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Covering his face, Tang Bai carefully read this comment three times, from the internal joy that flashed in his mind the first time he saw it, to the inexplicable tears in his eyes the third time.

He suddenly thought of the boy who hid in the old days and saved his pocket money to buy mecha parts, hid under the covers and secretly read mechanics books, and looked enviously at the champion of the mecha manufacturing competition.

It was weird.

Tears fell out of nowhere.

Tang Bai covered his eyes, in the man-made darkness, he suddenly sobbed softly.

Why was he crying?

It may be that the young man was really trying to go to the wider star sea, as he stumbled out of the dark old time, and ran desperately towards the end of the beam of light that would not fall with the heavy luggage on his back.

The mecha parts that fell out of the backpack were a field of bright stars, which turned into a meandering river of molten gold along the trajectory of his running.


Xie Ruheng was searching for “bionic human skin band-aid”, as he saw Jun Tongchen in the article used this thing to cover the gland scars.

Soon he found a merchant, and he proposed to use this material to customize gloves to the merchant, but the merchant said that this kind of gloves would have no fingerprints, and it would be inconvenient to travel, so he recommended an ointment for temporary repair of scars to Xie Ruheng.

This ointment could only temporarily restore the skin to its original state, and it was not good for the skin if it was used too often, and the price was very high.

Xie Ruheng thought about adding it to the shopping cart.

Tang Bai had been giving him skin care products to lighten the scars. Although he didn’t dislike the scars on his hands, he probably hoped to see his hands get better.

Surgery would take a long time, and there would still be a period of recovery, which was not suitable for him to attend classes, go to the underground arena once a month to guard the ring, and often pilot the mecha.

Let’s have surgery later when I have time.

Xie Ruheng quit the Xingwang shopping platform, and suddenly discovered that Tang Bai’s author account had sent him a message, which was the emoji of “Super Invincible Snakeskin, Bang Bang, Peacock Happy”.

Do not fall in love and start a career: “What kind of fairy reader are you!!!”

Do not fall in love and start a career: “You are so good at boasting, I! I! I was! Embarrassed! Shame! La!”

Tang Bai’s face appeared in Xie Ruheng’s mind. The face was so happy that it turned around in circles, the emotional fluctuations brought about by this recognition suddenly exceeded his anti-cute safety warning line and made him laugh unconsciously.

X: “No exaggeration, I really like Da Da’s article. Maybe the three views expressed by Da Da are not perfect, and there are still some loopholes, but it conveys a kind of positive emotion that almost makes people cry, which makes people think and want to go and explore.”

X: “A good work is not a pile of pale and excellent writing. It has bones and a soul. This bone and soul are formed by the author and come from the author himself. You have to work hard, on the road ahead, don’t abandon your courage, don’t lose your soft heart.”

Tang Bai: “!!!”

Tang Bai was almost at a loss for words, he felt the power of these words, although he was very gentle, he could firmly break through the atrium with his words, like a green plant drilling out of the soil, which had countless branches, full of flower buds, and fragrant.

He fell on the bed and rolled around twice excitedly, his little hands patting the sheets like a jubilant little sea lion.


I don’t know why but I’m so happy!!!

After a while, Tang Bai climbed up with his curled-up hair, and seriously typed to the reader: “May I ask if you are a descendant of a god blowing fairy air on me?” This was no longer a rainbow fart! It was a fairy spirit!

X: “Hoo hoo.”

Tang Bai couldn’t help but fall down on the bed again with a thud, then he hugged the pillow and began to kick his legs crazily, his cheeks were puffy, his eyes were sparkling, and countless “he’s so cute” flashed through his mind “He’s so cute, he’s so cute”…

Calm down! You have to be reserved! You must have the stability that a big man should have!

Tang Bai moved on the bed, adjusted himself into a comfortable posture, his face became flushed and he said: “I will continue to work hard~”

X: “Was this chapter a bit awkward?”

Tang Bai raised his head in shock, “How did you find out?!”

X: “I read it, maybe because I am familiar with Da Da’s writing and writing style, and sometimes I can guess Da Da’s mood when I read the text. Let me guess boldly, were you hungry when the tenth chapter was written?”


Xie Ruheng recalled that when Tang Bai wrote this chapter, it so happened that they had gone to the slums to send the children home, and missed the normal dinner time, um, Tang Bai secretly coded for a while on the suspension car, when he thought he wasn’t noticing.

Later, after Tang Bai updated, when he read this chapter of Tang Bai, he saw that Tang Bai specially wrote the sentence “Jun Tongchen ate noodles at night” at the end.

Although there was a little bit of cheating, Xie Ruheng could really feel some subtle differences when reading the text normally.

The exclamation point sent by Tang Bai made Xie Ruheng experience the joy of doing magic tricks for children. With a smile in his phoenix eyes, Xie Ruheng replied: “The words by Da Da are very contagious, and he is a god Da Da.”

Do not fall in love and start a career: “!!! You’re so good at boasting! You’re not allowed to praise me anymore! If you praise me again, I’m really going to lose weight!”

Do not fall in love and start a career: “Don’t call me big, it’s embarrassing to be called so, you…”

Do not fall in love and start a career: “Call me Tangtang [Cute and a little shy.jpg]”


Xie Ruheng was stunned for a moment. He went to Tang Bai’s house before and heard Tang Bai’s family call him Tangtang. This was a very intimate name, and it was very suitable for Tang Bai’s character, like a fragrant and soft toffee sandwich.

His thin lips were slightly parted, and when he said the name softly, the tip of his tongue lightly touched the palate, as if he tasted a hint of sweetness for the first time, and then… a sour lemon taste numbed the tip of his tongue.

He had never called Tang Bai like that before, but his vest of “X” could win such an honor!

The phoenix eyes stared at the screen name “X” dangerously, like a socialite in the readership group picking and choosing Palulu’s summer clothes for the season.

Tang Bai still called him Brother Xie in the third dimension, how could he suddenly call this vest, Brother X?

Xie Ruheng, who had regained his sense of superiority, regained his mental balance. He cleared his cough and typed: “Tangtang.” Then he touched his nose and a little embarrassment appeared on his handsome face.

He and the blushing villain sent by Tang Bai on the light screen knelt and stared at the emoji pack, and he couldn’t help adding this emoji pack with his fingers.

X: “[There is a little shyness in being cute.jpg]”

Do not fall in love and start a career: “Little angel, I do have a little bit of something recently, I can tell you the outline of what I’m thinking of writing, and then you tell me after listening. Do you understand?”

X: “Of course.”

Tang Bai started to sketch out the outline, he didn’t have much expectation at first, he just wanted to rearrange the outline to divert his thinking, but X exceeded his expectations.

X put forward a lot of useful opinions, just a few words made Tang Bai feel suddenly enlightened, and he had an extremely precise grasp of Jun Tongchen’s character, as if he was another Jun Tongchen in this world, and the plot he helped design was completely how Jun Tongchen would do things.

Tang Bai: “!!!”

Tang Bai felt that he had really picked up a fairy, he wished he could have a long talk with this reader X all night, every time the other party told a wonderful plot, Tang Bai applauded desperately, what are you saying? You’re a little genius”, “My God, you know how to think too much”, “Woooooooooooooowy”…

Xie Ruheng looked at the constantly refreshing words of praise on the light screen, and the corners of his lips couldn’t stop rising slightly.

He felt that this was the sympathy he obtained with the resonance of the three views, the sympathy of the soul, and it had nothing to do with appearance, strength, money and anything else. Sure enough, no matter what he became, Tang Bai would fall in love with him!

Along the way, they talked about class equality from the issue of AO equal rights, imitation makeup from gland scars, and education in the slums, and finally they even talked about tea art…

Do not fall in love and start a career: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!!”

Tang Bai actually hated alphas a little bit, he hated the simple and conceited alphas like Gu Tunan who imposed their will to be independent, self-improving, thrifty and a good housekeeper on others, and also hated those alphas who thought that an omega’s lack of talent meant virtue. Their only importance to alphas was their fertility.

He thought that most of the alphas were exactly the same arrogant, and some alphas could no longer be described as just arrogant, such as Qin Jun and Cheng Yangbin, they were disgusting.

What was even sadder was that an alpha like Cheng Yangbin was still a high-quality alpha in the eyes of the world. Compared with Cheng Yangbin, Tang Bai sometimes barely understood why Gu Tunan was the protagonist in the original novel.

Fortunately, the existence of Father Tang made Tang Bai still have a little hope for the alpha community. He believed that there were still good alphas in this world, but the number was too small.

After meeting X, Tang Bai only thought that X’s three views were more positive at first, and he was one of the few alphas who could agree with his three views, but after chatting tonight, Tang Bai found that not only that, their preferences were also very similar.

X liked to eat sweets, knew something about tea art, thought the pink rabbit mecha was cute and handsome, he even knew about the new season’s products of Palulu and glandular membranes, Tang Bai could talk to X about omegas, and ask him about alpha things that he could not ask anyone else:

“Will alphas in dormitories really talk about omegas at night like in the book?”

X: “Yes.”

X: “I’m studying at the Federal Military Academy. During the period of military training, the omegas the alphas talked about the most was Tang Bai from the Academy of Etiquette.”

Tang Bai felt inexplicably ashamed, but he couldn’t hold back his curiosity: “How did you all talk about this omega?”

X: “They said he is cute, beautiful, and different, like a Little Bell Pepper, confident, dazzling and he will shine just by standing there.”

Tang Bai covered his mouth, being praised was something to be happy about, but he felt embarrassed when he asked about other people’s praise like this.


Tang Bai asked while spurning himself: “What about you?”

X: “I won’t talk about him with others.”

Tang Bai nervously said: “You don’t like him?”

X: “I like him in a hidden way, I like him so much that I don’t want to share it with anyone.”

Tang Bai stared at this sentence, then he blushed slowly.

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