KHSW Ch. 272

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Hearing Xu Yizhi’s answer, Chi Jingyu’s eyes widened in shock, “No, brother, are you going to come out to the ‘jianghu’ again for sister-in-law? Tsk…tsk…, I’m willing to bow down, but it’s just that this person can’t be changed, after all, he has already signed the contract.”

“Even if the contract is signed, can’t we use power to exert pressure!”

Xu Yizhi was silent for a while, and finally said in a heavy voice, “You look after me over there.”

Chi Jingyu suddenly became dull, “Who am I looking at? Sister-in-law?”

“What do you think?” Xu Yizhi raised his eyebrows displeased.

Chi Jingyu immediately laughed and said, “Don’t worry, brother, I promise I won’t let Liming have physical contact with my sister-in-law.”

Xu Yizhi continued to stare at him, but Chi Jingyu was still trembling, and added, “There will be no eye contact.”

Only then did Xu Yizhi look away…

“Mom, come on, there are still twenty stakes.”

At the beginning, the old monk built 100 wooden stakes along the bank of the stream, just for Xiao Nuo to practice martial arts, and now there was a place for them to use them again.

He saw Ling Xi’s arms were flat, holding a wooden barrel filled with three-quarters of water in each hand, while she was standing on a wooden post, walking from one end to the other.

Ling Xi only felt that her arms were sore, her feet were unsteady, and then she fell off the stake, “Ouch——”

All the water in the barrel splashed on Ling Xi’s body, it was unbearably cold.

“Mom, mom, let’s stop practicing, okay?”

Xiao Nuo looked at his mother distressedly, tears welling in his eyes.

Even though she didn’t roll up her trouser legs, Ling Xi also knew that her knee must have been bruised a lot at this time, and while enduring the pain, she comforted Xiao Nuo, “Don’t cry, baby, mom is fine, baby has suffered so much before, when mom was not around, it’s mom who is sorry for the baby.”

“Mother, let’s stop practicing, okay?” The tears in Xiao Nuo’s eyes began to roll down.

Ling Xi quickly reached out and wiped the tears on Xiao Nuo’s face, “Be good, don’t cry, what baby Xiao Nuo can do, mother will definitely do it too.”

When Ling Xi returned to the thatched cottage, Master Xuanzhen knew that she had completed the task.

“Amitabha, this level examines the balance of the benefactor. The old monk has already got the answer. In the future, in addition to teaching the benefactor a set of practical boxing techniques, the benefactor needs to practice hard on the basics. Xiao Nuo is good at offensive and defensive methods. He can be used as a training partner.”

“Amitabha, thank you, Master Xuanzhen.”

More than half a month had passed, and Ling Xi obviously felt that her physique had changed. Before walking a little on the mountain road, she would feel short of breath, but now even if she was asked to run a few kilometres, her breathing was still extremely stable.

Under daily high-intensity training such as push-ups, sit-ups, standing piles, running piles, and rock climbing, her body has broken through the limits time and time again.

Including Master Xuanzhen’s boxing skills, she also learned them at an astonishing speed, fast, accurate, and ruthless. Master Xuanzhen sighed that she was indeed Xiao Nuo’s mother. Just remember the action, and you will be able to imitate it by the root of wisdom innately.

When leaving, Xiao Nuo hugged Master Xuanzhen’s legs tightly, “Master, Xiao Nuo will come to see you next month, next time, Xiao Nuo will definitely bring a lot of scriptures and a lot of snacks for Master.”

Master Xuanzhen stroked Xiao Nuo’s hair again, and now it was no longer prickly, “Xiao Nuo, you must grow up well, and you don’t need to come and see me as a teacher in the future.”


“Because… it’s what your teacher said.”

There was a hint of doubt in Ling Xi’s eyes, didn’t Master Xuanzhen really like Xiao Nuo? Why wouldn’t you want him to come and see him?

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