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Realizing that he was protected and the embrace he came into contact with seemed particularly tender, the cub tentatively sniffed the breath of the youth who was holding it.

The tribesmen of the Wek race were very keen on breath, and this keenness could reach the level of recording all the breath that they had ever felt, even the cubs also had this ability.

The breath of each person was equivalent to a label for the Weks, and there was no possibility of misidentification, so no matter what, any kind of disguise was meaningless in front of them.

In theory, he should be guarded against unfamiliar auras, but the cub who was careful after sniffing Xie Luan’s breath still didn’t move. How did Xie Luan hug it just now? What kind of posture was this cub in now?

Moving around when he couldn’t see may cause trouble to the person holding it, because the cub already understood this, this Wek cub behaved very peacefully.

In addition, there was also a sense of security in the embrace where he was held.

Holding the cub, Xie Luan felt the cub’s body temperature was as warm as a small stove.

When seeing the pair of eyes that had lost their luster on the face of the Wek cub, Xie Luan subconsciously held the cub closer to his arms, so that the cub could nest in his arms better.

As the cub couldn’t see anything, Xie Luan somehow felt a sense of familiarity with the lackluster eyes, and the cub’s image in front of him was completely different from another cold and icy image in his memory but they slowly overlapped each other.

“Ain…?” Reminiscing, Xie Luan unconsciously pronounced the name in a low voice.

Before when he went to another parallel world line, Xie Luan had seen a Wek who was also blind on Ya Yi’s Ark. That person was one of the high-level personnel in the Ya Yi army. Xie Luan was escorted by soldiers at first. When he arrived at the main hall of the Ark Ship, they saw each other.

The cub in his arms opened his tarnished eyes. In Xie Luan’s memory, Ain kept his eyes closed. Although he had never seen the other person open his eyes, Xie Luan felt that those eyes should be very beautiful. Even if there was no brilliance, they must be beautiful.

Like the keen sense of breath, the hearing of the Wek was far superior to that of many races. It was very good. Because he could not see, the Wek cub was even more sensitive to sound and being touched.

Hearing an unfamiliar but clear and pleasant voice whispering his name in a soft voice, the cub moved his ears slightly, turned his head slightly, and pointed his eyes closer to the source of the sound, and then involuntarily responded to the voice.

“Wang Wu.”

The voice was very short, and because it was a cub, it sounded very immature.

Even if he couldn’t see, he kept his eyes on the place where the sound was coming from. When he felt a warm palm touching him from the top of his head to his back, the Wek cub passively accepted it, but after a while he would become careful again and re-smell the breath of the stranger holding him.

As long as the Wek perceived the breath once, it could form a permanent record. If the second sniffing behavior was performed after the breath had been recorded, it meant that the Wek did not have an annoyed attitude towards the person whose breath he was sniffing.

In the same way, if a Wek sniffs the breath of the same object multiple times, this was an expression of love among the Weks.

Because he liked and loved deeply, he would constantly and repeatedly perceive the breath of the other party. This breath would be the most special for this Wek, and it would always be different to him from everyone else.

The breath smelled from the young man was very light. This breath did not stand out among the breath of many people, but it gave a peaceful and warm feeling, which made the Wek cub sniff it multiple times as he was being held a little longer.

Hearing the response of the cub in his arms, Xie Luan suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart.

The Ain he saw in another world line had grown up and formed a cold image with his eyes closed, but in this world, like Gale and the others, he was just a cub. …

Because the time spent on the other world line was very short, the time Xie Luan and the adult version of Ain had been in contact with each other was also very short.

He sent pudding twice to the other party, and when he sent it the first time, he moved his eyes around and away with no expression, and he finally did not know whether he had eaten it or not.

The second time he gave him the pudding from the Gaia’s Xing dessert shop, but this time Xie Luan had taken the pudding and placed it in front of the other party and then stuffed a porcelain spoon into the other party’s hand. Thus, that time the other party held the spoon and lowered his head to eat but he ate without any expression.

There was a big gap between the cold image of adulthood and the way this cub was carefully sniffing the breath in his arms. Seeing this cub’s careful sniffing movements, Xie Luan’s heart inevitably softened.

Following the hand that touched the cub’s back, Xie Luan stretched his palm up and laid it flat in front of the Wek cub who was like a little milk dog. Then Xie Luan saw the cub stop his sniffing actions.

The cub stopped, and Xie Luan continued to lay his hands flat in front of him.

After a while, the cub finally moved closer to Xie Luan’s palm and sniffed it slightly.

During this process, Xie Luan saw that the little tail that the cub had been hanging quietly moved a little.

After sniffing twice, the aura on Xie Luan’s body was not unfamiliar to this cub, although it was not long since they met, this cub had now confirmed that Xie Luan was safe for him.

At this time, a caretaker noticed that Xie Luan was holding the cub, but he knew that Xie Luan was the president of another cub raising branch, was now allowed to visit freely and he had also seen the other’s ability as a caretaker, so the caretaker was relieved to let the other party and the cub have contact.

The Wek cub held by the youth was adopted by their branch. At the time of adoption, the cub was about two months old and was now more than two years old.

The cub’s eyes were blind, and the results of a medical examination showed that it was congenital blindness.

There were many cubs living in the Kalia branch. Because they had adopted many cubs, the blind Wek cub was not assigned a special caretaker in the branch.

Although the caretakers in the Kalia branch paid more attention to this cub, there were so many cubs in the branch, and the attention they could give this Wek cub was limited. Sometimes it was inevitable that they would not pay enough attention.

Having been put in front of the cub flatly for a long time, Xie Luan’s arm was slightly numb from the wrist to the upper part, but he waited for the cub he was holding to stop sniffing before removing his hand.

“Ain.” There was no doubt or hesitation in his tone this time, Xie Luan said the cub’s name in a warm voice.

As long as Xie Luan made a sound, the cub’s dull eyes could always match him accurately, even though he could not see, but the cub was also looking at him.

Being called by the name in a soft voice gave this Wek cub the urge to sniff the breath of the young man again. Because he couldn’t use his eyes to recognize and remember images, he could only distinguish by breath, and he could tell if he wanted to remember someone, this method was needed.

Although the cub didn’t do this in the end, it still responded again.

“Wang Wu.”

Without removing the eyes that accurately met the youth’s sight, the Wek cub responded with a clearer voice than before.

Whether it was the cub’s meekness and obedience, or the blindness of his eyes, Xie Luan’s heart felt soft, especially when confronted with the lustrous eyes, his heart softened even more.

This cub couldn’t see. In theory, a caretaker should be assigned to take care of it. However, according to what Xie Luan has observed so far, this cub was obviously not treated like this.

Even though he felt that such an arrangement was inappropriate, Xie Luan couldn’t say anything directly now, and continued to hold the cub in his arms. Xie Luan walked up to one of the caretakers to try to understand the situation.

“The cub’s parents were killed in the Verda starship accident more than a year ago. The cub was also on the starship at the time, but luckily survived. Because there is no other relative, this cub was sent to our branch by rescuers.” Hearing the youth ask about this Wek cub, the caretaker quickly answered truthfully and unreservedly.

That is to say, this cub was adopted by the Kalia branch… It was adopted without compensation. Although it was not appropriate not to give this cub special care, no one could criticize it at this point.

Knowing the situation of the cub in his arms, when Xie Luan lowered his gaze, he found that the cub was still looking at his face quietly.

This cub needed special care, otherwise the injury that he nearly stepped on the empty steps just now might happen again. Having seen this cub grow up in another world line, Xie Luan couldn’t leave this matter alone.

He did not ask the Kalia branch to assign a caretaker take care of the cub. Xie Luan hugged the cub and an idea emerged in his heart.

Then could he just take this cub back to Yunbao Club?

T/N: I think it is XL’s destiny to collect all the top level personnel under the alternate world line YY as cubs and give them all the love they lacked in that timeline…. My heart….. AAAAAA

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