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Chi Fang lay on the table and fell asleep peacefully. He had always been relatively non-existent in the class, and hiding behind the curtains, even the head teacher did not notice that such a person was being brazenly lazy.

“Come on, everyone welcome the new classmate.”

Chi Fang was awakened by the crackling applause in the classroom. He raised his head in confusion and faced the teenager standing on the podium. He was taller than his peers, with a slightly pale complexion, and looked more transparent under the sunlight. He was obviously wearing the same school uniform, but the boy looked inexplicably handsome when he wore it.

Chi Fang was dumbfounded, and watched the ‘angel’ introduce himself on stage, and then walk to his side step by step, speaking to the person next to him.

Yu Mo: “I want to sit here.”

Pang Zifei looked at Yu Mo for a long time before recognizing him as the boy on that day. He patted the table, and when he was about to get angry, he saw that nasty ghost turn his head and look towards Chi Fang. The voice was still a little bit full of expectation, “Can I?”

Pang Zifei: ??? Is he the owner of the seat?

Chi Fang was tempted by Yu Mo’s beauty and didn’t pay attention to what he was asking. He nodded directly. When he recovered, Pang Zifei, who was sitting next to him, was already sitting behind him, and Yu Mo… became his new tablemate.

“Yu Mo.” Yu Mo saw that Chi Fang looked at himself blankly, and proactively stretched out his hand.

Chi Fang hesitated and shook his hand with Yu Mo, with only one feeling that Yu Mo’s hand was so cold.

Being at the same table with Yu Mo was not the same as with Pang Zifei. Pang Zifei’s personality was always carefree, he had no bottom line for Chi Fang, and he even had an inexplicable desire for protecting him, so Chi Fang could let go in front of him. However, in the end, Chi Fang’s personality was still somewhat introverted, and Yu Mo was not a talkative person. As a result, the two people had been at the same table for a week. Except for Chi Fang occasionally saying a word when he wanted to go out, there was no exchange at all.

On the contrary, Chi Fang and Pang Zifei who was sitting at the back table passed notes with joy.

Yu Mo was determined to change the status quo, but he had no way of starting. Even in the previous life, it was Chi Fang who sent the invitation first, so Yu Mo could have a chance to approach, and now… he glanced sideways at Chi Fang. Chi Fang was lowering his head and didn’t know what to write, his ears were still slightly red, and then he threw the note in his hand onto Pang Zifei’s table.

What the hell did you write! Yu Mo hated in his heart.

Pang Zifei opened the note in his hand with a complicated expression. He hesitated for a few seconds before writing a few words on the note.


From that day on, Chi Fang started to study. He didn’t sleep in class, and seriously did questions after class. The junior high school courses were not at all difficult for Yu Mo. After he finished the questions, he would quietly stare at Chi Fang in a daze. Chi Fang couldn’t do it again, Chi Fang was biting his pen again, Chi Fang figured out a way, his eyes were bright, and then… Chi Fang did something wrong again.

Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang for a long time, and finally came up with a wrong answer. The original bright eyes slowly dimmed, like a cub whose ears were wet by the rain.

After all, he couldn’t hold back anymore, he leaned forward and said, “Why don’t I… let me help you?”

Chi Fang also knew that he liked to peek at him when he was at the same table. Chi Fang just blushed slightly. He listened to Yu Mo’s words and looked at him with some doubt, because Yu Mo had transferred from another school and had not given the exam, so Chi Fang didn’t know how Yu Mo’s grades were.

But seeing that he usually did his homework very fast, he should be… okay, right?

Thinking about it, Chi Fang pushed the exercise book to Yu Mo.

Yu Mo glanced at Chi Fang’s steps, drew a circle where the error occurred in the middle, and then wrote the correct formula next to it. While speaking in a low voice, he wrote down the steps one by one in the notebook. Chi Fang listened carefully, and realized that he moved forward and looked at the words written by Yu Mo.

Unlike his dog like characters, Yu Mo’s characters were very beautiful. Chi Fang couldn’t tell the feeling, but he thought it was very beautiful.

Chi Fang blushed quietly and decided to read the copybook under the bed when he went home at night!

After Yu Mo finished speaking, Chi Fang blinked and looked at Yu Mo with admiration. Yu Mo’s method was different from the teacher’s but it was more suitable for Chi Fang, who could almost understand it immediately. He blinked and moved forward again, realizing the softening of his voice, and discussed with Yu Mo: “If I have questions that I won’t know in the future, can I still ask you?”

Yu Mo felt Chi Fang’s breath spray on his earlobes. His ears started to redden almost uncontrollably. He nodded his head composedly and returned the exercise book in his hand to Chi Fang, “Yes.”

After that day, there was more talk between Chi Fang and Yu Mo. Most of the time, it was Yu Mo lecturing to Chi Fang. Slowly, perhaps because he was familiar with Yu Mo, Chi Fang found that Yu Mo had no bottom line for him. He even suddenly wanted to eat a popsicle. Yu Mo raised his hand in math class to ask for leave, and then went out. He bought him a popsicle back, and seriously blocked the math teacher’s sight for him.

Yu Mo’s position in Chi Fang’s heart rose straight, and Pang Zifei felt a deep threat.

However, before Pang Zifei had time to do anything, something happened that made him very irritable.

Chi Fang was bullied.

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