FESM Extra 8.1: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Iman was a descendant of the Beihe family and had inherited their thick skin. Although he himself did not like to beat around the bush, he preferred “chasing passionately after confessing”, but Li Xin’s situation was special. So, it was normal for his cousin to use such a tactful method. After all, Li Xin was a beta man and had always wanted to find a beta girl to marry. It was very difficult for him to suddenly change his mind and accept an alpha man.

Therefore, for Li Xin’s sincere gaze when he thanked him, although Iman felt a little guilty, he did not dare to expose his cousin’s lie, and said with a smile: “Mr. Li, you are really welcome, my cousin and I have grown up together, just like brothers, of course I should help his friends.”

Li Xin scratched his head, a little embarrassed: “Then please help me pay attention, my family is in a hurry, let me try to get rid of my singlehood within this year.”

“Definitely!” Iman patted his chest and assured, as for how to lie in the future, this was not his task, and his cousin would definitely think of a good excuse.

After eating, Iman took the initiative to leave. But Benjamin suggested: “There is nothing to do when we go home, why don’t you take me somewhere?”

He said “You take me” instead of “I take you”, Li Xin naturally couldn’t refuse, and asked: “Where do you want to go?”

Benjamin said with a smile, “Go to the movies.” When Li Xin had time, he would go to the forum to read movie reviews, but he didn’t expect that Benjamin, who was a soldier, would also be interested in watching movies. He thought that an alpha like Benjamin would only like things like mechs and guns….

Finding Li Xin stunned in place, the smile on Benjamin’s lips deepened: “What? You don’t want to accompany me?”

Li Xin came back to his senses, scratched his head and said, “Of course not, I’m just surprised that you want to see movies.”

“Usually I don’t have that time in the army, but am I not on vacation now? I can’t continue to study those cold weapons.” Benjamin joked, “Counting it all together, I haven’t been to a movie theater for nearly a year already.”

“Then I’ll take you there.” Benjamin’s explanation was reasonable, and Li Xin didn’t doubt it, so he suggested, “How about we watch “Feng Mars Chen”? The war movie starring Yize, although the screening period has ended, many theaters can order screenings…”

“I have seen this movie, General Ling An organized us to watch it together.”

Two people watching movies, naturally couldn’t watch gunfight movies, from beginning to end where the hero fought back and forth, and the hero died in the end, it was not romantic at all.

Dating, of course, called for watching a romantic movie.

Thinking of this, Benjamin suggested, “Why don’t you watch “If I Love You”?”

Li Xin was stunned: “You mean the romance movie that was released recently?”

Benjamin nodded seriously: “Yes. We two bachelors should also learn how to fall in love.”

Li Xin always felt that it was a bit strange for two big men to watch romance movies, but Benjamin’s suggestion was also reasonable, and Qin Yize didn’t like taking romance movies, so Li Xin didn’t know much about dramas in this area. Among the recently released movies, he only read the comments about this movie on the forum. The score exceeded 8 points, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Thinking of this, Li Xin agreed, and said: “Alright, let’s go and learn how to fall in love together.”

The little sheep took the bait and took the initiative to lead the way, and Benjamin followed him happily.

In this era, Internet theaters were developing rapidly. Many people chose to watch movies online at home. There were a large number of movies to choose from at will, and it was very convenient to watch the movies you wanted to watch by paying for tickets. Therefore, there were not many people in the cinema.

Although Li Xin was Qin Yize’s manager, he rarely showed up in public, so he didn’t need to wear a mask when he walked on the street and he didn’t worry about being recognized by the crowd. On the contrary, Benjamin, the alpha, was tall, long-legged, and handsome. In addition, as a soldier, he walked very tall and straight. He walked along and attracted the attention of many passers-by.

In this era of looking at faces, handsome people were born with a little more advantage than ordinary-looking people.

Li Xin was not jealous of Benjamin, just a little bit envious of him. An Alpha’s strong body was derived from genes, and most betas found it hard to match. If only he was an alpha, maybe he could also be so tall like Benjamin?

Just as he was thinking wildly, a man’s low voice suddenly sounded in his ears: “Here we are.”

The movie theater arrived soon, and the two walked into the lobby. Then Benjamin said softly, “Wait for me there, I’ll go buy tickets.” He pointed to the sofa in the resting place next to him. Li Xin wanted to say that he would buy it but seeing the gentle but stubborn gaze of the general, he had no choice but to take it back.

Movie tickets were not expensive anyway, Li Xin didn’t want the other party to think that he was a petty person, so he nodded and went to rest on the sofa.

After entering the ticket hall, Benjamin turned a corner, then instead of going to the self-service ticket vending machine, he came to the manual counter instead.

The ticket salesgirl asked politely: “Hello, do you need help?” Most people could buy tickets online, and they must have special needs when they came to the manual counter.

Sure enough, the handsome man said: “Open a VIP room for me. I want to reserve the room and order the movie “If I Love You.”

The ticket seller nodded clearly: “Okay, sir, I see you’re with your lover?”

Benjamin smiled: “Yes.”

The girl quickly arranged the private service, and Benjamin bought drinks and snacks, and then walked out with two tickets.

Li Xin was sitting on the sofa, and when he saw Benjamin coming out, he got up and greeted him and said, “The latest show seems to be ten minutes later, could you buy a ticket?”

Benjamin nodded: “It’s very good. This movie is not very hot.”

He handed Li Xin a glass of juice and took Li Xin to check the ticket to enter.

The two walked into a small auditorium that could accommodate more than 50 people and sat in the middle according to the seats on the ticket.

There were still ten minutes before the opening credits of the movie. There were advertisements playing on the big screen. The stars who could be shown in the advertisements in the movie theater were generally very important, such as Xiao Zhuo, Lin Su and other big names. Li Xin knew all of them, so he would give an introduction about them to Benjamin, and Benjamin listened with a smile, and occasionally responded with a few words. The two chatted about gossip in the entertainment industry, and soon, the auditorium became dark.

Li Xin was stunned, and asked softly: “Why is no one else here? Just the two of us?”

Benjamin said solemnly: “Today is Wednesday, and most people go to work and school in the afternoon on weekdays. It’s normal for the movie theater to be empty.”

Li Xin believed his explanation, said “Oh” and focused on the big screen.

To Li Xin’s surprise, this movie was not a traditional romance like “beta boys like beta girls”, but a story about a beta man falling in love with an alpha man.

The ordinary beta had always loved the alpha friend he grew up with, but the other party only treated him as a friend. On the surface, the beta pretended to be brothers with the other party, but he had been struggling in pain in his heart. The childhood sweethearts alpha and beta were admitted to university together, and the alpha fell in love with an omega girl without any surprises, beta could only silently bless them behind the scenes, keeping his love deep in his heart, Li Xin saw that he was so entangled, so he also became entangled…

The tone of this movie was really sad, and the soundtrack was also very sad.

He thought that alpha and omega would fall in love and get married in the end, and the beta would be silently sad, and the film would have a tragic ending—but what Li Xin didn’t expect was that in the second half of the movie, the plot suddenly lost control like a wild horse running wild.

The cause was a drink.

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