KHSW Ch. 270

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There were five people in Meng Zimiao’s dormitory, two of them were Liming fans, the other two were Yao Ru fans, and only Meng Zimiao was Elvis fan.

Hearing the two roommates in the lower bunk start talking about Ling Xi, Meng Zimiao also pricked up her ears to listen.

“Do you think there is something wrong with this Ling Xi? How could she touch our little brother Liming?”

“I’m also very angry, ahh…, but Ling Xi looks pretty good, and the CP with little brother Liming is also pretty good.”

“Fuck, Ling Xi is already an old woman, okay? Little brother Liming is a fresh meat, where do they go together?”

Meng Zimiao heard them talking about this, and for some reason, she became a little angry, “Don’t say that, Ling Xi is not yet 26 this year, how old is she? Besides, Ling Xi and Liming group CP are all arranged by the program group, what’s the matter with Ling Xi?”

What’s more, Ling Xi was married a long time ago. If she hadn’t remembered her mother’s exhortation not to tell this matter, she would have told others that Ling Xi was married.

The two people on the lower bunk looked at each other, and one of them raised their head and asked, “Miaomiao, when did you start fanning Ling Xi? Why didn’t we know?”

“That’s right, didn’t I always hear you talking about that Elvis who was dying? Now it’s finally changed?”

“If you fan Ling Xi, we won’t speak ill of her in the future.”

“That’s right. In fact, the two of them are quite suitable together.”

Meng Zimiao’s face was a little uncomfortable, showing obvious duplicity, “I… I’m not a fan of her! I just think it’s not good to speak ill of people behind their backs.”

“We also want to talk about it in person, but we don’t have the opportunity.”

At this time, Meng Zimiao’s cell phone rang, and only when he saw the caller ID, she showed a smile on her face, as she answered the phone, “Mom, did you miss me?”

“Zimiao, have you bought your train ticket back?”

“I haven’t bought it yet. Winter vacation tickets are the most difficult to grab. As soon as the tickets were released, they are already snatched up in less than half a minute. I plan to try again in the next few days. There will always be a time when I can snatch them up.”

“That’s okay.”

“Are you and Zidi okay?”

“Hey…you always ask Mom and Zidi, why don’t you ask about your sister?”

“I haven’t recognized her yet! At the beginning, Zidi and I followed her ass and called ‘sister’ every day, but she ignored us. Now she wants me to call her ‘sister’, wishful thinking.”

“Brother, I have reviewed this document for you, you can take a look at it again.”

It was completely dark, but Xu Yizhi was working overtime in the office.

Chi Jingyu suddenly remembered something, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and said, “Brother, I’ll show you something good.”

Xu Yizhi buried his head in looking at the document in his hand, “No time.”

Chi Jingyu said slowly: “My sister-in-law was a guest of “Idols by My Side” before, and that episode happened to be broadcast today.”

Sure enough, as he expected, Xu Yizhi immediately put down the document in his hand, and reached out to him for the phone.

“Brother, don’t you have a mobile phone? Just click on the video app I downloaded for you last time, and search for “Idol Beside You”, the latest issue.”

Xu Yizhi glanced at him lightly, then took his cell phone to look at it.

But when he saw the title, his face immediately changed.

Chi Jingyu wondered why there was something wrong with his brother’s expression.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Chi Jingyu stretched his neck to look, and the title on it was really conspicuous—24 hours of Liming Ling Xi’s “couple”.

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