KHSW Ch. 253

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Ling Xi put the suit jacket that Xu Yizhi handed her over her body. Seeing that the woman named “Lu Yaqin” hadn’t gone far, she rolled her eyes slightly, “Mr. Xu, can I sit here?”

Xu Yizhi didn’t speak, Ling Xi just took it as acquiescence, and sat on the sofa by herself.

All the actresses showed envious looks on their faces, and some of them had jealous eyes. Who made Mr. Xu look so charming?

Lu Yaqin cursed “vixen” in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show it on her face. The reason why she was still unwilling to leave was to see how Ling Xi would seduce President Xu.

As if knowing what she was thinking, neither Chi Jingyu nor Xu Yizhi said anything else.

Yao Ru looked at this side with disdain, and secretly slandered that Ling Xi was really a woman with means, she was already married and had a child, but she actually thought of taking the powerful Xu Yizhi into her hands, she was indeed calculating.

“I don’t know what Mr. Xu thinks about the word ‘gouyin’?”

Doubt flashed in Xu Yizhi’s eyes, “Huh?”

“Some people really want to see the picture of me seducing President Xu. In order not to make them feel regretful, I have to do what they want.” She was worried that her relationship with Yizhi would be exposed, but seeing their hungry eyes like wolves and tigers, she had no choice but to come to rescue Xu Yizhi who was in the “wolf den”.

Xu Yizhi finally had a little smile in his eyes, “You don’t need to seduce.” After saying these words, he didn’t have anything to say, but it made people think about it.

Seeing that there was no sign of displeasure or anger on the CEO’s face, Lu Yaqin stomped her feet resentfully, then she turned around and left.

Ling Xi turned her face slightly, “Your words are a bit harsh, it seems that we have failed their expectations.”

Seeing how they were having a good time talking, Chi Jiayang’s eyes flashed with a hint of gloom. Marrying Ou Mengxue made him not even qualified to stand by Ling Xi’s side.

As if sensing Chi Jiayang’s thoughts, Ou Mengxue softly called out, “Jiayang, let’s go too!”

Only this sentence fit Chi Jiayang’s thoughts, so he nodded slightly, raised his legs and walked in the direction of Xu Yizhi and Ling Xi.

“President Xu, long time no see.”

Hearing an all-too-familiar voice, Ling Xi’s eyes turned cold, and she wanted to get up and leave, “Mr. Xu, then you should do your work first.”

Chi Jiayang saw that Ling Xi was about to leave as soon as he came, and felt a little pain in his heart. Could it be that they couldn’t even be friends now?

Looking at Ling Xi’s leaving back, Chi Jiayang was a little distracted, and his eyes were full of loneliness.

“Boss Chi?” Chi Jingyu glanced at Chi Jiayang disdainfully. Although he knew that there had been a relationship between Chi Jiayang and his sister-in-law, but they both were married after all, he still dared to think about other people’s family. His sister-in-law’s dislike for him should have deepened even more.

Chi Jiayang came back to his senses, “I’m sorry, Mr. Xu…”

Chi Jiayang said a lot of flattering words, which made Chi Jingyu almost believe that he really wanted to wish the Xu Group a lot of money.

It was a pity that he already knew about Chi Jiayang’s tricks, and this matter would never end with this.

After hearing Chi Jiayang and Ou Mengxue talking a lot of nonsense, Xu Yizhi didn’t respond for a long time, then he got up calmly and walked in front of them.

Chi Jiayang and Ou Mengxue looked embarrassed. Were they being ignored?

Seeing the people around them looking at them strangely, Chi Jiayang’s expression became even more unnatural, but he pushed all the faults on Ou Mengxue. If she hadn’t said that they should come over just now, he wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of so many people, just as he was thinking this, he shook off Ou Mengxue’s arm without a trace.

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