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After leaving the administrative office, Zhuang Li took the elevator to the top floor, took out his mobile phone on the way, and looked at the global scientific research development report he had stolen from the United States.

7480 sneered in a harsh noise: “Judging from the current level of human technology, you have no way to get me out of your mind. You are right, one of us must die, but the one who survives in the end, must be me!”

“You know that noise can kill people, right? Within three days, I can kill you, hahaha…” 7480 laughed wildly.

Zhuang Li focused on the most advanced technological equipment in the world, then turned off the report and searched for the detailed information of Haiming Group.

Haiming Group’s business involved communication networks, IT, smart terminals and cloud services, etc., and its strength was very strong. It was not only a domestic leading enterprise, but also occupied a leading position internationally.

Its R&D department had gathered the world’s most outstanding scientists and the most expensive equipment, and its annual capital investment had almost no upper limit. If you could work in the research and development department of Haiming Group, you may have access to the most comprehensive and advanced technology in the world.

Seeing this, Zhuang Li turned off the phone screen, walked out of the elevator, handed the meeting minutes to a staff member of the secretariat, and then returned the same way.

He wanted to go to the R&D department to take a look but found that his work permit could not open the elevator to the 28th floor. That was the heart of the Haiming Group, and no one was allowed to enter without the highest authority.

Zhuang Li could only go back to the 17th floor to complete the work left by “Zhuang Li”. When passing by the tea room, he vaguely heard someone mention his name.

“Hey, have you heard? Zhuang Li didn’t graduate from Princeton University at all.”

“Then which school did he graduate from?”

“Preston, hehe.”


“Preston, a pheasant university.”

“Damn, is it true or not?”

“Really, I heard Liao Kaiping say this.”

“Then how did he get into our company? The lowest education requirement in our company is Tsinghua University and B University!”

“It is said that his brother is the secretary of President Xuan and has connections in the company …”

Zhuang Li couldn’t hear any more words, and he didn’t intend to break into the tea room to argue with these people, because what they said was correct, “Zhuang Li” did graduate from Preston University, there was no excuse for this.

The person spreading the rumors must be the man who was rejected by Zhuang Li before, that was, Liao Kaiping. He was the only friend “Zhuang Li” had made in this company.

7480 gloated and said: “Host, there are three people in the pantry, all of whom work in the same office as you, and their favorability for you is -10, -9, -12 respectively. Hey, now the favorability has changed again. They are -22, -16, -19, hahaha, you are really disgusting!”

Zhuang Li walked into the office rubbing his temples, his brows furrowed slightly, hiding deep boredom.

7480 laughed even more viciously: “Oh host, I have some bad news for you. Rumors have spread. Now, your colleagues’ favorability towards you is generally decreasing, and your immediate superior is especially disgusted with you. He’s even going to find a reason to fire you.”

Zhuang Li sat back in his seat, turned on the computer, and quickly processed today’s work, his brows were frowning, but there was a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth.

“I don’t need anyone’s favorability,” he said indifferently, “It’s harder to make friends with a fool than to cross species.”

7480 laughed bitterly: “Go crazy, host! Let’s see how long you can go crazy! This is the sound of sudden braking, you enjoy it.”

A sharp noise suddenly sounded in his mind.

Zhuang Li’s typing motion stagnated for a moment, and then slowly became smooth again.

At the same time, Xuan Ming was receiving an investigation report from the secret agents who were closely protecting him.

“The person you asked me to check is nothing special.” The agent thought for a while, and then said: “No, I was wrong, he still has some skills to enter Haiming Group with a pheasant diploma.”

“Pheasant diploma?” Xuan Ming was stunned.

The agent nodded and said: “Yes, his diploma is fake. He has a stepbrother who is working as your secretary, named Chang Dongming. But he didn’t come in this way. His father spent five million to bribe the Minister of Personnel, gave him a fake degree, and changed Preston to Princeton on it.”

Xuan Ming quickly flipped through the investigation report, his expression very astonished.

The agent was surprised and said: “You don’t know about this? Then why did you ask me to investigate him?”

Xuan Ming put down the information, still a little unbelievable, and called Chang Dongming and the Minister of Personnel to inquire.

Chang Dongming was very embarrassed, he hesitated for a long time before he nodded and said: “Yes, Mr. Xuan, my brother’s degree is fake. I also persuaded my stepfather not to do this, but he didn’t listen. You know, my status at home is embarrassing, so I’m really soft-spoken.”

He stood up and bowed, “Mr. Xuan, I’m sorry.” The moment he lowered his head, he showed a happy smile, and when he straightened up, he became a guilty subordinate and worried brother again.

Only then did the head of the personnel department get to know what had happened, and he broke out in a cold sweat, “Mr. Xuan, please give me one more chance! I’ll return the five million immediately!” He immediately took out his phone and wanted to transfer Zhuang Li’s father the money.

Xuan Ming waved his hand, and asked in a deep voice, “Besides Zhuang Li, who else have you opened the back door to?”

“No, no, he’s the only one.”

Xuan Ming looked at the agent.

The agent nodded, showing that the Minister of Personnel was not lying. Like Zhuang Li’s father, there were very few people who could bring out five million yuan just to arrange a good job for their son.

“Okay, you guys go out.” Xuan Ming ordered lightly, and then threw the report into the trash can.

“Ah?” The head of the personnel department was stunned.

Chang Dongming also froze in place.

Everyone in the Haiming Group knew that Mr. Xuan had the coldest and hardest temper, and he couldn’t tolerate even half a grain of sand in his eyes[1]. Anyone who touched his bottom line would be kicked out of the house immediately, even if the Heavenly King and Lao Tzu try to persuade him, it would not work.

The Minister of Personnel still remembered that the previous Minister of Personnel also made the same mistake as himself, and was not only dismissed in the end, but was almost arrested and imprisoned. This time, why didn’t President Xuan respond at all?

The head of the personnel department peeked up.

Xuan Ming frowned and said, “What are you doing standing there, waiting for me to invite you to drink tea?”

The head of the personnel department shrank his neck, and said in a frightened voice: “Then President Xuan, I’m going back to work right now?”

Then they heard him say:  “All your salary for this month will be deducted, and your year-end bonus will also be cancelled.” Xuan Ming waved his hands impatiently.

“Hey, okay, okay. Mr. Xuan, I promise I won’t make the same mistake again. I’m leaving, you are busy, you are busy.” The head of the personnel department seemed to have oiled his feet, and he ran away without a trace in the blink of an eye, leaving behind no trace.

Chang Dongming was in a daze for a while before leaving with hands and feet under the scrutiny of Mr. Xuan’s cold eyes. Walking to a corner where no one was around, he slammed his fist hard against the wall, his face contorted with unwillingness and anger.

What happened to Mr. Xuan today? He didn’t get angry about such a big matter as falsifying his academic qualifications. The previous Minister of Personnel was almost arrested and sent to jail, but this Minister of Personnel didn’t even have to report criticism internally.

No, this minister of personnel may be Mr. Xuan’s confidant, so he’s fine. Zhuang Li on the other end may not be so lucky.

What happened to the employee who falsified his academic qualifications last time? That’s right, not only was he fired, but it also left a huge stain on his resume. Later, he couldn’t find a job in China, so he could only go to a small country in Southeast Asia to hang out. His life was so miserable.

President Xuan let the Minister of Personnel go lightly, but he will definitely not let Zhuang Li go! Thinking of it this way, Chang Dongming’s distorted face showed another happy smile.

In the office, the agent was also very confused by the result of the handling: “I thought you were going to kill people today, but I didn’t expect you to calm down. If you don’t dismiss the Minister of Personnel, what about this small employee?” He pointed to the report in the trash.

“His academic qualifications may be fake, but his ability cannot be fake.” Xuan Ming lit a cigarette, took a puff slowly, his narrow eagle eyes were slightly closed, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

“What skills does he have? According to the investigation, he even bought a diploma from Pheasant University. In the United States, he only knew how to play and has never attended a day of class. His father sold one house for him to study; and he sold another house in order to find a job for him. Now the family of four live in a small apartment of less than 40 square meters, and their days go by like that. Some parents really don’t know what they think, doting too much on children, obviously grassroots, but want to cultivate a rich second generation, tsk tsk…”

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[1] Let even a minor thing go.

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