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Do not fall in love and start a career: “Wait, didn’t you tell me last time that you were chatting with your favorite omega?”

Do not fall in love and start a career: “You were chatting with Tang Bai? Or do you like more than one omega?

Xie Ruheng: “!!!”

The fur on the lion cub’s body exploded at this moment as he was about to continue attacking, and he was horrified to find that the target he was hunting was not a little white rabbit, but a majestic pink rampaging rabbit!!!


What to do?!

…Got it!

X: “Leave a message in his live broadcast room.”

Seeing X’s reply, Tang Bai’s mind came up with the appearance of X seriously blowing rainbow farts in his live broadcast room.

His tea art class live broadcast room seldom had a live broadcast. When he did not start the broadcast, the live broadcast room would replay the content of his previous live broadcasts. There were a steady stream of bullet screens and messages every day, so many that he had no time to check them.

And X’s thoughtful comments must have been submerged in countless messages. Someone who was familiar with gland scar imitation makeup, study of tea ceremony culture, discussion of slum education and countless words that could resonate with him must have followed him from the beginning to the end. But he had not been noticed by him.

He missed another person’s sincerity without knowing it.

Tang Bai was a little speechless.

He almost ran away but said: “The reader group seems to be talking about fundraising in the slums, let’s go and see?”

Xie Ruheng, who was almost unable to pretend, immediately echoed: “Okay.”

The two opened the reader group with their minds in a mess. A bunch of socialite omegas were discussing about donating materials and raising funds to build a school.

Bai Zhi contacted the foundation and workers in the slums. The school was already under construction and could be completed within this month. Part of the materials donated by social caring people had also been sent to the children’s homes in the slums.

Many celebrities in the group had graduated from the School of Etiquette. Some people asked if it was possible to build a music classroom so that children in the slums could also receive the influence of art. Some people said that learning art was too expensive, and they should let these children learn the most practical things, there was also a military lady who said that omega children could now also learn mechanics, just like Jun Tongchen in the article, since the schools in the urban area were not willing to arrange such courses for omega students, then they could build their own school arrangement… this proposal was not rejected at the first time, not only that, but also an omega thought that the basic courses of the mecha master could also be arranged, since the champion of the preliminary competition had created a mecha that an omega could drive, then why shouldn’t they train omegas who could really operate these mechs?

Tang Bai stared dumbfounded at this group of ladies and sisters who turned from the initial lessons of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting to the hard-core teaching of building mechas and opening starships. He found that he seemed to have underestimated these sisters.

All they needed was a direction, a goal that could prove possible.

That’s great.

It felt great to work in the same direction with everyone.


Tang Bai went back to school. Today’s class was taught by Director Huang himself. Director Huang said impassionedly on the podium: “In today’s time management class, we are talking about time management after marriage.”

“Some omegas work hard for the family after marriage, and become yellow-faced O. In the end, the husband cheats, and the mistress forces them out of the palace, and they end up becoming a laughingstock in the circle.”

“The outstanding representative of time management in the socialite circle is Mrs. Gu of the Gu family. She is well-managed and has raised three excellent alpha sons. Her husband is clean and self-sufficient, and there has never been a scandal of cheating. I hope you can learn from Mrs. Gu…”

“A successful marriage requires the wisdom of an omega along with patience, what the teacher wants to talk about today is how to arrange time management in marriage, so that you can take care of your family while improving yourself, and always be considerate, tolerant, beautiful and elegant.”

Tang Bai spread out the textbook “Time Management” on the table, put on the wireless earphones and bowed his head to type. Director Huang was a releasing water[1] class teacher, and he won’t deduct normal points for fishing in class, so Tang Bai usually didn’t bother to listen to his bull**it.

“Beauty is an omega’s sharp weapon. Mrs. Wang and his husband have been married for 20 years, and he has never let him see his plain face…”

Tang Bai lowered his head and wrote about Jun Tongchen’s military training. Although his physical fitness was poor, he had amazing talents in all aspects related to weapons, whether it was making weapons or using weapons.

“When you are tired after a long day, and your husband asks you to give him a massage, you will…”

Jun Tongchen closed one eye, aiming at the crotch of the alpha’s pants who laughed at him with a blank expression, calmly pressed the fire button, only to hear a “bang”, a thumb-sized hole appeared on that alpha’s pants.

“As an omega, you must learn tolerance, restraint, and suffering…”

Jun Tongchen said coldly: “I’m such a weakling, it’s normal for my hands to shake. You should be more tolerant.”


At the end of the class, Tang Bai had coded 800 characters, he stretched his body, packed his things and went to the cooking class with Tong Meng.

“I really want to be an omega like Mrs. Gu.” Tong Meng said, “Madam Gu is really happy.”

Tang Bai looked at Tong Meng, and when Tong Meng happily said how many children he would have in the future, he stretched out his hand to poke his cheek, “You are still a child yourself.”

Tong Meng smiled embarrassedly.

“Mrs. Gu once said to me that the happiest time in his life was before he got married, so please enjoy the present moment.”

Tong Meng said, “Don’t talk about me, tell me about how you and Xie Ruheng get along. What’s the matter?”

Tang Bai said helplessly, “He and I are just good friends, don’t get me wrong.”

“I don’t believe that there can be a pure friendship between AO, he must be greedy for you!” Tong Meng said only a few words, then to avoid being beaten by Tang Bai, he quickly changed the subject: “Okay, Gu Tunan, you don’t like him, now you’re not interested in Xie Ruheng either, so may I ask who can catch your eyes?”

——”He is my favorite that I hide from everyone, and I like him so much that I don’t want to share him with anyone.”

Tang Bai was stunned for a moment.

“Hey~!!! You have such an expression!!!” Tong Meng excitedly said as if he had discovered a new world: “Who is that alpha?!”

“…No one.” Tang Bai wanted to push Tong Meng away, as a result, Tong Meng tightly hugged Tang Bai’s arm and did not let go: “I beg you to be merciful and tell me! I’m so curious! What does he look like? How old is he? Is he bigger than Gu Tunan and Xie Ruheng combined? Is he very outstanding?!”

Tang Bai saw that the students around him were looking over, so he gritted his teeth and grabbed Tong Meng’s ear and threatened, “If you keep yelling, I will tell everyone about your snoring in sleep.”

Tong Meng: “!!!”

Tong Meng immediately let go of his hand and went to the cooking class as quietly as a chicken.

Tang Bai’s heart was a little confused, he lowered his head to cut vegetables, but what flashed through his mind was the details of getting along with X yesterday.

What did X look like?

He had no idea. It should be the same as an normal alpha, an alpha that was hard to notice wherever you went.

How old was he?

The military students were at most four years older than him, no, there were also advanced students.

Better than Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan combined?

Impossible. Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan were the protagonists in this world, they were the best omega and alpha representatives among their peers.

X should be an ordinary alpha with a little bit of excellence, without particularly good looks, knowledge, family background… If Mother Tang were arranging a blind date, such an alpha should be kicked out of the blind date list first.

So why, the moment he was asked by Tong Meng, did he think of X?

It happened that the chat was very late and very happy, so the memory of this new friend was still fresh?

……New friends could also blow fairy air?

Tang Bai wrinkled his small face, staring at the minced meat in the bowl seriously, without thinking about it, he shook his head, and reached out to pick up the dumpling wrapper to make dumplings.

After the cooking class, Tang Bai put the cooked dumplings into the insulated box, and prepared to deliver lunch to Xie Ruheng with a bento box of love. He would also teach Xie Ruheng etiquette by the way.

Tong Meng kept looking at Tang Bai eagerly, and tried to speak up several times, like a baby with a strong thirst for knowledge, and finally couldn’t hold back: “Tangtang, just tell me, okay? I promise not to tell anyone, please already…”

Tang Bai hooked his fingers to Tong Meng, and when Tong Meng happily approached him, he whispered in Tong Meng’s ear like a devil: “I like him snoring, grinding his teeth and talking in his sleep, I like his loud voice, I like that he remembers to eat but not to fight.”

The No. 1 in eating, sleeping, gossiping and snoring Tong Meng: “…”

Abandoning the crying Tong Meng, Tang Bai held an umbrella and felt refreshed, then he went to the Federal Military Academy to find Xie Ruheng. When he first entered the gate of the Federal Military Academy, Tang Bai suddenly thought that X was also studying at the Federal Military Academy.

Of the countless alphas who passed him by on campus, could there be a figure that belonged to X?

Ah… it was all Tong Meng’s fault!!!

They were obviously just friends with the same three views! At least this was the case with his vest in the author account!

“Tang Bai.” A deep male voice suddenly came from behind, almost scaring Tang Bai into throwing the lunch box away.

Tang Bai started, turned his head cautiously, and saw that the person who called him was Gu Tunan, and his heart that was raised in an instant tremblingly eased down.

A gust of wind blew past, and there was a rustling sound as it blew past the flowers and trees. Clusters of brocade flowers bloomed on the branches, and they were clustered together heavily, pressing down the slender branches, like a sea of flowers and waterfalls blooming behind Tang Bai.

The Yunjin Flower Garden was a famous place for taking photos in the Federal Military Academy. Gu Tunan had walked past here countless times, but it was the first time he had stopped for such a beautiful scenery.

The gray-blue eyes reflected the slender figure in front of the sea of flowers. Gu Tunan looked at Tang Bai silently for a while, and said softly: “Be careful of Qin Jun.”

Tang Bai didn’t ask Gu Tunan why he knew about this matter. As the protagonist, Gu Tunan still had a lot of attacks on the intelligence network, and he and Qin Jun were still roommates, “Has Qin Jun done anything recently?”

“Drawings, in short, you must be careful not to place orders, and…”

Gu Tunan paused, and he said softly: “I’m sorry.”

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[1] Lenient.

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  1. Although I do believe in change, Gu Tunan still upsets me. I can’t tell if he has even learned from anything that happened so far. When Tangtang left him and told him how disappointed he was, he still pushed the blame onto others and not himself as if his thinking is just completely from being influenced by others. When he proposed a fight against Xie and got beaten down, did he listen to anything Tangtang said at the end? I think not. When Qin Jun shit happened, dude didn’t even think to help Tangtang as if telling him to shut up would solve shit. He only wants Tangtang because he lost the attention and wants it back. Tall about SS level asshole jerk.

    If he even remotely learns shit about what Mrs Gu said, I would be so amazed. But I’m so skeptical of him idt he can because of all the bs he keeps saying/thinking. The sorry that he mumbles atp is just shallow to me (but that’s too much, so let’s wait for next chap)

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