FESM Extra 8.2: Benjamin × Li Xin

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The drunk alpha mistook the beta for his girlfriend in the dormitory where the two lived together, and pushed him down on the bed ooxx…

Li Xin was stunned, watching the alpha on the holographic screen tear off the clothes of his beta friend, kissing and gnawing, and finally separated the man’s legs, forcibly… How did this pass the censoring!

Li Xin wanted to cover his eyes.

The effect of the 4D movie was too real, as if the audience was on the scene watching the two protagonists making love. Hearing the ambiguous voice in his ears, Li Xin’s ears were flushed, his cheeks were hot, and he lowered his head in embarrassment.

Benjamin watched it with gusto.

Sensing that Li Xin beside him was fidgeting, Benjamin held back a smile and said, “I never thought that the scale of romantic movies nowadays would be so large.”

Li Xin said awkwardly, “Yeah… cough cough…”

The intimacy scene lasted for three minutes, Li Xin felt it was as long as three hours.

Li Xin had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and at a glance, he knew that the two actors were performing in real life with their hands and feet free. They touched and kissed, and it was extremely intense. Li Xin’s whole body was about to burn, and his face was so red that it almost dripped blood…

Since doing it once after drinking, the relationship between the two of course had changed. The Alpha felt very guilty in his heart, but felt that it was very enjoyable to have s*x with a good friend, and he didn’t have to worry about the other party’s pregnancy, so this scumbag broke up with his omega girlfriend peacefully, and then just started having s*x with beta again and again…

Li Xin was going crazy.

So much so that when he walked out of the movie theater, his footsteps were still a little fluttering, and he was so embarrassed that he wanted to hide in the cracks in the ground.

Benjamin smiled and commented: “The final result was pretty good. The lovers finally got married. The Beta finally waited for Alpha’s confession.”

Li Xin scratched his head and complained: “There are so many intimate scenes in this film! Looking at the forum, many people said that this movie is very realistic… Real a*s! How can there be an alpha who presses his best friend on the bed every day! How is it real?!”

Benjamin: “…”

Then you are wrong, the movie is indeed real.

Because most alphas were impulsive creatures with high energy, it was normal for alphas to press people on the bed every day…

Li Xin frowned and said: “Wearing the cloak of a romance movie and relying on intimacy to attract attention, how did it get up to 8 points!”

Benjamin smiled and said: “You can’t say that, if two people really have feelings for each other, it’s normal to be intimate together, don’t primary students still hold hands and walk every day? When you’re in love, you’ll walk hand in hand, and adults always talk like adults.”

Li Xin was stunned, and looked back at Benjamin with wide-eyed eyes: “You mean, adults should go to bed when they’re in love?”

Benjamin hurriedly changed his words: “Of course not. It’s just that after the relationship reaches a certain level, there is no need to be too reserved. After the first time tasting the sweetness, one would naturally want a second time. From this perspective, the movie is indeed a real shot, am I right?”

Li Xin blushed slightly, he didn’t think so anyway, he just wanted to save his first time for the sacred wedding night. He was a beta with a very traditional concept, unlike the shameless couple in the movie, who rolled in the sheets countless times in the dormitory during college, it really hurt the eyes to watch.

Thinking of this, Li Xin rubbed his swollen and painful temples, changed the subject and said, “I want to blacklist Director Xu, and I won’t watch his movies in the future.”

Seeing Li Xin’s flushed cheeks, it must be that his pure heart had been strongly stimulated. Seeing this, Benjamin was amused in his heart, but on the surface, he agreed with him solemnly: “Well, Director Xu’s shooting techniques are indeed too explicit. It’s my fault. I should have investigated clearly in advance.”

Li Xin coughed in embarrassment: “I can’t blame you, cough, let’s go back, let’s not talk about this movie.”

Benjamin stopped teasing him, put away this topic, and went home with him.


The two of them slept together last night, and Li Xin slept until dawn. But tonight, Li Xin always felt very awkward. After all, they just watched a movie in the afternoon where alpha and beta were both shameless and impatient.

With a muscular alpha sleeping next to him, Li Xin always replayed the scenes in the movie in his mind, the beta man was pushed down on the bed by the alpha man, his cheeks were flushed, and he hugged the alpha’s back shyly but enjoying himself…

Ah ah ah I can’t think about it anymore!

Li Xin pinched his thigh hard and forced himself to close his eyes.

There was nothing unusual about Benjamin sleeping beside him. He lay there calmly with his limbs spread out, breathing evenly, as if he had fallen asleep.

Li Xin didn’t dare to turn over, for fear of disturbing the “already asleep” alpha, but he was frozen on the bed and really didn’t feel sleepy. He could only stare at the ceiling in the dark night and kept rolling his eyes at Director Xu for shooting this strange film in his heart.

He didn’t know how long it took, but it was about 1:30 in the morning before Li Xin slowly fell asleep.

Those messy clips seemed to appear again in his dream, he seemed to have become the beta in the movie, being pressed on the bed by the alpha to kiss.

What was even more frightening was that the face of that alpha was not the hero in the movie, but… it was Benjamin.

Li Xin opened his eyes in a daze: “Why, why is it you?”

Benjamin gently overwhelmed him, and said in a low voice, “Baby, I actually liked you a long time ago.” These were the lines the alpha said to the beta in the movie.

Benjamin said this on purpose, just to make Li Xin think that he was dreaming.

Sure enough, the dazed Li Xin thought he was dreaming of a scene in a movie, his cheeks were slightly red, and he tried hard to push Benjamin away with his hands: “Don’t…don’t be like this…I, I’m not… Uh…”

Benjamin directly sealed his lips with a kiss.

Li Xin was so tightly kissed that he couldn’t speak, and he could only make a “huh” sound from his lips. It was really difficult to push away the strong alpha. Besides, Li Xin was even more dizzy after being kissed to the point of lack of oxygen in his head. This dream was getting more and more bizarre…

Being kissed so weakly that he couldn’t move, Li Xin could only look at Benjamin with wide and watery eyes, looking very aggrieved.

Benjamin took a deep breath—I really want to take him directly!

Today’s movie was unexpected. He thought it was just a romantic film, but he didn’t expect the director to be so relaxed. After Benjamin came back from the theater, his body has been very uncomfortable.

But if it was done with Li Xin at this time, Li Xin would definitely wake up in pain, and it won’t end well.

Fortunately, the soldier’s self-control could reach the limit, and Benjamin took deep breaths repeatedly, forcibly suppressing the fire of desire all over his body, pressed down on Li Xin and kissed him tenderly for a moment, and then let him go.

Li Xin stared at the ceiling in a daze, the redness on his face spreading all the way to his ears.

His thick eyelashes kept trembling, and after a while, he covered his head with the quilt in despair, and whispered: “How could I have such a dream… Am I crazy… How can I be so shameless…”

Listening to him talking to himself, Benjamin couldn’t help smiling, turn over and fall asleep.

Li Xin struggled for a moment, was really sleepy, and fell asleep again. As a result, this time, he really dreamed that Benjamin was kissing him, so that when he woke up the next morning, Li Xin didn’t dare to look at Benjamin.

It’s over! He shouldn’t have strange thoughts about this alpha general, right?

No, no, he was a beta with a very traditional concept, he wanted to find a beta girl, he didn’t want to be oppressed by an alpha!

It must be because he watched that movie yesterday, thinking about it day by day, and dreaming about it at night.

It would be fine tonight, and he would never have such absurd dreams again.

So that night, before going to bed, Li Xin rewatched the bloody war movie “Feng Mars Chen” starring Qin Yize. In this way, his dreams at night should be filled with all kinds of bullets and gunfire.

As a result, in the middle of the night, he dreamed that Benjamin was kissing him again.

Benjamin’s kiss was very gentle, as if slowly occupying his heart inch by inch. Li Xin’s whole body was weakened by such a gentle kiss, his head was empty, and his hands wanted to push him away, but his hand was caught by the opponent and held lightly, making him unable to struggle at all.

Li Xin really wanted to wake up but was kissed so badly that his head was deprived of oxygen, that he couldn’t wake up at all.

What’s more, what was even more absurd was that he also dreamed that after Benjamin kissed him tenderly, he said against his lips, “I like you so much.”

Li Xin: “…”

When he woke up the next day, Li Xin’s whole person was about to collapse.

Seeing Benjamin’s smiling eyes, his cheeks and ears turned red quickly, and he wished he could find a place to bury himself.

Ahhh he must be crazy!

Why did he dream of Benjamin kissing him again? And dreamed of Benjamin confessing to him tenderly?!

Could it be that he… fell in love with this alpha?

How could it be!

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