RCFS Ch. 220

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Ye Yunxi, who was still eating leisurely, didn’t know that the old man of the Di family had finalized the matter just like that.

“Drink the soup.”

Di Junxie filled a bowl of fish soup and handed it to her.

Ye Yunxi glanced at Young Master Di with a complicated expression, then at the empty room, and couldn’t help but say, “There are no outsiders anymore, can we stop pretending?”

Di Junxie squinted his eyes, his face changed slightly, and he was obviously a little angry.

The relationship had been playing with him just now?

But, was he really a stingy person?

Haha…, how was it possible!

“Drink more fish soup to nourish the brain and replenish calcium.”

Putting down the fish soup with no expression on his face, Di Junxie began to eat on his own. People were pleasing to watch even while eating.

As expected of the heir of the first family!

Ye Yunxi sighed and picked up the fish soup again. She felt that she didn’t need to replenish her brain, but calcium supplementation was still acceptable.

However, after taking a sip, Young Master Di put down his chopsticks, quickly grabbed her cheek, squeezed it hard, and then let go with his eyes narrowed.

Ye Yunxi: “?”

There was still soup in her mouth and she couldn’t speak. When she tried to open her mouth after swallowing it, the person had disappeared.

What was he doing? Why did he want to pinch her all of a sudden?

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

Ye Yunxi: “…”

System, are you crazy?

When does a living person not have peach blossom value from you?

The system spread its hands, it doesn’t matter if there are people, as long as the hero is happy!

Not stingy?

Hehe, just look at this system, don’t talk!!

After eating, Ye Yunxi changed into a sports suit, turned around and knocked on the door of Young Master Di’s bedroom.

Di Junxie had just finished taking a shower, and stood there with his whole body wet. His slender and tight body was only wrapped with a bath towel, which barely covered his mermaid line. His wet hair was stuck to his forehead, and water droplets snaked down his collarbone.

A very tempting picture of a beauty coming out of the bath, and it was still the most explosive and sexy one.

To be honest, he didn’t expect that it would be Ye Yunxi who knocked on the door, he thought it was Butler Zeng, and he didn’t want to open the door directly, but when he saw the flash of surprise in Ye Yunxi’s dark eyes, he subconsciously hooked it. He hooked the corner of his mouth, leaned against the door frame, inserted his fingers into his hair, raised his head slightly, and drew out a sexy arc of his chin.

“Does it look good?”

Di Junxie narrowed his eyes, with a bit of evil in his tone.

Of course it was not okay to show it to other women, but in front of your own wife, you don’t need to cover it up.

But Ye Yunxi didn’t scream like a normal little girl, her face flushed with embarrassment, she didn’t even move her eyelids, she just rubbed her chin, and said very seriously: “Do you want me to tell the truth or lie?”

Di Junxie: “…”

Why did he always feel that someone had dug a hole for him?

But when his wife dug it, no matter how deep it was, he still had to jump!


Di Junxie jumped without hesitation.

“Can I touch it before expressing my opinion?”

Ye Yunxi raised a finger and waved it in front of someone.

The man squinted his eyes, and the surroundings became dangerous.

Touch it?



Just with your tiny, thin finger?

Something turned around in his head, and Di Junxie curled his mouth, supported the door frame with one hand, and imprisoned the person in front of his chest.

The fragrance of the men’s shower gel was very light, with a little bit of calm and quiet, invading her senses.

“As your husband, I approve.”

With a slight smile on his thin lips, his eyes were full of danger, and a deep whisper filled her ears. The man was full of strength!

Ding! Peach blossom value +20!!!

Ye Yunxi: “…”

The fuck was it doubled!

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