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Although Gu Mingli indeed looked very handsome while surfing, and Gu An was eager to try it, but…he simply didn’t know how to do it.

The other people wouldn’t let him take such risks. At such a young age, he should stay in the swimming ring and go swimming in the sea. Surfing? They were afraid for him because he was too small.

Gu An was shocked to the point of being stunned. He looked at Gu Mingli’s surfboard with greedy eyes, as if he really wished he could grow up soon.

Gu Mingyu and Gu Nan also surfed, and then the three of them stepped on the surfboard and started to show off various tricks. Everyone was so amazed. Nuan Nuan held her mobile phone and took the photos with bright eyes.

Such outstanding people were all her brothers!

A bright and sweet smile appeared on the little girl’s face, and she looked at the brothers in front of her with extremely proud eyes.

She was so lucky.

Bai Mohua was sitting cross-legged on the beach, with his brushes and paints beside him. He was holding a drawing board in one hand, and with the other hand, he outlined the surfing scene on the sea with just a few strokes. The faces of the characters in the distant view were not clearly visible, but everyone’s movements and expressions were clearly depicted.

Different from the delicate brushwork in the past, this time his paintings had bolder colours and obvious impact. After drawing  them, he felt inexplicably nervous, excited and open-minded.

When Nuan Nuan ran over after watching her three brothers surfing, Bai Mohua’s painting was already half completed. Although it was only half of it, it was still very beautiful.

Under the sun, the clean young man on the beach had fair and delicate skin that seemed to reflect light. The way he sat there quietly painting had an inexplicable sense of holiness.

After Nuan Nuan walked over, she did not disturb her cousin from painting, but quietly and obediently walked behind him, staring at his painting with clear black and white eyes, looking at it with strong emotions, as the painting gradually took shape in his hands.

The young man immersed in his own world seemed to be isolated from all distractions. He used his slender fingers to draw and paint on the drawing paper with a brush conscientiously. The pupils in his eyes reflected nothing but the painting in front of him.

Although Nuan Nuan didn’t understand painting, she could clearly feel that her cousin’s current paintings was different from those she had seen in his studio before, but she couldn’t tell what was different.

The three surfers also walked out of the sea. Their hair were all wet. Gu Mingyu directly covered his head with a dry towel. Gu Mingli pushed a handful of his hair back from his forehead, and most of the water droplets were basically all splattered everywhere.

Gu Nan’s eyes were deep and his thin lips were pursed with an expressionless expression, which made him look particularly cold. However, the way his short black hair stuck to his forehead seemed to soften the outline of his face, making him look much younger.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Mingli walked over casually holding a surfboard in one hand.

Nuan Nuan quickly put her index finger to her lips and made a silent gesture. She opened her mouth and spoke softly in a soft voice.

“Cousin is painting.”

Gu Mingli raised his eyebrows and smiled, and walked a few steps behind Bai Mohua. He also noticed that this guy seemed to be immersed in his own world and didn’t even notice that they had come ashore.

He had heard of the reputation of the genius of Bai Mohua before, but he had never seen it himself.

One was because they hadn’t met each other before, and the other reason was that he didn’t like these artistic things. He had seen some famous paintings on the Internet before, but he was too old to appreciate those abstract and distorted paintings drawn there.

But when he stood behind Bai Mohua and his eyes fell on his painting, Gu Mingli was amazed for the first time by this kind of art that he thought he couldn’t understand.

The blue sea and sky seemed to be endless, and on the high waves, three relatively small humans were ‘conquering’ the ocean.

It was just a painting, but it made people feel as if they were actually there, and truly feel the nervous but refreshing excitement.


He murmured to himself quietly while looking at Bai Mohua.

Before, Bai Mohua gave him the feeling of being “weak and inexperienced”, looking at the young teeth, with a kind of stupidity that showed that he was not familiar with the world, but now it was the first time that he looked at this person seriously. Although he looked very good, it was a bit too unmanly, but he really had a pair of magical hands and a magical brain.

Otherwise, how could he remember so much and perfectly draw the scene at that time?

Were all painters so smart?

“He is indeed a talented painter.”

Gu Mingyu also touched his chin and praised.

Although Gu Nan didn’t say anything, his gaze stayed on the painting for a long time.

Very good indeed.

Time passed slowly, and Bai Mohua didn’t know how long he had been painting. When he put down the brush, the overbearing fragrance coming from the tip of his nose made his stomach start to churn.

It was already time for lunch, but no one went back. Instead, they asked the bodyguards from the villa to come over with a barbecue grill and food to have a barbecue directly on the beach.

Although it was quite easy to operate when watching other people barbecue, but when it was really his turn to get started…

“F**k! Why did the fire suddenly light up? Can you still eat it after turning into such a dark ghost?”

Gu Mingli said looking at the dark flesh in his hand, the black lines on his face became thicker.

Nan Feng reminded from the side, “Fourth Young Master, you put too much oil in. If the oil is low, the fire will easily burn black.”

Gu Mingli said, “Can it taste better if I don’t put more oil in it?”

Even if the problem was pointed out, but when baking again, he still felt that there was too little oil. At this moment, his mind and hands seemed to belong to different people.

Brain: Based on the last experience, this oil is enough.

Hand: I think it needs a little more.

Then…it accidentally went dark again.

Gu Mingli “…” F**k!

Gu Mingyu sat on the chair and slowly turned over the barbecue picks in his hand.

“I should be almost done with this, right?”

It looked like he was familiar with it.

He was quite confident in himself and tasted it without hesitation.

Three seconds later…

He spit out the fish meat in his mouth expressionlessly.

Why did his barbecued food taste bitter?

“How does it taste?”

Gu Mingli, who had barbecued it twice and burnt it both sides, happened to come over a little grumpily.

The expression on Gu Mingyu’s face returned instantly, and he even smiled, “Not bad.”

“Really? We are both brothers. There is no reason why you can barbecue it well but I can’t…”

As he said that, he ate the meat grilled by Gu Mingyu. He blew randomly on the fish and stuffed it into his mouth, and then…

“Bah! Gu Mingyu, you tricked me, did you put gall on it? What the hell is this!”

Gu Mingyu laughed and ran away, suffering alone was not as happy as suffering with others. It’s hard, if you can trick anyone, it’s the same.

Nuan Nuan, who was originally thinking about eating the barbecue grilled by her brothers. “…”

She was… a little afraid to eat it.

She and her little brother set their sights on Gu Nan, the last survivor.


Gu Nan stood silently looking at the spilled barbecue sauce and the seafood covered in barbecue sauce in front of him.

Nuan Nuan & Gu An: “……”

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