KHSW Ch. 254

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Warning 18+ content; domestic violence

“You stay here.” After Chi Jiayang left these words, he walked away without even looking at her.

“Jiayang?” Ou Mengxue felt that she couldn’t understand Chi Jiayang’s thoughts more and more.

Chi Jiayang had already left the banquet first, leaving Ou Mengxue alone until Shen Bingqian came over.

“Sister Ou, why are you still here? I just met Brother Jiayang.”

Seeing that it was Shen Bingqian, Ou Mengxue slightly raised her eyes, “Oh, he’s going to do something.”

Shen Bingqian smiled, “What’s the matter? I asked him just now, and he said he was not feeling well, so he went home first.”

Hearing Shen Bingqian’s words, Ou Mengxue felt uneasy since her lies had been exposed, and she pinched her palms with her fingertips inwards. She didn’t expect Chi Jiayang to leave her here alone and go home first.

Immediately, a worried look appeared on her face, “Jiayang is really, probably he was afraid that I would be worried, so he said he was going to do something, then I will go back first.”

Looking at Ou Mengxue’s back, Shen Bingqian smiled evilly. The relationship between her manager and Brother Jiayang seemed not very good…

“Crack.” When Ou Mengxue closed the bedroom door, she was surprised to find that Chi Jiayang was lying on the bed with his shoes on. These days, she and Jiayang slept in separate rooms, and the pain in her heart could only be swallowed.

“Jiayang, why didn’t you tell me if you were coming back? I was waiting there for you for a long time.”

Chi Jiayang who was lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes, and Ou Mengxue continued, “Are you not feeling well? ?”

Chi Jiayang got up from the bed and started to untie his belt. Ou Mengxue thought he was going to…

She was secretly happy, but also worried, “Jiayang, the doctor said, we can’t do that in the first three months, otherwise it’s easy to miscarry.”

Chi Jiayang’s eyes were dark, he pulled out his belt, and approached Ou Mengxue without saying a word.

Ou Mengxue suddenly noticed that there was something wrong with Chi Jiayang’s eyes, and then she became afraid, “Jiayang, what… what’s wrong?”

Chi Jiayang raised his hand holding the belt, and when it fell, it hit Ou Mengxue’s arm.

“Ah – Jiayang, what are you doing?” Ou Mengxue retracted her arm in pain, seeing a red mark on her arm, her eyes immediately turned red.

Chi Jiayang’s voice was a little hoarse and filled with anger, “Ou Mengxue, what is your intention? Are you happy to see me humble myself like a dog in front of Xu Yizhi?”

As if he wanted to vent all the anger and depression since his marriage on her at once, he raised his hand up, then lowered it, and whipped Ou Mengxue with his belt again and again.

Ou Mengxue tried to dodge several times, but the belt seemed to have eyes and could always hit her, so she subconsciously protected her stomach, knelt down on the bed and curled up into a ball, “Jiayang, I didn’t, so don’t fight, ah—”

“You know that the person I like is Ling Xi, why did you use a child to break us up? Why?”

At this time, Chi Jiayang was like a crazy person, roaring at the top of his lungs.

The movement in this room alarmed Chi Yanbin and Wang Suping who were sleeping.

Chi Yanbin turned on the bedside lamp and frowned with displeasure, “Go out and have a look.”

Wang Suping was dissatisfied with getting out of bed…the sound came from Jiayang’s room, so she put her ear on the door panel to listen to the movement inside, and then knocked on the door.


As soon as Chi Jiayang heard it was his mother’s voice, he immediately regained his senses, dropped the belt in his hand and opened the door, “I’m sorry, Mom, did I disturb your sleep?”

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