KHSW Ch. 273

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“Master.” Xiao Nuo pouted softly, “But what if Xiao Nuo misses Master?”

There was a trace of nostalgia in Master Xuanzhen’s eyes, “Xiao Nuo, I have never told you a word before as a teacher.” His face was full of kindness, “Xiao Nuo is great, very powerful.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes were as bright as stars, even more shining than stars. This was the first time Master praised him, “Amitabha, thank you Master.”

Hearing Master Xuanzhen praise Xiao Nuo, Ling Xi was slightly surprised, she could feel that Master Xuanzhen wanted to…

It was a pity that Xiao Nuo was still too young to understand, maybe this was the last time he would be able to see his Master.

“Master Xuanzhen…” Ling Xi had tears in her eyes.

But Master Xuanzhen stopped her, “Don’t need to say more, the benefactor, Xiao Nuo will be taken care of by the benefactor, I don’t have to worry, you go down the mountain and you don’t have to come here again…”

Ling Xi felt a bitterness in her heart. If she wasn’t worried about her seniority, she should have called Master Xuanzhen “Master”.

Putting her hands together, she slowly bent down, “Amitabha.”

“Recently, rookie singer Shen Bingqian’s debut album has sparked heated discussions in the music world. Her fresh style and unique melody have become a clear stream in the Chinese music scene. Will she become the next queen of the Chinese music scene? Let us wait and see.”

Listening to the entertainment news on the car radio, Ling Xi only felt ironic. Shen Bingqian, you still did this. I warned you last time not to use my song for commercial purposes. Since you don’t listen to it, you can only blame yourself for being cocooned…

“Mom, Xu Nuo is coming to school today!” Yao Tiantian said immediately when she saw Yao Ru.

Yao Ru grabbed Tiantian’s shoulder excitedly, “Where is he? Show mom.”

Yao Tiantian pointed to Xu Nuo at the entrance of the kindergarten, and saw a middle-aged couple standing beside him.

The corners of Yao Ru’s mouth curled up slightly, and she took Tiantian’s hand and walked towards them.

“Hello, I’m Tiantian’s mother, are you here to pick up the child too?”

When Xu Xinrong and his wife saw that it was a woman they didn’t know, they just smiled politely, “Yes!”

When Xiao Nuo saw “Little Princess”, the smile on his face disappeared immediately. He still remembered that she lied to him last time, clearly saying that as long as he took off his hat, they would play with him.

Although Yao Tiantian didn’t want to talk to Xiao Nuo, but for the sake of her mother, she had no choice but to feel wronged, “Xu Nuo, have you memorized the homework assigned by the teacher today?”

Hearing that the “little princess” took the initiative to talk to him, Xiao Nuo was slightly taken aback, then nodded in a daze.

Only then did Su Zhiyan understand, with a smile on her face, “So you are classmates! This little baby looks really good-looking.”

Yao Ru immediately smiled, “My Tiantian is a child star.”

“No wonder! She looks really cute.” Xu Xinrong also had a smile on his face.

Xu Group.

“Sister-in-law, you don’t know how much my brother missed you these days when you were not around.”

“How much do you think?”

“Working crazy overtime in the company every day almost exhausted my body.”

“Jingyu, do you misunderstand? How can he miss me when he works overtime in the company?” Hearing that Xu Yizhi was almost exhausted, Ling Xi felt distressed.

“You don’t understand this. I know my brother. He was afraid that his thoughts will become crazy, so he could only use the office method to reduce his thoughts.”

He was indeed such a person…

After entering the office, Ling Xi slapped the table, “Xu Yizhi, I want to talk to you.”

When Xu Yizhi saw Ling Xi’s face, his eyes were filled with joy, “What are you talking about?”

“Of course it’s a relationship, you still owe me a relationship!”

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