KHSW Ch. 255

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Wang Suping glanced inside the door, and Ou Mengxue’s sobbing could still be heard inside.

“Keep your voice down when you hit, and remember to gag her.”

Ou Mengxue, who was still curled up on the bed, heard what her mother-in-law said, and squeezed the sheets tightly. She thought that marrying into the Chi family was her good fortune, but unexpectedly…

The door closed again, and Ou Mengxue’s heart trembled. Chi Jiayang was not like this at all before. He used to be gentle and always had a sunny smile on his face. It was all because of Ling Xi who forced Jiayang to be like this. It must be because of her.

Ou Mengxue originally got up from the bed while Chi Jiayang was talking to her mother-in-law, but Chi Jiayang pinched her arm and she fell back on the bed again.

As expected, he did as his mother said, picked up a sock from the ground, and stuffed it into Ou Mengxue’s mouth.

“Woooo…” Ou Mengxue struggled, but her strength was too weak.

This time, Chi Jiayang didn’t roar anymore, he just pressed on Ou Mengxue’s body and beat her with the belt again and again.

Ling Xi, why are you not the one being tortured…

Ou Mengxue’s eyes were full of strong hatred.

When Ling Xi returned home, Aunty Zhang said that Xiao Nuo had fallen asleep, “Aunty Zhang, you have worked hard today, do you have to go to the hospital to take care of the child later?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m really sorry that I left Nuonuo to you to take care of alone today, and I wasted your time.”

“Madam, don’t say that. You have helped me so much. This is what I should do.”

“Okay, then go quickly! Be careful on the road!”

“Thank you ma’am, I’m going first.”

After Aunty Zhang left and before Xu Yizhi came back, Ling Xi went straight into the bathroom.

After taking a shower, she realized that she didn’t bring her nightgown with her, Ling Xi stared blankly at the towel in her hand, forget it, Xiao Nuo has fallen asleep anyway, and Yizhi hasn’t come back, so let’s go out like this!

Since the floor heating was already turned on in the room, she didn’t feel cold when she walked out of the bathroom. As soon as she walked to the closet, she noticed a line of sight.

When she looked sideways, she was taken aback, “Ah——”

Ling Xi let out a cry of surprise, and Xu Yizhi quickly stepped forward to cover her lips, “Hush, Xiao Nuo is sleeping, don’t wake him up.”

Hearing that it was Xu Yizhi’s voice, Ling Xi felt at ease, and Xu Yizhi let go slowly.

“I was scared to death just now, why was there no sound when you came in?”

Ling Xi complained, but Xu Yizhi blushed slightly and rolled his throat, “You didn’t lock the door.”

Only then did a certain dull woman come to her senses, she let out a soft cry and quickly turned around, closing her eyes in extreme embarrassment, “Can you turn around, I’m wearing a nightgown.”

Just as Xu Yizhi was about to say yes, he heard the “da da” sound of slippers outside the door, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

The two looked at each other, it was Xiao Nuo.

Ling Xi didn’t even have time to put on her clothes, so she hid in the bed.

Since Xu Yizhi didn’t close the door, Xiao Nuo rushed in straight away and saw his mother lying on the bed with his father standing beside the bed, “Mom and Dad, I heard screams just now.”

Ling Xi saw that the little guy’s eyes were still a little hazy, and she felt a little guilty, “I’m sorry, baby, it was mom who woke you up, just now mom saw a… cockroach, so she screamed, now it’s all right.”

Xiao Nuo blinked his eyes and was already sober. “Mom, can I sleep with you today? This way I can protect you.”

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