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No one expected that the barbecue of these three grown men could overturn so seriously.

Nan Feng: “…”

He thought it was quite unreliable before. After all, all of them were young masters, but the three brothers all wanted to bake it for their sister. The result was… don’t mention it now. Let alone Miss Nuan Nuan eating it, they themselves couldn’t eat it.

They also wasted a lot of ingredients, which was really a bit wasteful.

“Brother Nan Feng, teach Nuan Nuan how to barbecue.”

The little girl had given up on eating her brothers’ barbecue and wanted  to bake it herself.

She also cooked by herself when she was in Xiaoxi Village. Grandma said that her cooking was delicious. This should be… not difficult, right?

When she saw her brothers’ car rollover, she felt a little unconfident.

Gu An also ran over and said that he also wanted to learn, and then everyone started to bake except for Bai Mohua, who was still immersed in his own world.

The barbecue grill was a little high, and Nuan Nuan was a little too short when standing in front of the barbecue grill. Nan Feng went to find a stone for her and put it on the ground. Nuan Nuan just stepped on it, and then he guided her the soft little girl on how to grill.

Compared with instructing other people, he had a much bigger sense of achievement instructing Miss Nuan Nuan, because she was really obedient, unlike the other brothers. Although they didn’t understand, they still had their own ideas and were strictly executing things according to their own ideas.

And it was not just the three older ones who had this idea, but also the younger one, Gu An.

He frowned and stared at his barbecue, always feeling that the barbecue sauce seemed to be missing a bit.

Gu An: “Let’s add a little more…”

What he baked in the end was no surprise. It was so salty that he couldn’t eat it. He took a bite and spat it out immediately. It was no better than the three people in front of him.

Nan Feng never knew that a barbecue could have all kinds of unpalatable conditions. The sauces and everything were already prepared. How could it be so difficult?

After more than ten minutes, a normal fragrance finally wafted out.

The warm little girl standing on the stone looked at the shrimps, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, scallops and oysters in front of her with a happy expression on her face.

She didn’t pay special attention to the things with shells after adding everything that needed to be added according to Nan Feng’s requirements. For other things, she just brushed them with oil and sauce when needed, and then turned them over at the right time.

The clams and scallops were almost ready, with the aroma of garlic and vermicelli wafting far away, the fragrance was really delicious.

The other brothers looked at the failed dark cuisine in front of them, and then looked at the delicious barbecue in front of their sister, and they all went extremely silent.

Gu Mingyu covered his face and said, “I’m too embarrassed to see people…”

These grown men were worse at barbecue than a five-year-old child!

Nan Feng: “The oysters and scallops are almost ready to eat, as well as the shrimp and vegetables.”

A bright smile immediately bloomed on Nuan Nuan’s delicate smiling face. She turned to look at her brothers and waved her little hands, looking at them with bright eyes. She was so happy.

“Big brother, third brother, fourth brother and little brother, come here and eat~”

She called all the brothers again, and finally her eyes fell on Bai Mohua. At this time, he had also put away his pen, and then there was a very alluring smell coming to the tip of his nose.

Gu Nan hugged Nuan Nuan down, and the others helped gather the baked goods and put them on the small table next to her.

“You don’t have to work anymore, Nan Feng will roast.”

They had given up. They couldn’t eat the food baked by themselves, and their sister had to bake it for them…

Of course, they couldn’t let Nuan Nuan be tired, so Nan Feng and the chef would do the rest.

Nuan Nuan was surrounded by several brothers. The eldest brother thoughtfully cooled the still hot oyster meat and gave it to her carefully.

The fourth brother was peeling the shrimps and then feeding her the fragrant shrimp meat. The third brother, cousin and little brother were also busy.

Nuan Nuan only needed to open her mouth, her little cheeks were bulging with food, and her big wet eyes were staring at her brothers.

“You…you eat it by yourself. Nuan Nuan can do it by herself.”

“No, the skin on your hands is too tender and it will hurt if you burn it.”

Gu Mingli: “We have thick skin, it’s okay.”

Nuan Nuan: “…”

There was really no need to say that about yourself.

Professional chefs were not only efficient in baking, but the baked goods were also very delicious. In the end, Nuan Nuan, Gu An and Bai Mohua couldn’t restrain themselves from eating.

Gu Mingyu ate the least due to professional reasons, and ate more vegetables.

Most of the time he was feeding Nuan Nuan. When talking about it, he fed her over and over with eagerness, and then Nuan Nuan couldn’t help but eat more than expected.

After eating, Nuan Nuan touched her slightly bulging belly, then took the small red bucket, Briquettes and Rhubarb and went to the beach to pick up shells and other things to aid in digestion.

Several other people followed and walked around on the beach, and finally it turned into Bai Mohua floating into the sea with a swimming ring and learning to swim. Of course, there were people watching around him. Gu An also wanted to come down directly, but in the end he was beaten by his elder brother. It was mandatory to wear a swimming ring before going into the sea.

Laughter and barking of cats and dogs had been ringing on the previously quiet island for a long time.

When the sun set, Gu Nan took them to the private cruise ship again.

Gu Mingli looked at the cruise ship floating in the sea and was completely envious.

“Brother, you already have so much money before you have taken charge of the Gu family?”

What kind of earning power is this? Brother, I’m afraid you’re the reincarnation of Pixiu[1]!

Gu Nan took them from the island’s port to the cruise ship without even raising his eyelids when he heard this.

“Well, I made some money.”

Everyone: “…”

Is this a little bit?

There was a private jet before, such a big private island, and now there is a cruise ship. Do you also have a submarine?

They didn’t know that their eldest brother was so rich before, and he even earned it himself. He was not yet twenty-five years old. How on earth did he do this!

The interior of the cruise ship was very low-key and luxurious, with everything you might need.

As soon as he got there, Gu An ran around excitedly and loudly declared, “When I grow up, I will buy my own cruise ship!”

However, such a passionate wish did not receive warm support and applause. Several brothers looked at him like he was a fool.

Gu Mingli rubbed his head, “Just you? Unless you have the earning power of your elder brother, you should just rent.”

Gu Mingyu, with a smile in his peach blossom eyes, patted his shoulder and said perfunctorily.

“Come on.”

Bai Mohua blinked, “Why are you buying a cruise ship? Brother Gu Nan has one.”

Gu Nan glanced at him coldly, “Have you finished your homework?”

Gu An: “…”

Well, they can no longer be brothers!

When he was feeling sad and angry, Nuan Nuan ran over and held his hand to encourage him earnestly, her wet big black and white eyes full of sincerity.

“Little brother, you can do it.”

Gu An hugged Nuan Nuan with tears in his eyes. As expected, only his sister was the most caring little cotton-padded jacket!

The little face of Nuan Nuan being hugged was wrinkled.

Her brother had previously said that he wanted to buy a plane. How much money would she have to raise to help him…

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[1] Pixiu is a Chinese mythical creature. Pixiu are considered powerful protectors of feng shui practitioners. They look like strong, winged lions. A Pixiu is a special creature for wealth.

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