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While being wary of Shen Yu who might come home anytime, Xu Maomao typed hard. When it was almost twelve o’clock, his paws were almost swollen and his head was dizzy. Looking at the results of the battle, there were still four or five chapters left, and it would take less than two hours to complete the task.

Shen Yu didn’t come back since after answering the phone call. Xu Maomao guessed that he might not come back tonight, and even if he did, he would be too tired and would go straight to sleep. He had plenty of time to get up in the middle of the night and continue to edit the text. After the body potion expired, he stopped to rest for a while.

After running to the expensive water dispenser to drink a few sips of water, and then licking his paws, Xu Maomao collapsed on the sofa, touched the bell and entered the chat group.

Looking back at the historical records, he found that the group owner brought in a few more cats, and one of them had a cool ID called [Heimang]. The most surprising thing was that this cat named [Heimang] used the “lock to grab red envelopes” permission on itself as soon as it entered the group, which meant that as long as Xu Maomao sent out red envelopes, it could open a plug-in to grab them. But Xu Maomao seldom gave out red envelopes in the cat group, why was it interested in him?

Clicking on the profile picture, it turned out to be a black cat with white gloves, with gold trim on the tips of its ears, and a very sharp and wild expression, but Xu Maomao was sure that he had never seen it before.

The new group members greeted each other enthusiastically in the group, but [Heimang] did not appear, it seemed to be another high-cold master.

Xu Maomao flipped through it roughly and found that Dr. Mi just appeared five minutes ago, and his name showed that he was online, and after hesitating for a moment, he still sent him a private chat, although he wouldn’t necessarily reply.

[Oscar]: Dr. Mi, can you continue to upgrade the transformation potion? I want to turn my whole body into a human completely, without keeping my claws and tail, and I beg you to develop a new formula. Please.

He thought that Dr. Mi would not reply at this point. Who would have thought that the small speaker would light up after a while.

[Dr. Mi]: I don’t need to upgrade, you can completely transform into a human with Transformation Potion 2.0

[Oscar]: Huh?

[Dr. Mi]: Just say the spell

[Oscar]: Shocked! Asking for the spell!!!!

God, what the hell was he doing tapping the keyboard with his claws just now? That task would have been done long ago if it had been done manually, but he wasted hours of transformation potions.

[Dr. Mi] sent over a piece of audio.

Xu Maomao clicked on the play button, and the whole cat appeared in Sparta!

[Dr. Mi]’s cry is a bit mature, obviously much older than him, but still very funny, because the mantra was God’s “Meow Meow Meow Meow”.

It should be said that there was a slight change in the tone of the call, which sounded like a rhythmic “meow, miao, second, temple”…

[Dr. Mi]: The tone must be accurate, otherwise I cannot guarantee that you will completely transform. If you want to change back, you can read it backwards.

Xu Maomao: …

This mediocre tone was not difficult for Huaguo cats, but if it was a foreign cat, it was probably easy to make mistakes.

Xu Maomao couldn’t wait to drink a bottle of half-hour-effective potion, and then read aloud: “Miao Miao Miao Miao!”

After more than ten seconds of sore and itchy bones, skin and flesh tingling, his eyesight became tall again, and he lowered his head. At first glance, his hands and feet had really returned to human form, and even the tail and cat ears disappeared! Of course, after the deformation, his palms were a little smaller than before, and the knuckles of his fingers were also pink. His shiny nails were neat and tidy, and he looked very well-behaved and suitable for working.

Xu Maomao was so excited that tears filled his eyes, and he hurried back to the computer desk to continue revising the article without any delay.

The efficiency of the human-shaped codeword machine was restored, and the remaining chapters were revised in less than 20 minutes. Xu Maomao beat his chest when he thought of the hours of wasted potion and vowed to use any new product only after asking his doctor for instructions.

After editing the complete text, he edited a short message on the site to apply for unlocking and sent it to his editor. If there was no accident, it would definitely be unlocked tomorrow.

Seeing that he still had about ten minutes to maintain his human form, Xu Maomao got up and went to the kitchen to help Shen Yu wash the dishes – the male god was good everywhere, his cooking was especially delicious, but he didn’t like washing dishes, but Xu Maomao liked it, so every time he saw the dirty bowls and chopsticks become clean under his hands, he felt a sense of accomplishment!

Thinking that the days to come might be “you cook and I clean up”, Xu Maomao’s whole body was pink with happiness!

Shen Yu would be very happy to see the clean and tidy kitchen when he came back, maybe he would forgive his “illegally becoming the cat master”! After all, what he was showing now was the image of a hardworking and virtuous snail cat! Which master would be willing to punish such a cat?

So Xu Maomao cleaned up even more vigorously!—-

Shen Yu didn’t get home until seven o’clock the next morning. Because of guarding all night, the male god was in a haggard state at this time, with obvious dark circles, but his pale complexion reflected an amazing decadent beauty under the influence of his strong appearance.

Xu Maomao got up from the nest, and when he came to his side, he smelled the obvious smell of disinfectant.

“Meow?” Went to the hospital?

“Little thing,” Shen Yu beckoned, stroked its belly, and said with a smile, “You must be so hungry.”

He immediately opened a can for Xu Maomao, and Xu Maomao lowered his head and gnawed on it, then he pushed the can over to remind him to have breakfast too.

“I ate in the hospital.” Shen Yu pushed back, saw his eyes widen and added, “I’m fine, it was someone else who was sick.”

Xu Maomao began to gobble it up reassuringly.

Shen Yu yawned, turned around and went into the bathroom to take a bath and catch up on sleep, only to see the teddy bear and hello kitty taking a bath…

Heh, no wonder there was such a weird picture when watching the mobile phone monitor in the hospital.

He carried one in each hand, and came out tick-tock, Xu Maomao had completely forgotten how bad he had been, and was still eating there.

“Oscar,” Shen Yu’s voice brewed an unusual storm, “You did a good job.”

Oscar raised his head, then his chubby body shook, but he bravely looked directly at his shit-shoveling officer and swore: “Meow!”

He had already thought about it when he threw those two dolls away. There must be no compromise. A cat also needed privacy! The male god was big! What’s more, I’m already a mature cat!

Shen Yu squinted his eyes, and understood the meaning of the cat once again, and said with uncertainty, “Cats also have the right to privacy these days?”

Xu Maomao raised his paw to vote, to show the sacredness of a cat’s inviolable rights!

Shen Yu couldn’t help but laugh: “What if I don’t give it?”

“Meow!” You can’t be so overbearing!

Xu Maomao protested desperately, jumped up and down, and wanted to rush over and bite the two stupid dolls, but he didn’t dare to.

Shen Yu hurriedly said: “Are you afraid that I will block your transformation again?”

Please don’t mention it! You have seen my naked body! Let me tell you that I want you to be responsible for it in the future!

“It’s quite shy.” Shen Yu pressed his fist to his lips and laughed twice, and decided to let him go: “Okay, I won’t disturb your usual rest.” As he spoke, he poached the camera away and put it away in person.

Xu Maomao breathed a sigh of relief.

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