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The ragdoll cat obviously liked Nuan Nuan very much. The two looked soft and cute together, and the combined effect could make people sprout nosebleeds.

Mr. Gu happily took out his tablet and turned on the camera function. During this time, he liked taking pictures, especially taking pictures of his little granddaughter.

He didn’t do this kind of thing when he was young, but now that he was old, he was pestering young people to teach him how to take pictures and how to post on Moments.

He didn’t need to grab the angle. When Nuan Nuan picked up the beautiful ragdoll cat, this person and cat became the most beautiful scenery there.



A series of meows sounded, one soft and squeamish, the other soft, glutinous and milky, Assistant Chen felt that the air was suddenly a little sweeter.

If the old man hadn’t been around, he would have taken out his mobile phone to take pictures of these two cuties! His girlfriend would most likely die.

It was a pity that the old man was here and he didn’t dare to be presumptuous in him.

“Princess, princess…”

Someone came out to look for the cat, a man who turned out to havea few hairs on his forehead still standing strong. He was obviously a good young man under 30 years old. The ‘beautiful’ hairstyle made him look like an old man, and he was still dressed like an old man in flip-flops, a T-shirt and beach shorts.

Old Gu “…”

“Will this really not affect the image of our company?”

Assistant Chen also twitched his lips. “Actually, they dress very formally before and when they come to work.”

But at work, because these programmers pulled their clothes and scratched their hair when they were troubled, and when sitting for a long time, one naturally tried to enter the most comfortable state, so in the end, the entire department simply became bright when they came and when they got off work, but they dressed as comfortably as at home when they were actually at work.

The programmers who could enter the development department of their group were all computer experts. There were many old people who were not trusted by Mr. Gu or the people who were trusted by Master Gu Nan. Therefore, when they went to work, they wore clothes like this, except that it was unsightly. What was the impact? President Gu and Young Master Gu Nan didn’t care about this trivial matter. Gradually, the information technology department of their group had thus become like this.

Old Master Gu didn’t understand either. He only knew that his son and grandson were now focusing on game development and networking. This was the world of the young people, so he didn’t care much.

“Assistant Chen, why didn’t you come here with President Gu?”

The person who came out saw Assistant Chen and asked him, “Does President Gu have any requirements?”

Assistant Chen shook his head, “No, I came with Chairman and the young lady to show them around the company.”


The young man almost put his eyes up when he saw the ragdoll cat that Nuan Nuan was holding, and when he saw Nuan Nuan holding the ragdoll cat, he covered his heart with an exaggerated expression and pretended to fall backwards.

“How come there are two little cuties!”

“Hello, uncle.”

Nuan Nuan greeted politely. The fluffy and soft head of Princess perfectly showed her delicate and beautiful facial features. Coupled with the beauty care done yesterday, Nuan Nuan now although couldn’t reach the state of being a powder and jade carving, but she was still a very cute little girl.

She pinched the Princess’ soft cat paws in her little hands, her voice soft and glutinous like a toffee bun.

Following the ragdoll cat, she let out a coquettish meow, and it was a double-sweet crit to the young man.

Especially for those overworked programmers, such as the current Luo Lin, he felt that his blood tank was going to be empty.

Assistant Chen, “…”

He forgot, this group of overworked programmers loved the cute little loli setting, and their young lady was so cute…

“Little sister, what’s your name? Do you want to eat candy? There’s sugar here…”

That tone was like a big bad wolf coaxing Little Red Riding Hood.

Nuan Nuan was a bit timid, so she couldn’t help while holding a light pink rabbit in one hand and a beautiful ragdoll cat in the other, standing up, running on her short legs to hide behind her grandpa.

This was probably the aggression brought about by the strange person.

Nuan Nuan timidly looked out from behind her grandfather with a small furry head exposed. With her grandfather here, Nuan Nuan was not afraid of anything!

“Hey… Uncle is not a bad person…”

Luo Lin touched his naked forehead, it was very hurtful and highly insulting, and he was regarded as a weirdo again.

He wanted to cry but had no tears, but the child was afraid of him, so he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Sorry, your child is too cute.”

Only when he met the old man’s indignant gaze, did Luo Lin feel embarrassed.

Old Man Gu nodded, his little granddaughter was really cute.

“My family’s Nuan Nuan is indeed the cutest, but she is a little afraid of strangers. Don’t take it as an offense, boy.”

Luo Lin quickly waved his hand, “No, no, I was abrupt.”

After they finished speaking, Assistant Chen introduced them.

“Miss Nuan Nuan, this is Uncle Luo from our game development department and your father’s friend.”

Hearing that he was her father’s friend, Nuan Nuan looked at him curiously with big black and white eyes, not afraid at all.

Luo Lin was at a loss, “Who is her father?”

Assistant Chen held a proper smile on the corner of his mouth, and said something that terrified Luo Lin “Mr. Gu.”

Luo Lin “???”

Luo Lin “!!!”

His eyes widened, looking at the cute little doll in a small skirt, he thought about his friend Gu Linmo.

“Gu Linmo’s daughter is so cute!!! No, when did Gu Linmo have a daughter?”

Luo Lin was completely beaten. He always thought that there were only three stinky boys in Gu Linmo’s family, but now suddenly from where did such a sweet and cute daughter appear?

This was the daughter he dreamt of. Well, although he didn’t even have a girlfriend now, it didn’t prevent him from dreaming of having the love of a sweet and cute daughter.

Old Gu immediately started showing off, he was good at showing off his granddaughter.

“Our family’s Nuan Nuan is warm and cute, right? I’ve seen so many children, but I’ve never seen anyone more obedient than her. Listening to her softly calling Grandpa every day makes me feel better…”

Grandpa Gu continued to talk, Luo Lin’s eyes showed infinite envy, as for Nuan Nuan…

The little girl was so shy that she buried her little face on Princess’s soft belly.

The ragdoll cat meowed a few times, and its soft little claws hugged the warm and fluffy little head.

Assistant Chen, “…”

He couldn’t understand why the two of them were talking about and how they became friends.

“Nuan Nuan, do you want to go to our department office to see, there are still a few cats and dogs there, you can also feed them yourself.”

Luo Lin began to secretly want to take this little cutie to the office.

Nuan Nuan hesitated, there were many strangers in their office and she didn’t want to go.

But there were a lot of cats and dogs, and she wanted to meet them.

The little girl hugged the ragdoll cat with a soft body, and her expression was tangled up.

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