JHTW Ch. 69

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Jiang Xin lay helplessly on the ground, and random noises came from the communicator.

“Jiang Xin, what’s wrong with you? Did you commit suicide?” Mu Xichi’s questioning voice came from the communicator.

Jiang Xin sat up, pulled the weeds from his head, and said, “I was so high-spirited that I lurked in the best place, but who knew a mighty and domineering ability user would descend from the sky? I wanted to fight him for 300 rounds, so I stubbornly resisted and refused to admit defeat, but the other party was like a cheating genius. He f**ked me to the ground without showing any signs, and finally gave me a glorious bullet. Xiao Xichi, I will never die in peace.”

“…” The other party was silent.

Jiang Xin hung up the communicator and smiled jokingly. After saying this, he felt much more balanced.

Mu Xichi opened the combat strategy book with hesitation. Wasn’t it Xiao Jing who Jiang Xin was fighting?

Could it be that he became so powerful overnight that he broke Jiang Xin’s ambush!


Xiao Jing successfully packed the so-called hostage into her backpack, packed everything and prepared to leave.

“Who are you?” Jiang Xin’s horrified voice came from not far away.

Xiao Jing looked stern and hid behind the bunker alertly.

Jiang Xin looked at the pistol placed against his forehead in surprise, and asked again, “Today is the special training of Tie Ying here. What team are you from?”

Mo Luo walked out from behind the crowd, not hiding his face. With a proud smile, he said: “Last time Mr. Shen helped me so much and was so affectionate and reasonable. This time their team is training, I have to add fuel to the personal relationship.”

Jiang Xin frowned, he naturally knew the captain of the War Wings Team, Mo Luo, and had even heard of the captain’s heroic act of destroying their entire team by himself.

Mo Luo gently patted Jiang Xin’s cheek with the blade of the knife and said with a smile, “Hang him up.”

Jiang Xin struggled twice, buckled Qi Sheng’s hand away with his backhand, then kicked Qi Sheng away with a roundhouse kick. Pushing away a little, he caught a little gap and picked up his sniper rifle, but before he could take two steps, a heartbreaking pain instantly paralyzed his whole body.

“After all, this is just training. Let’s be polite first and then attack.” Mo Luo put down the anesthetic gun in his hand and smiled even more arrogantly.

Jiang Xin couldn’t move, and his whole body began to stiffen from the waist down.

“Captain Mo, what you did is against the rules.” Jiang Xin was hung up. He knew that this was definitely Mo Luo’s public revenge.

Mo Luo stood under the tree and said with a smile, “Our special forces compete with each other. Why will the higher ups get involved? What’s more, did I hurt you?”

Jiang Xin gritted his teeth, “Captain Mo figured out that the captain is not in the country for a short time, right?”

“Hahaha, what does it matter if he is here? I’ll beat you up just the same.” Mo Luo took out his communicator, checked the frequency, and threw it to Jiang Feng, “We are one, come alone, and let the Tie Ying team have a taste of group destruction.”

Jiang Feng hesitated, thinking that due to Shen Chengfeng’s temperament, he probably wouldn’t care about their good intention to help him train these soldiers.

Xiao Jing followed this group of people cautiously, and after looking at the map, she instantly understood their next target.

Jiang Si had just finished dealing with a venomous snake and was sitting under a tree drinking water. He was not familiar with this mountain range and only after walking a few times did he realize that he was going in circles.

“Cuckoo.” The little bird soared from the forest, and the fallen leaves fell lightly.

“Crack.” The slight sound of dead wood and broken branches did not disturb anyone.

Jiang Si put down the kettle and was about to move forward. Suddenly a strong wind blew up. He instinctively turned around and saw a fist flying in the air.

Chen Yi grabbed Jiang Si’s hand, without giving him a chance to react, and pressed him to the ground with a forceful squeeze.

Jiang Si came back to his senses, and just as he was about to make a move, his back was pressed against the opponent’s knee, and his whole body fell to the ground, completely losing his fighting ability.

“What do you want to do?” Jiang Si yelled in panic.

“What I want to do is just discuss and learn from each other.” Chen Yi provoked.

Jiang Si said fiercely, “Are you sparring? This is clearly a sneak attack!”

Chen Yi smiled, “You can also think that I am attacking you.”

Jiang Si shook his body violently, and he did not know the identity of the other party, could this person be the official team member mentioned by the instructor?

“Surrender?” Chen Yi asked.

Jiang Si felt unwilling but said, “I lost.”

Chen Yi took out a rope and tied his hands and feet.

Jiang Si stared blankly: “Why are you tying me up?”

“I have the final say on how to treat you.” Chen Yi tied the rope to the tree, shouldered his rifle, and smacked his lips: “The Tie Ying Team is not as spineless as I thought. Ah.”

“…” Only then did Jiang Si notice the opponent’s shoulder badge, “Are you not from our team?”

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