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After the 9th and 10th episodes were broadcast, the whole network was crying. Shouting heart abuse, liver abuse, lung abuse, saying their whole body was abused to the point of death.

Before Her Majesty went to the Emperor’s Mausoleum to pay homage, as soon as the picture of her and Cui Ling’s love appeared, people started to say that this cliff was the last sweetness. It was not real because it was too sweet. When the Queen entered the Emperor’s Mausoleum to pay her respects, everyone was shouting for high-energy body protection. When His Royal Highness Su Mingchen led the rebels to appear in front of everyone, the barrage said that they had guessed that this was the villain.

Immediately after Cui Ling was exposed by Su Mingchen, the audience all stared at the queen’s face. Sure enough, in the next second, she pulled out her long whip and threw it at Cui Ling. The barrage was full of ooh, ooh, ooh, smack, smack, and smack. Who knew that the tail of the whip finally changed direction and slammed towards Su Mingchen, and everyone was caught off guard and ate a chunk of sugar.

The queen knew everything and also knew Cui Ling’s identity, but she still believed that he loved her. Seeing that provocation was useless, Su Mingchen became murderous. Cui Ling hid behind the stele while protecting the queen and the maid. The queen asked Cui Ling if she died, would he like to be buried with her?

This remark made everyone feel heartbroken, but Cui Ling actually said that the leader of the neighboring country was coming to rescue them.

The plot twisted and turned, and the audience was caught off guard, but they ate a big candy. It turned out that in this forbidden love, not only did the Queen clean up all obstacles to protect him, but Cui Ling also did the same for her.

The burning cliffs deeply stimulated the audience’s vision. External difficulties had been resolved, but how could the gap between Queen and Cui Ling be resolved? At the fork in the cave, Cui Ling gave the Queen the most solemn bow and farewell ceremony. The barrage was full of tears, calling Cui Ling not to leave the queen behind. Everyone couldn’t understand, victory was ahead, so what could stop them.

Cui Ling resolutely decided to leave, and even said that he was reluctant to do so. The barrage screen was full of comments like you are lying.

The Queen shouted from behind Cui Ling that she could bring his sister back to the Dongnu Country, but Cui Ling just paused and quickly disappeared in front of the Queen.

The barrage became indignant and everyone said that they wanted to give up the drama.

As a result, in the next second, Her Majesty the Queen rode a white horse and galloped into the dark valley alone. Her white dress was flying, the hair on her temple were fluttering, and her face was full of tears. This scene was deeply engraved in everyone’s heart.

The barrage was all full of touching words! Hurry up! Lord, wait for the lady! Sure enough, it was a show with a slanted sword. It was the first time they had seen a female protagonist chasing a male protagonist.

As a result, the touching scene did not last for too long. The queen kicked the boat door open, and the scene of the male protagonist falling down after being poisoned appeared, and the barrage went crazy. Everybody was blaming the writers.

#Return my hero! Give me back Cui Ling!

#Screenwriter, don’t leave after school, I want to talk to you.

#Screenwriter, where do you live, I have a courier that I want you to sign for.

#Male protagonist is dead, what else is there to watch?

#This is not the end. I was so frightened that I quit and went to check. Two more episodes left. I don’t believe that the screenwriter dares to let the female lead a one-man show.

#wuwuwu the queen is crying so sadly. Not anymore. I haven’t been able to slow down this week.

#I am going to give up the drama. I was afraid that she would abuse me, and she really abused me.

The ratings of episodes 9 and 10 increased with Cui Ling’s poisoning, directly breaking 8. Although it was only the turn of spring and summer, industry insiders believed that it would be difficult for any TV drama to surpass the ratings of “Dongnu Country” again this year.

Investors, producers, directors, and actors under the censorship order were very careful, they chose themes carefully, and tried to shoot as little as possible or even touch any sensitive themes. Who would have guessed that “Dongnu Country” would become such a hit in such an industry atmosphere, that it would even be called a phenomenon. This had caused extensive thinking and discussion in the industry. It was not that costume dramas couldn’t be filmed, but one had to respect history and the audience’s IQ, and at the same time, consider the linkage development between the film and television industry and other industries.

The crew of “Dongnu Country” built a royal city in Xiaojin County. With the popularity of “Dongnu Country”, many people came here, and the tourist flow was comparable to that of the Golden Week. It was estimated that the Dongnu City Scenic Spot could enjoy the bonus of this show for at least three years.

In addition to the strong response from the industry, now there were six to seven people out of every ten people in everyone’s circle of friends who were either eating the candy from the Queen and Cui Ling or scolding the screenwriter for being too cruel. There were also many people who said that they would form a group to go to western Sichuan to see pear blossoms next spring.

In the tenth episode, Cui Ling’s poisoning directly exploded the circle of friends. Many people posted pictures and cried, and some people offered a reward for inside information. They just wanted to know one thing: Was Cui Ling dead or alive?

Some people even went too deep into the play, and went to Ji Muye’s Weibo to light rows of candles…

Teacher Yu Juan was very troubled because netizens kept sending her private messages like the owl in Harry Potter[1]. In addition, her relatives and friends frantically called her to beg her to reveal the finale.

The owners of station B naturally did not want to miss this wave of popularity, and they hurriedly edited the finale that they approved.

Of course, the paparazzi also had to take a wave, so the hotels in Xiaojin County were suddenly in short supply. They disguised themselves and did everything they could to find useful information. As a result, the crew of “Dongnu Country” was strictly disciplined, especially in the critical period of the shooting of the last two episodes, and the filming content was strictly hidden. Later, they turned the corner and found that no one had checked out of the hotel where the crew stayed since last week, so they speculated that Ji Muye should still be in the crew. So, Cui Ling must still be alive.

Regardless of the clamor in the outside world, the crew filmed the final two episodes as planned.

Jiang Zheng put on a black pleated long skirt with a tail, and the gold thread outlined a phoenix accessory that hung down from her waist.

Ji Muye came over wearing a thin white robe and saw Jiang Zheng from a distance, then waved and smiled, “Zheng Zheng!”

This sound made Jing Meini, who was standing beside him, stagger.

What the hell? What happened? Shouting so intimately?

Hearing Ji Muye’s voice, Jiang Zheng turned around and nodded to Ji Muye, “Teacher Ji is early.”

Han Yi blinked and exchanged glances with the confused Jing Meini.

Jiang Zheng actually had no grudge against the name Zhengzheng, and accepted it calmly?

Ji Muye came over and invited Jiang Zheng to walk with him, while the other crew members quietly went about their business and prepared for the filming later.

Walking to the soft couch, Jiang Zheng covered her mouth with the script and whispered, “Teacher Ji, I’m so sorry for yesterday.” When filming the scene on the boat yesterday, she almost cried to death in Ji Muye’s arms. Too unprofessional, too unrestrained.

Ji Muye kindly asked her to pinch his earlobe, she choked up and pinched it for a long time, and finally pinched the earlobe into a ruby.

Fortunately, everyone else was outside, and no one saw this scene.

During this period, Ji Muye didn’t speak, and let her hold him until she calmed down.

In the end, he comforted her and said: Actors needed to have the ability to empathize with the roles they play in order to play the roles well.

He didn’t laugh or despise here, and he even comforted her.

But anyway, it was embarrassing to say.

Ji Muye lowered his voice, “What happened yesterday? I forgot.” After speaking, he winked mischievously at Jiang Zheng.

oooooooo! Jiang Zheng’s whole heart was about to melt. Brother Mu was really a good person.

Everything was ready. Filming of the last two episodes of “Dongnu Country” began.

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[1] This is a reference to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where the letters from Hogwarts kept on arriving no matter how the Dursley family ignored them.

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