BCFE Ch. 6.1: Finally Reached

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It was more than 100 yuan in 1982, which was a lot of money. His partner helped him find the money, and the other went directly to get the policeman.

Ye Ning had been observing the expression of the woman on the right. She had been pretending to sleep before, but when she heard that someone was looking for the police, she moved her body. If she looked carefully, she could see that her eyes had been moving.

Everyone in the carriage was checking their belongings for fear that they might have lost valuables. As a result, only the young man had lost money. After a while, the policeman came over and first asked the man how much money he had lost, and then when he lost it. Yes, and then they asked the people around him, during this period, the woman on the right had been pretending to sleep, which was even more unreasonable. How could she continue to sleep in such a big movement?

Ye Ning raised her hand, “Comrade, when I just went to wash my face, I came back and found that my bag had been tampered with, but I didn’t lose anything, so I didn’t say anything.” Hearing that Ye Ning’s bag had also been rummaged through, the two policemen looked at each other.

All eyes were on the woman between the two.

“Comrade, wake up.” She wouldn’t wake up no matter how much the policeman shouted. The police officer became even more suspicious. In view of the differences between men and women, the police officer called for a female conductor to shake the woman awake.

“Hey, you scared me to death. What are you doing? I got in the car at midnight last night and I was so sleepy. Why did you wake me up?” the woman said, covering her chest.

“Comrade, please cooperate with our investigation. Where were you between 7 and 7:10 in the morning? Are there any witnesses?” the policeman asked the woman to get out of bed.

“Everyone knows that I got on the train in the middle of the night. Everyone who was waiting for the train was so sleepy that they slept all the time. Everyone in the carriage can testify. What happened? The police comrades were also dispatched.” The woman looked troubled. She just woke up and looked uncomfortable, rumbling around here and there, but wouldn’t go down.

In fact, many people in the carriage suspected her. No one in the carriage had dropped anything. However, the passenger on her left said that her bag had been tampered with, and the passenger on her right had lost his money and was in the upper bunk. She must have been the first suspect.

“I don’t know the specific time, but when the girl went to wash her face just now, she got up.” The girl in the middle berth opposite Ye Ning told what she saw.

If there was a person who could steal things around them, no one could rest peacefully. He must be caught and brought to justice.

“Don’t talk nonsense. When did I get up between seven to seven ten?” The woman denied directly.

“I said, I don’t know the specific time. I only took a look because she went to wash her face. You kept shaking the quilt. I just told what I saw.” The girl was not afraid of her and said loudly.

“I don’t have a watch, so I don’t know what time it was when I went to wash my face, but the comrade and I came back together.” Ye Ning said truthfully.

At this time, the woman was speechless and couldn’t make any excuses. The police asked her to get down and started searching the bed. The woman refused to get down. She even threw herself down and cried, saying that the police had wronged a good person and she wanted to file a complaint against them.

In the end, she was forcibly taken away. In this day and age, if you want to act recklessly and resist law enforcement, it was a big deal!

The man who lost the money and Ye Ning also went there together. At first, the woman refused to admit it. After waiting for more than half an hour, no evidence was found from her luggage, and she refused to admit it. Then a female police officer came and took her to a room to search her body. Finally, they found more than 100 yuan in her bra.

At this moment, the woman turned pale and confessed the whole process.

She saw the man opening his wallet in the morning. Seeing him putting the wallet under his pillow, she couldn’t help but get greedy. When he went to the toilet, she easily stole the more than one hundred yuan by shaking the quilt, she and Ye Ning were the only people there. Then she returned to the bed and lay down. Thinking that one of them had already been taken, then both of them could also be taken, she couldn’t help but rummage through Ye Ning’s bag again. Not long after she started, the person on the opposite bed happened to come back. Only then did she stop, and they would have arrived at the next stop in about ten minutes. She originally planned to pretend to be asleep for a minute or two, and then pack up her things and leave immediately. Unexpectedly, the man came back so quickly, and the first thing he did was to open his wallet and count money.

“Comrade policeman, this is my first time. I really didn’t do it on purpose. He was counting the money on purpose to seduce me.” The woman pointed at the man and cried out.

Not to mention the man, even the police and Ye Ning were shocked. It was the owner’s fault that she stole their things.

The crime of stealing was not a small crime now. No matter how she begged, she was escorted off by the police when she arrived at the station. Another police officer asked Ye Ning to go back first, leaving the man to make some notes.

“She really went through your bag?” asked the girl in the bunk on the left.

“Well, I didn’t say anything since I didn’t lose anything.” Ye Ning glanced at her and didn’t continue talking.

In a few hours, she would arrive in Lishan City. There was a saying that people were timid when they were close to home. Before she reached her hometown, she had already started to be timid.

Fortunately when it came to those relatives and friends, the original person had been attending high school in the county. It was normal for a girl to have changed so much in two years. Especially since her father just died, a drastic change in temperament would not arouse suspicion, she was mainly worried because of the original person’s younger siblings, Ye Ning was not sure how to get along with them for a while.

In addition, there was still a tough battle to fight when she went back. Ye Qingshan and several people from the same village did not work in the same place, but if something big happened to him and there was compensation from the mine, they would know sooner or later. They would know, which meant that people in the village would know, then the original grandfather and step-grandmother would also definitely know.

The original step-grandma must then instigate the old man to ask for money, and there were also those two uncles. They didn’t come out of the same belly. The brothers had thus no face and may want to take a bite.

Her relatives were all like this, so it would be nice if the people in the village didn’t add insult to injury.

She didn’t know who promoted this idea of rural simplicity. Ye Ning also grew up in a rural area and knew the truth behind it best.

When there was no interest relationship, the villagers were indeed hospitable. Once their own interests were linked, they would definitely fight to the death. There were often quarrels and even fights over the fields and water in the village, and some people were even killed for it. They cared about power, cared about others, bullied the weak and feared the strong, and loved to take advantage. In rural areas, if a family was weak, they would really be bullied into the mud.

Without the backbone of their family, Ye Qingshan, they were small and weak. The elders in the family were not united. It was not easy to live in the countryside. Fortunately, the communication was not developed now. The news of Ye Qingshan’s accident must not have spread back to the village. Ye Ning thought about whether she should hide the news and announce the funeral later, after she brought her siblings to the county seat and settled them down. Otherwise, it would be bad if something happened to the compensation and the villagers did not let her leave.

At 1:30 noon, she finally arrived in Lishan City. Ye Ning got off the train with her luggage and took a deep breath. No matter what, she had accepted the memory of her original body and had to shoulder her responsibilities. She would raise the children no matter what. Brother and sister, let’s wait and see what the future holds.

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