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Yu Mo frowned and looked around. The surrounding area seemed to be a small park with a lot of greenery, and he was sitting on a bench under the shade of the tree, shaking his feet…. Yu Mo bowed his head and stared at his two short legs. Then he looked at his arms again. Although he was much sturdier than a normal child, he could see that he was definitely not grown.

Where was he?

Yu Mo frowned and looked around. Last thing he remembered, he was holding Chi Fang, and maybe because he was too tired, he fell asleep on the ice coffin. With the temperature of the ice coffin and the remoteness of the villa, if he waited until someone found him, he should have died because of the low temperature.

Why did he appear here inexplicably, and… also changed his body?

Yu Mo pursed his lips, and was just about to jump off the chair, when he saw two children walking on the road on the left. One of the children seemed a little scared and was holding the other fat boy’s hand tightly. Yu Mo’s gaze was fixed on the thin child, and he staggered when he jumped off the chair, but he didn’t seem to notice it at all.

His strangeness attracted the attention of the two children, perhaps because Yu Mo’s gaze was too terrifying, and the thin child realized it, so he hid behind the little fat boy. As Yu Mo watched the movements of the two people, his eyebrows jumped, he directly took a few steps forward and dragged Chi Fang into his arms.

Chi Fang suddenly moved from the safe area (behind Pang Zifei) to the danger area (in Yu Mo’s arms), and he started crying, with tears half hanging from the corners of his eyes. However, the boy in front of him hugged him so tightly that he couldn’t even turn his head back.

Suddenly, Chi Fang was snatched from Pang Zifei, and he was dumbfounded for a second before reacting. He stretched out his hand to rescue Chi Fang from the enemy’s claws. As a result, even though the boy was holding a person in his arms, he was still like a loach. He couldn’t catch him at all, but it made Pang Zifei out of breath.

“You…you let go of Chi Xiaofang!” Pang Zifei gasped in a hurry.

It was really Chi Fang. Yu Mo realized that his hold was too tight, and when he realized Chi Fang’s discomfort, he relaxed it a little. He lowered his head and looked at the child who was no more than thirteen or fourteen in his arms, thanking God for the first time.

Chi Fang initially thought that the boy would beat him, but the man did nothing except hold him a little tight. Chi Fang breathed a sigh of relief. It was just being hugged. Xiao Chi Fang had been cute since he was a child. When he went out with Mother Chi, even people walking on the road could not help but want to hug him. This person may also…wanted to hug him?

I’m a man, I just got hugged and I can’t cry!

So Chi Fang held his tears back abruptly.

Pang Zifei’s voice still attracted the teacher’s attention. Chi Fang was too good, and coupled with him being from the Chi family, the teachers inevitably took him more seriously. When he came over, Chi Fang was being held by a strange child, while Pang Zifei on the other side was furious, but the strange child didn’t even look at him.

“This…” The teacher hesitated, and asked Chi Fang, “Is it someone you know?”

Chi Fang shook his head silently, he didn’t even know what the boy was called.

Just as the thought appeared his mind, the boy seemed to have a mind-reading skill, and he said, “Yu Mo.”

The boy’s voice was very nice, with a juvenile intonation, but it was inexplicably fascinating. The slightly voice-con Chi Fang pursed his lips and gave Yu Mo a big smile.

“My name is Chi Fang, the Chi of pool, and the Fang of square.”

Seeing that the boy was not hostile, the teacher did not force him to pull him away from the side of Chi Fang, but looked around curiously and asked: “Yu Mo, what about your parents?”

Yu Mo paused, recalling who he came in the park with, in his memory, then suddenly realized something, and slowly turned his head back. On the other side of the forest path, by the chair he was sitting on, a beautiful woman was sitting. The woman was wearing sunglasses and had propped her chin with one hand. Although he could not see her eyebrows clearly, he could clearly see that the woman was looking at them with interest.

…It’s over, my mother is interested.

Mother Yu looked at her son’s face stiff, and there was a flash of surprise in her eyes. She came at about the same time as the teacher, and she didn’t know what happened before, but she had guessed that her son seemed to have done something wrong.

Yu Mo had a serious habit of cleanliness since he was young. Don’t worry about him taking the initiative to hold someone. Even if someone else accidentally touched the corner of his clothes, Yu Mo couldn’t help but want to change his clothes. Although this bad habit has been gradually changed by them now, Yu Mo still did not take the initiative to come in contact with people.

But look now, who was the one holding the child to death? What’s more… A trace of doubt flashed in Mother Yu’s eyes. Although Yu Mo was hiding well, Mother Yu could still vaguely see a hint of…the feeling of reunion after the catastrophe in Yu Mo’s expression.

When did her son meet Chi’s son?

Mother Yu raised her eyebrows slightly, pressed the doubts in her heart, got up and walked towards the several people. Although Mother Yu’s dressing was no different from that of ordinary people, but she couldn’t hide her elegance and manners. The teacher looked at Yu Mo and then at Mother Yu, “Excuse me…Are you Yu Mo’s parent?”

Mother Yu nodded and took off the sunglasses from her face, revealing a pair of beautiful eyes. It was exactly the same as Yu Mo’s eyes.

The teacher breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at Yu Mo, “Well, kid Yu, your mother is here to pick you up.” He originally wanted to let Yu Mo let go of Chi Fang, so he could bring Chi Fang and Pang Zifei back with him. As a result, when Yu Mo heard this, not only did he not let go of Chi Fang, but he also took Chi Fang and walked two steps towards Mother Yu.

What did this… mean?

The smile on the teacher’s face was stiff, and his eyes were a little dazed. Pang Zifei on the side couldn’t help it anymore. He stepped forward and grabbed Chi Fang’s arm and said angrily: “You let go of Chi Xiaofang!”

Yu Mo turned his head, staring at Pang Zifei fiercely, and even a trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes. Although he knew that this person was very important to Chi Fang, but… he still couldn’t tolerate someone wanting to compete with him for Chi Fang.

Pang Zifei was so frightened by Yu Mo’s aura that he retreated several steps, and his legs became weak. Still in Yu Mo’s arms, Chi Fang looked up blankly, wondering why he was still warm in his arms just now, but now he suddenly felt a bit of coolness. After successfully frightening the enemy back, Yu Mo withdrew his gaze, looking at Chi Fang in his arms, and his eyes were extremely soft.

Chi Fang didn’t know why he was a little embarrassed. He pursed his lips and asked in a low voice, “Um…can you release me first?”

Yu Mo paused. He could not listen to what others said, but he was unwilling to make Chi Fang unhappy, so he had to let go of him reluctantly.

Chi Fang finally stood up straight again. He rubbed his waist without a trace and kept leaning forward. Chi Fang felt that his waist was about to break! When the soreness in the waist became more comfortable, Chi Fang looked back at the teacher not far away, smiled and waved to Yu Mo, and said, “We are going to gather, see you next time.”

After that, Chi Fang ran back to the teacher and took Pang Zifei away by the way.

Yu Mo took a step forward and stopped. He watched Chi Fang’s back disappear in the forest. He was just a stranger to Chi Fang now, and this consciousness made Yu Mo a little lost and a little impatient. As an adult, Yu Mo’s face had always been cold and without expression, even if his heart was overwhelmed, his face was still calm.

However, children’s expressions were more obvious than that of adults after all.

Mother Yu stood aside, looking at the expression on Yu Mo’s face.

In the evening, Mother Yu waited until she had finished dinner with Yu Mo, put down the dishes and chopsticks, then looked at her son with a smile, and asked, “Don’t you want to say something?”

Yu Mo lowered his eyes slightly, swept through several options in his mind, and then directly chose the simplest and most convenient one.

“I’m from twelve years later.” Yu Mo seriously said, “Chi Fang is my future partner.”

Mother Yu raised her eyebrows, she stared into Yu Mo’s eyes, seeming to want to find some traces of lying.

Yu Mo continued looking at his mother. After all, he didn’t lie about this. For the 27-year-old Yu Mo, Chi Fang was indeed his future partner. It was just that what he said to his mother now, Mother Yu thought… the two had been together for ten years.

Mother Yu slowly withdrew her gaze, did not say whether she believed it or not, but suddenly asked: “You broke your grandfather’s best-quality vermilion teapot when you were eight years old, what did your grandfather say?”

Yu Mo pursed the corner of his mouth, “Thirty thousand, remember to pay. By the way, it was a black gold purple clay teapot.”

Mother Yu raised her eyebrows and asked, “What did I give you on your sixth birthday?”

Yu Mo was stunned. After a long time of serious recall, he was a bit at a loss: “Weren’t you with father that year…?”

“Okay.” Mother Yu interrupted Yu Mo’s words and coughed slightly to make sure that the person in front of him was indeed her own son. Her son changed from fourteen to twenty-six…

Mother Yu rubbed her forehead and continued to ask: “Then how did you come back?”

Yu Mo paused and hesitated before saying, “It should be because… I died.”

Mother Yu brushed her head up and her eyes sharpened suddenly, “Should?”

“I fell asleep in a low temperature state, so I don’t know what’s going on.” Mother Yu did not ask why he was in a low temperature environment.

Mother Yu frowned, and asked with some dissatisfaction: “Where was Chi Fang? He didn’t save you?”

Yu Mo’s face was dark, “He… was killed a year before that.”

No wonder her son’s eyes looked at Chi Fang like that just now. As if he just wanted to eat people directly. Mother Yu slowly believed Yu Mo’s words in her heart. She looked at Yu Mo and asked, “Then you plan to take revenge now?” She thought her son must hate that person very much.

Yu Mo silently shook his head, and said, “The man’s name was Wang Liang, who was originally the illegitimate son of a maid from the Ma family and the driver of the Chi family. He was schemed into saving Wang Pengyu, so he was accepted as a righteous son.”

What he said was to leave the matter to Mother Yu.

Mother Yu nodded helplessly, and then asked, “I’ll take care of this. What are you going to do?”

Yu Mo looked serious, “Transfer to school and pursue my wife.”

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