KHSW Ch. 271

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Seeing these words, Chi Jingyu couldn’t help but widen his eyes and mouth, and turn his face away with a guilty expression. It was all his fault. Why did he have to mention “Idol Beside Me”?

No, it was all the fault of the small staff downstairs. When he passed by, he heard them talking about Ling Xi in “Idol Beside Me”, which would be aired today, so…he did something bad with good intentions.

Chi Jingyu immediately returned to his hippie smile, “Brother, don’t mind, they wrote this all indiscriminately, just to attract a lot of stupid fans, so don’t take it to heart!”

“Who is this Liming?”

“Brother, don’t you know? He is now a clear stream in the entertainment industry. He can sing and act. Since his debut, he has never had a scandal, and he treats everyone politely, especially girls, I heard that he is so innocent that he blushes when he touches a girl. I heard his fans call him “National Little Fresh Meat”. You say isn’t this really funny. I have heard of the National Male God, National Husband, National School Grass, this is the first time I’ve heard of this ‘National Fresh Meat’.”

When Chi Jingyu said this, he didn’t care about the feelings of “others” at all, and he wasn’t worried at all that he would be beaten up by Xu Yizhi.

Xu Yizhi’s face became more and more gloomy, but it was a pity that Chi Jingyu still didn’t notice his “black face”.

“Besides, this Liming is handsome and has boyfriend power. Although he is not as handsome as me, these girls don’t know what’s going on, but they just like his face, from grandma fans to younger sisters. They all think he’s really hot.”

He glanced back inadvertently, but saw that Xu Yizhi’s face was already comparable to “Baogong[1]“.

Um, did he say something wrong?

“Brother, how can that little fresh meat compare to you? You are an international actor, he is at most… a cannon fodder, my sister-in-law wouldn’t even bother to look at him.”

Xu Yizhi glared at him coldly, and then focused on the video on the phone.

It was just that the above scene hit Chi Jingyu hard in the face, and the first minute just broadcast was the warm scene when Ling Xi and Liming looked at each other.

Chi Jingyu said awkwardly: “It must have been arranged by the program group.”

But not long after, a clip of them in the car was played, and Liming said caringly: “Sister, if you are sleepy, you can sleep on my shoulder for a while!”

Xu Yizhi glanced at Chi Jingyu indiscriminately, and Chi Jingyu smiled stiffly, “Liming must have regarded my sister-in-law as an older sister, otherwise he would not have approached girls at all.”

Ling Xi in the video said: “I’m not sleepy, look at the scenery outside, how beautiful it is.”

The video froze at this scene, and the program team also specially added a “affectionate” blushing special effect to Liming.

Xu Yizhi glanced at Chi Jingyu again.

Chi Jingyu’s focus was on Liming’s eyes. There seemed to be something wrong with his eyes. Could it be that he had a crush on his sister-in-law?

But when he looked at Xu Yizhi, he immediately became timid, “Hehehe… Brother, don’t mind, this program must be poisonous.”

“Is there him in the variety show “Blue Sky Dreams”?”

“Um…it seems to be.”

“Substitute.” Xu Yizhi said indifferently.

“No way, brother, you can’t accept this level? Don’t forget, my sister-in-law is still an actress. What if she plays a kiss scene or a bed scene in the future?”

Xu Yizhi was silent for a while before saying: “Even if there is a kiss scene or bed scene, she can only act with me.”

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[1] Baogong or Bao Zheng was a Chinese politician who is famous for his dark face.

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