, it was not left in the words, and no one could steal it or take it away.

Because the golden map was in the mind of the Queen of the Dongnu Country, it was unforgettable and passed down by word of mouth.

The silk map that Cui Ling gave to Chen Gang, depicting the mountains and rivers and marking the location of the gold mine, was obviously fabricated based on imagination.

Tang Qinlan accompanied Cui Ling day and night, day after day.

The ministers were talking. Cui Ling was a native of Yizhou in the Tang Dynasty, not of their race, and his heart must be different. Her Royal Highness was occupied by outsiders, so it was no wonder that things were not going well this year, and there were frequent rebellions. It was a breach of duty for the queen to guard such an immortal outsider, to waste the government’s time, and to not care about the people.

Just when the criticism suddenly erupted, Her Majesty the Queen led an army to uproot the forces hidden in the shadows of the Su family. Only then did everyone know that Prime Minister Su Changqing was sentenced to death, and that she and her younger brother Su Mingchen jointly intended to overthrow the Domgnu Country. The Tang Dynasty was collaborating with Qingyuan Kingdom, which secretly colluded with the Su family to provide soldiers, so it was also destroyed by the queen in one fell swoop, as an example.

Those ministers who questioned the queen’s ability no longer dared to talk nonsense and could only shout long live, long live, long live.

However, when Tang Qinlan returned, Cui Ling was still not awake.

One night, Tang Qinlan rubbed Cui Ling’s jaw, “Cui Long, I’m going to Yizhou to bring your sister back. I hope you can meet me at the gate of the royal city when I come back.”

Cui Ling remained unresponsive. Tang Qinlan leaned over and kissed the corner of his lips, then left with a cold face.

The camera turned, and finally came to the legendary Yizhou City. The official city of Huazhong was indeed a land of abundance.

Amidst the blooming flowers, the group quietly entered the city.

The land of Dongnu was poor. So, people from Dongnu Country came to Yizhou City every summer to do odd jobs and returned to the Qiang county in winter.

Dongnu people were good at building houses and repairing wells, so there were many Dongnu natives scattered in Yizhou City.

Half a month ago, Lord Jiedushi was repairing the garden, and there was a woman from the Dongnu Country who signed up to participate. When Tang Qinlan sneaked into Yizhou City, this person had already completed the map of Jiedushi’s residence and handed it over to Tang Qinlan.

On this day, when Jiedushi heard that Cui Ling had sent people back from the Dongnu Country, he raised his head and laughed three times, and then he was full of pride and let people come in.

Cen Baoqian played the role of a lowly girl who trembled and offered a brocade box with both hands.

Jiedushi brought the brocade box over with a cold face, and when he opened it to see the map of the vault drawn on it, he laughed three times again.

Cen Baoqian said that she was forced to come by Cui Ling, and since he had already received it, she had to return to the Dongnu Country.

How could Jiedushi let her go again, so he immediately put her in the dungeon.

Jiedushi was cunning by nature, so he did not act immediately when he got the golden map. Chen Gang had not sent back news for many days, and he was afraid that there had been a change.

Just when he was getting anxious, Chen Gang actually came back and told him that Cui Ling was dead.

The Jiedushi was overjoyed, he had no doubt anymore, so he immediately dispatched troops to secretly cross the border of the Dongnu Country to find the nearest gold mine according to the location on the gold map.

At the same time, a group of women in black sneaked into the Jiedushi’s mansion and rescued Cui Ling’s little sister from the side room and Cen Baoqian from the dungeon.

Tang Qinlan pulled off the black mask, took the torch from Cen Baoqian’s hand with no expression, and threw it into the house full of gold and silver treasures.

Under the gleaming night sky, a group of people galloped through the city gate and headed west.

Jiedushi took Chen Gang along the map into a narrow valley. Chen Gang pointed to the map and said that the vault was at the end of the valley.

Jiedushi smiled and patted Chen Gang on the shoulder and said that he would be rewarded heavily when he found the vault.

Chen Gang smiled but did not react much, and Jiedushi was startled.

Suddenly, gongs and drums on both sides of the hills shook the sky, and the noise continued. The place that was originally dark was suddenly filled with soldiers.

Jiedushi turned back suddenly, Chen Gang stretched out his hand and brushed his face, and then raised his head, it was actually an old woman.

Jiedushi was so frightened that he took two steps back.

Unexpectedly, a raging flame was burning under the feet of the old woman, and it rushed up along the black robe, burning her arms, but she was still smiling.

Before the laughter fell, the old woman turned into a pool of black ashes, and a gust of mountain wind blew, the ashes were scattered, and nothing was left.

It was as if this person never existed.

Jiedushi shuddered and shouted, “Witchcraft!”

This was obviously a massacre. The slaughterers came prepared, and the slaughtered were like ants. Rolling flints, fire sticks, and everything related to fire fell from the top of the mountain, the ears were filled with cries and wailings, but these cries eventually turned into crackling fires at dawn.

Shouldn’t have come, would never go.

Tang Qinlan and her party finally came back. There was no one in front of the gate of the Kang Yanchuan.

She smiled and shed tears, looked back at Cui Xiaomei, who was panting, and said softly, “Your brother is a liar.”

The great wizard did not know how but he hung on to Cui Ling’s last breath. From the harsh summer to the cold winter, Tang Qinlan did not know how long she sat in front of his bed and how many tears she shed.

Even Cui Xiaomei who had not been able to walk, had started walking on crutches, but he had not yet woken up.

Tang Qinlan talked a lot in front of him, scolding him for not keeping his promises, and calling him the most stupid in the world. After scolding, she was quiet for a while, and then coquettishly forced him to agree to wait for the pear blossoms to bloom in the next year, and that he must accompany her in riding horses to enjoy the flowers.

Cen Baoqian stood outside, tears streaming down her face.

The great wizard sighed, retreated to the study, and finally found a prescription from the library. It was dangerous but worth a try.

Tang Qinlan hesitated for a long time and refused to take risks easily.

Cui Xiaomei knelt down and begged for her to give it a try. She said that her brother would not want to be a living dead in bed all his life.

This sentence inspired Tang Qinlan to make up her mind.

After taking the medicine, Cui Ling lay in bed for three days and finally woke up.

Tang Qinlan was so excited that she took his hand and was about to speak, when she heard the other person say, “Who are you?”

Although Cui Ling was awake, he had lost his memory, and did not recognize her.

That winter was extraordinarily long. For a long time, Tang Qinlan didn’t dare to go to the palace of the queen’s husband. Later, her thoughts became unbearable. She began to accompany him for three meals a day, and then every night. What they did before, they did again and again, and what he said, she told him again and again.

Day after day, winter turned to spring, and the pear blossoms were in full bloom again.

The mountains and plains of Kang Yanchuan were full of pear blossoms as white as snow, the river valley was filled with warm light, the towers stood tall, and the mountains and rivers were quiet.

On this day, Tang Qinlan was standing under the porch of the palace’s eaves. The pear flowers blew over in the mountain breeze. She stretched out her hand, and a flower fell in her palm.

Thinking of the night she and Cui Ling first met, she secretly pinned a flower to her bun. She thought he didn’t know.

He was a daring fellow at the time.

As she thought about it, tears were already streaming down her cheeks.

Seeing her cry, Cui Ling was at a loss.

Tang Qinlan felt suffocated in her chest, so she dropped him and rushed out of the palace tower, riding a white horse out of the royal city all the way.

She didn’t know how long she walked in the flower forest, when suddenly there was a sound of footsteps in front of her.

Tang Qinlan looked up. Cui Ling, dressed in a white shirt, walked up to her with a smile.

Tang Qinlan frowned, she hadn’t laughed since Cui Ling woke up.    

Cui Ling jumped up, landed gently on the slanting branch of the pear tree, stretched out his hand, and said with a smile, “Why don’t we sit and enjoy the flowers together?”

It was the unruly Cui Ling, she felt choked and said, “Okay.”

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