RCFS Ch. 221

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Ye Yunxi with half-closed her eyes stared at Di Junxie coldly, seeing the undisguised evil spirit flowing freely in the man’s eyes, Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, stretched out her hand, and pressed against the man’s waist.

“Exchange for a little stamina!”

Ding! The exchange is successful, Awesomeness XP -10!

Ye Yunxi smiled even brighter.

It was also more natural to start!

After taking a bath, the skin was smooth and greasy, the muscles were very tight, and the hand felt very good, and Ye Yunxi’s pinching was even more comfortable.


Di Junxie frowned, clenched his teeth tightly, and the arc of his jaw became more and more tense.

This little thing had a big hand!

“The truth is, it’s so bad that this lady can’t bring up the slightest bit of temperament!!”

After pinching, Ye Yunxi slapped the place where it was pinched, and Di Junxie almost jumped up!

Was there any secondary damage?

Murdering your husband!

“I’m going to practice dance, is there a place here? I just wanted to ask this!”

Di Junxie narrowed his eyes, closed the door with gritted teeth, changed his clothes, and when he came out again, he was still indifferent and silent, seemingly the normal Di Junxie who had never suffered domestic violence twice.

Well, beating was kissing and scolding was love!

Young Master Di silently brainwashed himself.

Was that a pinch?

How was it possible, that was love! Look, how deeply Yunxi loves him? The meat was almost pinched off!

Coming to the top floor of the house, there was a dance classroom here, which was used by Di Weiqian, and it could happen to be used by Ye Yunxi now.

After looking it over, the audio equipment was all available, so Ye Yunxi hurriedly prepared to play music.

Sitting on the sofa next to her, Di Junxie rubbed his waist and eyes, which were red and swollen from love.

The host is big, whether to exchange for VR glasses, can convert the scene thought in the host’s brain into a VR image, and feed it back on the host’s big retina!

That is, you can see what she thinks? So high tech!


She now had 100,000 Awesomeness XP, and she could spend how much ever she wanted!

Ding! The VR glasses were exchanged successfully, the Awesomeness XP: -10000!

A pair of thin glasses appeared in the palm of her hand, the appearance was no different from ordinary glasses, not as clumsy and heavy as VR glasses on the market, and the design looked even cooler than ordinary glasses!

Without further ado, Ye Yunxi put it on, and under the effect of the VR glasses, a few jet-black figures slowly appeared in her line of sight, and according to the thinking in her brain, they posed in poses and stood in the dance classroom.

When the music started, Ye Yunxi slowly raised her head and jumped!

And the shadow in her sight also twisted with the rhythm of the music!

The long and melodious music, the explosive drum rhythm, a piece of music contained all the sexy and ambiguous feelings, which made people very intoxicated.

Ye Yunxi put her whole heart and soul into it, and the figures also cooperated seamlessly.

Not far away, Di Junxie was lazily slumped on the sofa, watching with gusto.

His long and narrow eyes were a little more dark and playful, and his eyes slid from Ye Yunxi’s slender waist, which was constantly twisting, to that extremely sexy and glamorous face.

The rhythm was very good, the dance was strong enough and seductive, Ye Yunxi fully interpreted the word sexy, and Di Junxie’s chest was on fire.


Was this the dance for the campus festival?

Di Junxie suddenly regretted it, why did he let Mo Yuxiang go to repeat high school?

He should have gone, for such a good dance can’t be found.

After the song was over, Ye Yunxi took off her glasses and put them in her pockets. The high-intensity dance had exhausted her energy. She tossed her long hair, and the sweaty ends of her hair stuck to her fair neck, full of temptation.

“When is the campus festival?”

Di Junxie brushed the corner of his lips with his rough fingers.

“At the beginning of next month.”

“I will definitely go to see it.”

After leaving these words, Di Junxie turned and left, leaving Ye Yunxi speechless.

The campus festival was attended only by the parents of the students, so what’s the matter with you?

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