KHSW Ch. 252

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“Ahh… President Xu just looked at me…”

“He looked at me too! What a pity, I dare not step forward, the president is too cold.”

Xu Yizhi walked towards Ling Xi intentionally or unintentionally, and Ling Xi was startled. Could it be that he wanted to disclose their relationship?

If it was such a sudden situation, Pei Shan would definitely hate her to death.

Bing Yanyan became more and more nervous, the president seemed to be walking in their direction.

Unexpectedly, he went to sit on the sofa in the corner.

“Brother, what do you want to drink?”

“Blue Hawaii.”

The female artists who were misled by Xiang Jiajia just now were all looking at Ling Xi’s good show. They saw that the president was a cold and handsome man who didn’t like to interact with others. If she went up to strike up a conversation like this, she might make a fool of herself in public.

Ling Xi saw that their eyes were all wandering over her body, since they were looking forward to it so much, of course she couldn’t let them down.

Chi Jingyu handed over the wine glass, and said in a low voice, “Brother, no one recognizes you? It’s only been a few years, is it changing so quickly?”

Brother was the youngest Best Actor in the world, but for some reason, he suddenly stopped acting five years ago and took over the position of president of the group, and he also joined the Xu Group.

It had only been five years, and no one recognized him?

“Brother, sister-in-law is here, please take it easy.” Seeing Ling Xi walking towards them, Chi Jingyu said in a low voice.

Xu Yizhi turned his face, and sure enough, he saw Ling Xi coming with a wine glass, his eyes narrowed slightly, why was the shawl on her body missing?

The closer Ling Xi got, the more those female artists looked forward to seeing her make a fool of herself.

Both Mortina and Bing Yanyan sweated in their hearts for her, whether Ling Xi would really go…

“I heard Mr. Xu is mysterious and noble. He has always been a famous figure in the business world. Today, I finally met him. Hello Mr. Xu. I am Ling Xi from ‘Yi Ling’. Nice to meet you.”

Ling Xi’s eyes were half cunning and half playful.

Looking at Ling Xi’s white and tender arm stretched out to him, Xu Yizhi’s eyes sank, and he didn’t intend to shake hands with her for a long while.

Ling Xi looked into his eyes suspiciously, and kept winking at him.

Mortina and Bing Yanyan looked at each other, they knew that they should have persuaded Ling Xi just now.

While those female artists were gloating, Xu Yizhi suddenly stood up and went to unbutton his suit. His movements were slow but restrained, so beautiful that people felt like they were watching a slow motion movie illusion.

Xu Yizhi took off his jacket, put it on Ling Xi’s outstretched arm, and a “subwoofer” voice sounded, “Me too.”

It was just these three simple words, but it caused a wave of shock in the hearts of those people. If they had known, they would have also gone forward to strike up a conversation!

A female artist who had ridiculed Ling Xi before was eager to try, and immediately stepped forward, “Hi Mr. Xu, I am Lu Yaqin from ‘Xingmei Entertainment’ before, and now I can be regarded as a member of ‘Yi Ling’.”

Hearing her say the word “Yi Ling”, Xu Yizhi just set his eyes on Ling Xi.

Chi Jingyu blinked twice, “Miss Lu, I’m sorry, Mr. Xu only likes to talk to beauties.”

When the woman heard what the vice president said, her face changed slightly, but she quickly stabilized herself with her acting skills, and smiled politely, “Excuse me.”

Ling Xi glanced at Chi Jingyu with satisfaction, the young man still winked!

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