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The reason was that monthly test. Because Yu Mo was a plug-in for Chi Fang to tutor, coupled with the accuracy of Yu Mo’s question guesses, Chi Fang not only broke away from the failed troops, but even went up. However, Chi Fang hadn’t been happy for a few days before he heard a few teachers from the school talk about his family and his grades. Chi Fang didn’t let Yu Mo and Pang Zifei know these things, and he fell silent.

However, he didn’t know when, such a rumor suddenly appeared during the school year, saying that the reason Chi Fang was so good was because he cheated from the first in the school year!

The first in the school year was Yu Mo.

The rumors spread quickly, but in just one day, it spread throughout the grade, and even the classmates were quietly looking at Chi Fang. Chi Fang’s expression became uglier, and Yu Mo couldn’t help frowning.

“Chi Fang, come out.” The head teacher appeared at the door and called Chi Fang out.

Chi Fang bit his lower lip, got up and walked out. The head teacher stood at the door and saw him coming out with a serious expression, “You…” His words stopped all of a sudden, wondering: “Yu Mo, what are you doing out?”

“Take a rest.” Yu Mo said coldly.

However, he just stood by the window and did not leave. On the day Yu Mo transferred to school, Mother Yu greeted the teachers. Her son was in his twenties. If it weren’t for Chi Fang, he could go directly to the high school to take the college entrance examination. Although she agreed with Yu Mo entering junior high school, but Mother Yu also didn’t want her son to be wronged at school, so she also reminded the school secretly.

The head teacher looked at these two people with a headache, and in front of Yu Mo, the head teacher couldn’t say much about Chi Fang, so he could only give up.

From beginning to end, Chi Fang just lowered his head and said nothing.

Yu Mo was a little uneasy, he leaned over and approached Chi Fang cautiously, “What’s wrong?”

“He doesn’t believe me…” Chi Fang whispered, his voice trembling, and a little aggrieved, it sounded like he was about to cry.

Yu Mo panicked suddenly, and resolutely said, “Because he is blind!”

Chi Fang’s cry suddenly stopped. After two seconds, he said angrily, “Nonsense!”

……Yu Mo was in a difficult position.

But after interrupting like this, Chi Fang was not so sad, but he didn’t want to go back to the classroom, he looked at the corridor hesitantly, and asked, “Can we…maybe go out for a walk?”

Yu Mo raised his eyebrows. Then he took Chi Fang to a small road beside the playground. It was just autumn, and the fallen leaves of the trees on both sides fell on the ground, and there would be a sound when you stepped on it. After all, Chi Fang had a child’s disposition, and it didn’t take long for him to have fun stepping on leaves. Yu Mo looked at him softly, but in his heart, he was already thinking about how to catch the person who harmed Chi Fang from the back.

This incident was obviously premeditated. The spread of the rumors was too fast, and even the teacher’s reaction speed was not right.

Chi Fang was having fun on the small road and let out all the depression in his heart. When he returned to the classroom, although the classmates were still looking at him strangely, there was no disturbance in Chi Fang’s heart.

Anyway, the two people he cared about most believed in him!

That’s right, Yu Mo successfully tied with Pang Zifei and became Chi Fang’s best friend.

Yu Mo’s attitude towards Pang Zifei was very complicated. In his previous high school life, he ate Pang Zifei’s vinegar almost every day. Even if he finally knew that Pang Zifei had nothing to do with Chi Fang, Yu Mo would not like this person. But Chi Fang trusted him, and this person was indeed very kind to Chi Fang.

But this time, Pang Zifei helped Yu Mo.

Originally, Yu Mo planned to find a few people who spread rumors and ask them about the culprit behind the scenes, but Pang Zifei flew over and exposed the culprit directly.

Wang Pengyu… Yu Mo didn’t expect that Wang Pengyu was in the same junior high school as Chi Fang. Thinking of the boy who was killed by Wang Liang, Yu Mo was scared for a while. Fortunately, Wang Pengyu was one level higher than Pang Zifei.

Knowing the goal, the rest was much easier. Others dared not touch Wang Pengyu, but it was because Wang Pengyu belonged to the Wang family, and there was Wang Liang behind him. However, Yu Mo was not afraid of the Wang family. As for Wang Liang… he now estimated that he was going crazy because of Mother Yu.

Although Mother Yu always disliked her cold son, that didn’t mean that she didn’t love Yu Mo. Since knowing that Yu Mo might die because of Wang Liang in the future, Mother Yu had completely fought with Wang Liang.

Don’t underestimate the madness of a mother to protect her son. The current Wang Liang’s life in the Wang family was not easy. The fact that they were suppressed because of him had made the Wang family dissatisfied with him. Now Wang Liang obviously didn’t know how he offended Madam Yu, and someone in the Wang family had already faintly proposed to give up Wang Liang. It was just that because Wang Liang was kind to Wang Pengyu, so the Wang family didn’t dare to abandon him easily, otherwise the hat of being ingrates would be pinned on them.

Just as the Wang family was hesitant, Mother Yu quietly handed them a lifeline.

What happened back then turned out to be a setup?!

After this incident was revealed, Wang Liang completely became an abandoned son, but Wang Pengyu…he pinned this incident on Yu Mo. When Yu Mo found out about this, his eyes fell slightly. It turned out that he the reason for Chi Fang’s misfortune, because after he transferred to another school, he only got close to Chi Fang, and Wang Pengyu came up with such a faint move.

Yu Mo and Pang Zifei tacitly concealed this matter from Chi Fang. In the afternoon of the next day, the two blocked Wang Pengyu and his five followers.

Pang Zifei’s expression was a bit ugly, but he still bit the bullet and followed Yu Mo. Wang Pengyu looked at Yu Mo with a look of disdain, “Dare to show up? Do you think you can hit five of us…?” Before he could finish his words, Yu Mo had already walked in front of him and hit him with a punch.

Wang Pengyu hurried back two steps, evading Yu Mo’s fist embarrassedly. He didn’t expect Yu Mo to start fighting if he didn’t agree with him. A trace of hatred flashed in his eyes, and he was no longer polite, and said angrily: “Hit him! “

The several followers all rushed up after hearing this, Pang Zifei’s face was black, and he was going to help, when he heard Yu Mo say, “Do not make trouble. “

Pang Zifei felt his teeth itch, but the next second he opened his eyes wide, knowing why Yu Mo wouldn’t let him go forward.

Those people looked fierce, but there was no way to hurt Yu Mo at all. Two other people accidentally gave themselves a kick. Instead, Yu Mo was in the middle and solved one with a punch. Soon all five of them were lying down on the ground.

If this was his past, it was probably one of them lying on the ground.

Wang Pengyu didn’t expect Yu Mo to be so good. He watched Yu Mo slowly approaching, and his legs were shaking. He looked at Yu Mo in a panic, and threatened: “You, don’t come over, I’m from the Wang family…Um!” Yu Mo smashed his face in a circle, Wang Pengyu’s nose was sour, and tears fell in an instant.

Yu Mo held his hand, punched Wang Pengyu viciously, and finally got up and left. Pang Zifei was standing aside, not daring to let out a sound. When Yu Mo left, he hesitated and also left.

Chi Fang didn’t know where Yu Mo and Pang Zifei went that afternoon, but he was always a little uneasy. When Yu Mo came back, he just breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the injuries on the joints of Yu Mo’s fingers. Chi Fang’s eyes suddenly turned red, and he glared at Yu Mo, quite angrily: “You went to fight!”

Yu Mo felt a little flustered.

Although Yu Mo didn’t say anything, Chi Fang probably guessed why he was fighting. He didn’t speak, with a puffed face, he got up and rushed out of the classroom alone. Yu Mo was a step late, and when he went out, he didn’t know where Chi Fang was going.

Chi Fang went to the commissary to buy band-aids. He was not allowed to go out during school. Chi Fang was at the door, glanced at the unusually high wall, and felt a bit resentful towards his second brother. If Chi Zheng hadn’t skipped class too much, the school wouldn’t have raised the wall by one meter…

No way, the commissary only had band-aids, and Chi Fang could only buy a few more and took them back to the classroom.

Yu Mo was anxious in the classroom, and he was relieved to see him come back. He looked into Chi Fang’s hand, saw the Band-Aid, and was slightly stunned. Chi Fang’s anger came and went quickly. He had forgotten that he was fierce to Yu Mo when he went out. He sat down on his seat and put his hands on the table carefully and gave him the band-aids to put on his wound seriously.

It seemed a bit ugly.

After finishing the pasting, Chi Fang realized that he seemed to have pasted a bit too much. It looked like Yu Mo’s hand was a piece of rag… He hesitated to take a few off, but Yu Mo had already retracted his hand.

Chi Fang didn’t think too much anymore. He cleaned up the trash on the table before he looked at Yu Mo seriously, “It’s bad to fight.”

Yu Mo paused and nodded. Since Chi Fang didn’t like fighting, he would just change his way next time.

Seeing Yu Mo nod, Chi Fang just smiled with satisfaction, and suddenly noticed that Pang Zifei behind him was looking at him with a bitter expression on his face. Chi Fang shuddered and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Pang Zifei bit his handkerchief in his heart and wept. Originally, Chi Fang had the best relationship with him, but now a Yu Mo came out halfway. He can’t beat him…this world is too difficult.


Yu Mo’s hand wound healed after two days, but the band-aid stayed on his hand for a week. In the end, Chi Fang couldn’t stand it, and took the band-aid off with his own hands.


Those band-aids had been kept in Yu Mo’s box, including the paintings, cuff links, key chains that Chi Fang gave him for the first time, and even the notes that Chi Fang wrote to him. Once Chi Fang saw it, he was very curious and asked him: “When did you start having ideas about me?”

Yu Mo put the box away and took the towel in Chi Fang’s hand to dry his hair. Chi Fang closed his eyes comfortably, quickly forgot his question, and fell asleep after a while.

Yu Mo knelt down beside the bed, looking at Chi Fang’s sleeping face.

I was born for you, and I have been in love with you since the first sight.

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